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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Marvel Spotlight Key Issues List Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 to this Marvel Spotlight Key Issues list. Got the last of these key issues from this series in this 2nd part. Perhaps some ones you may not have thought of to consider. These are all bronze age key issues and some are minor ones.

You can click this Part 1 link if you missed it. If not, enjoy Part 2 and maybe there will be some you add to your want lists.

Marvel Spotlight #11
  • Last Ghost Rider feature story
  • 2nd Witch Woman
Although this is not the last Marvel Spotlight comic to have Ghost Rider in it, it is the last issue where he is featured in his own solo adventure. Ghost Rider ends up going to his own title, but does show up here and there as a supporting character for the Son of Satan in Marvel Spotlight issues after this. This issue was published August, 1973.

eBay - Surprisingly a decent selection for this issue. Plenty of raw copies to choose from and even CGC's located. Quite a few CGCs here at the moment. Highest is a whopping CGC 9.8 and also a 9.6. Quite a bit of CGc 9.4s also.

mycomicshop - Only one VG+ copy here so far. It's an unslabbed copy also.

NewKadia - Seven raw copies located here. Highest is a low NM, and second highest is a VF.

ComicConnect - Another whopping CGC 9.8 here. May be the same one on eBay. Best to check which is cheaper. Unslabbed copies located here also.

ComicLink - Five CGC options here. Highest is a NM+ 9.6, and second highest is a 9.4 NM. There's actually three 9.4 copies here at ComicLink at the moment.

Marvel Spotlight #12
  • 2nd appearance Son of Satan
  • Origin of Son of Satan
Marvel Spotlight dealt with a lot of the occult in early issues. A supporting character in the early Ghost Rider stories, Daimon Hellstrom gets his first origin story in this issue. It's also the 2nd appearance of him as the Son of Satan. Yes, Daimon Hellstrom is also the brother of Satana

Not very sought out at the moment and still one of the bronze age key issues that one can probably get at a reasonable price at CGC 9.6 grades. Maybe even 9.8s, but those are pretty scarce on eBay as well as online.

eBay - No problem finding raw copies of this issue. Only three CGC copies but all are high grade. Highest are two 9.4s and the last option is a CGC 9.0. Quite affordable at those grades for now.

mycomicshop - Only one low grade, raw copy here so far. It's a VG.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.4 copy and two unslabbed copies. One of them goes up for auction the 30th of June of this year.

NewKadia - Six copies here with the highest being a VF+. 2nd highest is solid VF followed by a low VF.

Marvel Spotlight #13
  • Partial origin continued
  • First appearance Victoria Wingate
The Son of Satan's partial origin is continued in this issue when Daiman Hellstrom finds the diary of his mother and learns that his father, Satan himself, seduced his mother Victoria Wingate, married her, and had Daiman and his sister Satana.

His mother would be driven insane once she learned who Daiman's father really was, and the two children would be split up and put in separate homes. The first appearance of Victoria Wingate is only seen in flashback in this issue.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies of this key issue on eBay. A little scarce on the CGC side with only two copies available so far. Highest is a Signature Series 9.6 followed by a regular Universal 9.4.

NewKadia - Six unslabbed copies in stock for this key issue at NewKadia. Highest is a low NM. Second highest is a VF+.

Marvel Spotlight #28
  • First solo Moon Knight story
  • First appearance of Crawley
  • First appearance Marlene Fontaine
  • First appearance of Samuels
In this issue, we see the first time Moon Knight sets off in his own very adventure, but more importantly this issue establishes some very important supporting characters in the Moon Knight mythos.

Crawley is a long time supporting character, and Samuels is the butler and driver of Marc Spector. Also, Marlene Fontaine is Marc Spector's long time on-and-off girlfriend and love interest. Like Samuels, she is one of the few who knows Marc Spector's secret as the crime fighting Moon Knight.

