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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The New Mutants #98 CGC 9.4

The only one of my four recent CGC submissions to make it to my vault. As most people know, this key issue is the first appearance of Deadpool, as well as Domino, Gideon, Adam, and Eve. Of course, New Mutants #98 is mainly sought out because of Deadpool.

Still strange to me why this character created by Rob Liefeld was such a huge hit. Then again, I'm not complaining either.

I got this particular issue at one of my locals, the same comic shop that I got my Amazing Spider-Man #6. If you read my previous post about the other recent submissions from this batch, it's also where I got Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 and Amazing Spider-Man #300, which both came back pretty big disappointments.

I happened to chance upon this New Mutants #98 copy. I arrived at the shop one day, just looking around at the wall for nothing in particular and didn't really see anything of interest. I was about to leave and then suddenly remembered to ask if they had a New Mutants #98. 

The owner was hesitant but eventually took a copy out from behind the counter, telling me that it had just come in. Not sure why he was hesitant in letting me know he had a copy in stock.

I asked the price and he told me $40 right off the bat, so I asked him to show it to me. It looked great from what I saw, and since there was no grade on the sucker, I asked him what the grade was. He told me it was around a VF or VF/NM. 

Yes, he was asking more than guide value for that grade at the time, which is why I always ask the grade if they don't advertise it. I also do this so I can gauge which comic shops grossly over-grade their raw comics after submitting them to CGC.

After being shown the book, I forked over $40 bucks. I didn't haggle, for I was told earlier that it was a comic being sold on consignment. There would've been no point to do so for this key issue.

This was about 4 years ago, and I knew that the first appearance of Deadpool is one of the best comics to invest in from the Copper Age. I could've asked the owner to contact the person selling the comic through his shop with an offer lower than the asking price, but by the time I would've heard back from either of them, the comic would've been snagged by someone else by then. 

I should note that I am not a fan of the character. This was purely a comic investing decision and purchase, void of any personal bias for the character. I knew the demand, knew the potential value, and listened to my gut.

This year, I finally decided to submit this Copper Age key issue to CGC along with three other books. Hell, I've been mentioning this book for so long, I was curious to how it would actually grade by the mysterious and unpredictable standards of CGC. 

After what seemed like forever, I finally got them back a few weeks ago. Though I wasn't worried about restoration, I did dread the batch coming back in grades that weren't investment comic worthy. My dread was well warranted.

This comic was at the bottom of the box, so I was hit with three disappointments before finally getting to this one. No giving myself high fives this time. There was only a huge sigh of relief when seeing this was graded a 9.4 solid NM.

Not bad for a $40 gamble on an unslabbed comic. This is the second book I got from the same comic shop that came back from CGC higher than the grade advertised. Of course, it would've been better if it came back a 9.6, but for a comic advertised as VF or VF/NM 9.0, not too bad at all.

So far for the month of June, CGC 9.4 copies of New Mutants #98 are selling on average on eBay for $171.02, which is about 4 times what I originally purchased it for. Then again, I do have to factor in the cost of getting it graded, so the initial total gamble would be around $70. Only a $101 profit, not including eBay and Paypal fees. Not mad money, but still a decent profit and better than a loss.

This is just an example of how instant return can work when it comes to comic investing and gambling on unslabbed comics. Well, that's if it goes right. If this copy came back below a 9.2, all four of my submissions would have been huge disappointments and a total loss. 

So this one is tucked away into my vault, and I'm pretty happy that at least one out of those four submissions was able to make it there. If you haven't yet read the other three comics that came back, you can click this here to do so.

This is a good example to perpetuate the debate about whether to get slabbed or unslabbed comics as investment choices. Pretty much up to you in the long run, and depends on whether you're willing to take the risk or not and for how much. Some like the thrill, and some like to eliminate as much risk as possible. I'm pretty much in-between, but only for certain keys and comic eras. 

I do get bored with just buying CGCs all the time, but I don't like risking money on big ticket items. I can handle a $40 risk for a super key, even if it is a late Copper Age book.

Thanks for reading and there will be a post or posts about another four comics I just submitted to CGC recently. Thank God none of them are Copper Age key issues. Whether any of them make it to my vault is a different story. I got my fingers crossed, but I am pretty certain one will come back restored. I'm almost certain of it, and I'll tell you the story why when the new batch comes in.

Be sure to stay tuned. More key issues lists are on their way.


  1. hey speaking of the vault what are the best books you have in there if you don't mind sharing. JW

    1. Hmmm...I do have a Vault section on here. Not sure if you've seen the tab. As for other best books not yet graded - Justice League of America #2 & 9, Fantastic Four #48 & 66, Captain America #100, X-Men #5 Volume 1, ASM #40, 41, Marvel Premiere #15, Thor 165.

      As for graded copies - Giant Size X-Men #1 9.4, X-Men #121 9.4 Signature Series Chris Claremont, ASM #6, 8, 129, Incredible Hulk 181.

      Just to name a few.

  2. i just can't invest in a comic by rob liefeld, nope, can't do it

    1. Haha...use to feel that way about The Walking Dead as well. I hear ya!