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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SyFy Channel Adopts Comic Books Into TV Shows

Yes, comic books are kings at the box office, and now it seems T.V. is once again taking comic characters seriously again. With shows like Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and The Walking Dead great successes on prime time, television studios are tapping into comic books at a dizzying rate.

New shows like Gotham and The Flash will be beamed into the living rooms of many soon, as well as Agent Carter, Netflix's Daredevil and the Defenders shows, and I Zombie among others. Now it seems SyFy, a sister company to NBC, who is coming out with a new Constantine show, is now taking a crack at producing four television shows based off comics.

This news is a bit old, but there are some who have yet to hear about this. So, I'm posting this for those who don't know yet.

Yes, the SyFy channel. I know, I had an ex who loved the SyFy channel, and I couldn't stand it. Some of the lamest shows I've ever seen on that channel.

Still, despite what I think of the cable channel, SyFy is adapting Frank Miller's Ronin into a television series. Yes, the Frank Miller, and the show will be a mini-series produced by Warner Television and DC Entertainment. Doesn't sound like it will be an ongoing T.V. series, which is probably why issue #1 of the series is only simmering slightly at the moment.

The Ronin comic series was also a limited series, and involved a Samurai from eight centuries ago being displaced into the 21st century. That's about all I'm gonna say. Don't want to ruin it for those who don't know the story.

News of the television show really isn't pushing the demand for this comic up much. It's selling a lot more but CGC 9.8s are still selling below $55. You can check it out yourself by clicking this eBay link, which will bring you to the search results.

Another comic book SyFy will take a stab at is Clone by David Schulner , which actually sounds really interesting. I'll give a little of the premise: A retired soldier investigates a break-in at his house, only to discover that the burglar is a clone of himself.

Got my attention and my interest, and  pretty good jumping off point for a story actually. Schulner's Clone is published by Image Comics under Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint , and you better believe 1st printings are starting to heat up for issue #1.

It's also a relatively new book that was released November of 2012. This show will be a full series, and I recommend getting the 1st issue of clone. CGC 9.8s are already at the $70 mark. You can click this eBay link to check out the search results on eBay for this comic as well if you've yet to snag a copy.

Another show based off a comic by Johnathan Hickman, is Pax Romana. Go figure, another comic published by Image turning into a television show. The show will be another mini-series.

In the comic, the Vatican researches and discovers the secret of time travel. They send a team of enhanced soldiers with modern weaponry back to Rome in 312 AD with plans of altering the past. Of course, things awry. Sounds interesting enough. 

Mathew Federman and Stephen Scaia are writing the show. Scaia and David Alpert from The Walking Dead are executive producing the show. Hickman is a co-executive producer. 

Pax Romana was published in Nov-Dec 2007-2008 so another fairly recent comic. 

Last and surely not least, Letter 44 is another comic SyFy will be slapping onto it's programing quite soon. Finally, a comic turning into a show that's not published by Image or DC.

This series is published by Oni Press and is an on-going series, meaning that the show will most likely be a full series as well. A little premise, shall we?

When the newly elected President reads a letter from his predecessor, he learns that NASA discovered an alien construction project in space. A crew of astronauts were sent there to investigate seven years prior and are nearing the conclusion to their epic journey as the new President learns of this shocking secret.

Buzz on this comic has been great, and many have recommended reading this. It's also heating up in the market as well. The series is created by Charles Soule and Alberto Alburquerque.

If you don't believe me, you can check it out on eBay for yourself. #1 first prints is nearing the $70 mark fast and already becoming elusive finds in CGC 9.8.

Lots of television shows based on comics coming out, and SyFy is getting in on the heat. Let the madness continue and good luck on your hunt!

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