Often an over-looked bronze age key issue and not that well-known. It's not all that sought out but isn't exactly cheap. It is cheaper than many of the other keys concerning Marvel Spotlight key comic issues for sure. 

eBay - The mighty eBay's got the goods on this issue. No problem finding unslabbed copies, and six options for CGC currently. Highest is a gorgeous 9.6. 2nd highest is a 9.4 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee.

mycomicshop - All unslabbed copies available at mycomicshop. Highest is a mid-grade FN copy.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.6 and 9.0 on the menu here. Also two raw copies with the highest raw copy being a VF 8.0.

ComicLink - Three CGC options with two high grade 9.8s. Last option is a 9.0.

NewKadia - Two unslabbers here. Highest is a VF and lowest is low VF.

Marvel Spotlight #32
  • First appearance of Spider-Woman
  • Origin of Spider-Woman
First appearance of Spider-Woman is in this issue, as well as the strange origin. Initially, Spider-Woman starts off as villain, her mission to assassinate Nick Fury. Spider-Woman is an agent of HYDRA with the code name Arachne. She, however, does not know that HYDRA is a terrorist organization.

Nick Fury ends up showing her the truth and Spider-Woman seeks revenge on those who have betrayed her.

eBay - No problem finding this first appearance of Spider-Woman. Loads of unslabbed copies. CGC graded copies also present. Eight CGC options to be exact with the highest being a 9.8 and second highest a 9.6.

mycomicshop - Just raw copies available for now. Highest is a VF that goes up for auction the 19th of July. 2nd highest is a low VF that's on consignment.

Marvel Spotlight #33
  • First appearance of Devil Slayer
  • Last issue to series
Deathlok is in this issue and it seems the Devil Slayer's first appearance as well. Devil Slayer's alter ego is Eric Simon Payne, and he is a sorta well-known member of the Defenders and linked to the character of Doctor Strange often.

Devil Slayer is a trained soldier and also a mystic. He wears a Shadow Cloak that responds to his mental commands and can elongate, forming whips and grappling objects. The cloak can teleport him to other dimensions, as well as give him the ability to reach inside folds of his cloak to pull out various weapons from any time or place, past or future.

eBay - A lot of raw copies, but most look to be low grade. No luck on the CGC front concerning this final issue as of yet.

mycomicshop - Only low grade raw copies at the moment. Highest is a 5.0 VG/FN.

NewKadia - Five copies here. Highest is a VF+ followed by a VF.

There we go! This concludes this list of Marvel Spotlight key issues. Once again, this key comics list only concerns volume 1, and there are some investment comics to consider in this series. After all, affordable bronze age comics for high grade CGCs are getting more and more scarce.

If you missed Part 1, all you gotta do is hit the PREVIOUS link below to go back.  If you missed the Marvel Premiere key issue list, no problem. Just click the link below to check that out. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you out in your hunt!


  1. Thanks for the list! I've always found Son of Satan an interesting character, along with Satana. Might make for a nice new comic series or TV show, especially if they teamed up with Werewolf by Night and Blade. I've also been collecting the Marvel Preview title, which was the magazine-sized book Marvel put out in the 1970s. You mentioned Marvel Preview #2 once before, which featured the origin of the Punisher. I've collected a couple of the issues featuring Blade in that series. I love the painted covers on those. Anyway, thanks for all your work on this. Much appreciated!


    1. I'm thinking the same thing, Jeff. Some of the more obscure characters like Son of Satan are actually pretty interesting when I was researching him. Would make a good t.v. show.

      I'm finding the cover art on many of the larger magazine style black and white Marvel Comics during the bronze age just amazing. I got a 9.6 copy of The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #10 and the cover painting is just awesome. I agree that they are really something to marvel at.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Jeff. It's been a while and good to hear from ya!

  2. hey mayhem is there enough key silver surfer to make a list, just wondering im a huge fan. thanks JW

    1. Good call, JW. Definitely in the pipeline now. I like the Surfer as well.