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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Mighty Thor #165 CGC 8.0 VF

Alrighty, and we're back with a new edition of The Vault, in which I talk about either recently purchased comics or oldies in my collection that came back from CGC. This Thor #165 was from the batch I just recently got back about two weeks ago, and they were the first comics I used the four coupons that came with CGC's Premium Membership.

I've been talking about The Mighty Thor #165 for quite a while on here. It's considered the first full appearance of HIM (Adam Warlock), and as most know, there's a huge debate about whether this comic should even be connected to the first appearance of Adam Warlock in any way whatsoever. Some out there believe that Marvel Premiere #1 should have the title to that honor.

It's a good argument, but there's one flaw in that argument. Both Roy Thomas and Gil Kane admitted to actually using the character of HIM and revamping him as Warlock. Marvel Premiere #1 is actually the origin of how HIM becomes Adam Warlock. So, technically, Marvel Premiere #1 it is the first appearance of HIM as Warlock, but not the first for the character.

So I've been talking a lot about this issue and about Adam Warlock making an onscreen appearance for quite a while now. It just seemed to make sense since Thanos had a cameo bit at the end of Avengers, and when I think of Thanos, I think of Warlock. I also think of Thor and Silver Surfer also.

With the end scene showing the cocoon in Thor The Dark World, I knew it was time to bump this one on my list to get slabbed soon. This is a comic I bought at least six years ago.

This was before the new owner of one of the comic shops I frequented was there, and I really had no idea if this character would be in a movie or not. The first Thor movie wasn't even out at the time, no news of a Thor movie even happening. 

I wasn't a big Thor collector either, but it was a Silver Age comic. The tag also said "first appearance", so I asked to see it.

The comic was advertised as VF/NM, and I thought it looked about right or near it after inspection. This was about the time I wised up and really started hunting down Silver Age comics. 

Actually, I had seen that exact comic there quite a few times before. It was there at least two years, but during that time I had first seen it, I was still mainly messing around with Modern Age garbage.

With the old owner, as opposed to the newest one, I was able to haggle this copy since he always had more older comics in stock rather than on consignment. It was priced at $86, a bit high back then for that issue at the grade. So, I tried to haggle it down to $60. No luck on that, so I left that day without the comic.

After a few months, I popped in there every now and then to see that the Thor #165 was still on The Wall. Finally, the owner said he'd do it for $75, and I told him I'd do it for $67. I walked out with the issue that day and at that price.

I knew the comic wasn't in demand yet, but when I saw that nobody was snagging the comic after the longest time, I knew I could haggle it down. Sitting on a comic for years generally isn't what smart comic shop owners want to do. Remember, they do have bills to pay.

So, when I got this back from CGC and saw it was a VF 8.0, I admit I was a bit disappointed, but not much. The comic wasn't that over-graded when I bought it. If it came back a FN, I'd be a lot more pissed. Plus, I was seriously just happy that it did not come back a restored copy, and I had every reason to pleased with just that outcome alone.

I did mention to you that I had a good feeling that one of my comics would come back restored. Ever since I heard the story from the new owner of a customer who bought an Incredible Hulk 181 from the old owner and it ended up being restored, I was wary about all the high grade vintage comics I purchased from the previous owner of that comic shop.

Yes, so that's one of the reasons why I moved this comic up on my graded submissions list also. I was curious to see if I'd share the same fate. Well, I didn't with this comic, but I did with another comic that I bought from the previous owner that came back in this batch.

Any who, so this Thor 165 was a little bit over-graded, but I'm pretty pleased with it. Still a high grade Silver Age comic, though it's bottom-rung high grade. Total investment including submission, cost of comic, shipping to and return shipping from CGC was $111.18.

Right now, CGC high grade Thor 165 comics are pretty scarce online, especially on the mighty eBay. This one goes in my vault, waiting for when Adam Warlock does finally make it the silver screen, or is confirmed to do so.
If you're on the hunt for Thor key comics, just click the link to check out the key issues list for the God of Thunder on here. You can also check out The Vault section to look at more comics I've snagged in the past and why.


  1. Nice addition to the Vault! You're right about the availability of this book. Not much on ComicConnect or CLink. Maybe people are in hoarding mode for this particular issue. Now I must ask you, do you sell when Warlock is confirmed for big screen or hold on for long term (years from now)? Thanks and awesome job as usual.

    1. Thanks, I didn't really put much thought to this purchase at all. Just lucked out somewhat. I think I'll keep this as a long term comic investment, but I am interested to see what happens when it is confirmed that Adam Warlock will be in Marvel movie, just see how many CGC copies flood the market and what people are willing to pay for it.

      If I were intent on selling it, I'd probably wait to see after Warlock's been confirmed to see how this issue at this particular grade is moving before I dump it back into the market. Sometimes it takes a bit for it to heat up again, but this one would be a hard one for me to let go since it is a Silver Age key comic. A late Silver Age comic, but I don't have that many Silver Age comics at high grade.