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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 9.0 VF/NM

Here's the first one out of my recent batch of CGC submissions I was somewhat pleased enough with to add to my vault. It's no 9.2 or 9.4, which is what I would've reasonably preferred and hoped for, but it is still high grade and suitable enough.

Why is that? Well, considering how much I got it for and what the grade was advertised as at the time I bought it, I do consider it a good snag. At least, I do at this moment in time.

As I mentioned in an earlier post not that long ago, this most recent batch of comics I submitted to CGC would be all from the same comic shop. Also, in that earlier post, only one out of the four submissions covered in that post unfortunately made it to my vault, which was the New Mutants #98 CGC 9.4, first appearance of Deadpool. The other three were pretty disappointing failures, but good examples of how things don't always pan out when it comes to comic investing and CGC.

This Marvel Premiere #15, first appearance of Iron Fist, was a pure chance upon. I walked into the shop, looked at the wall, and saw this sucker just sitting there all nice and barely noticeable. 

This was at least or about three years ago. The most four. I purchased it from the new owner of the comic shop, so I know it was around that time.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know the comic was the first appearance of Iron Fist until I saw it written on the sticky note attached to the front cover. The price was $45, and the grade was only a FN/VF. I did pass it up the first go around.

I knew of Iron Fist and Danny Rand, but I wasn't exactly a fan of the character. I went about to see if they had any Amazing Spider-Man or Uncanny X-Men first appearances I could snag.

Often, I'll look at the wall at least three or four times, as if I somehow magically missed something the first, second or third time. After the second time, I didn't see any other first appearances. Just a bunch of vintage common issues that I had no interest in when it came to an investment comic purchase.

Thinking that the character of Iron Fist would probably be in a movie somewhere down the line, I asked to see it. The owner took it down, and as usual, I asked him to show it to me.

From what I saw and what I thought, it looked better than a FN/VF. I thought it would be the most a VF at the time, so I tried to haggle and threw out the offer of $40. He countered with the fact that it was a consignment comic and refused on haggling. 

With the old owner of that comic shop, I could haggle a lot more as opposed to the new owner. The previous owner had more older key issues in stock instead of comics on consignment like the new owner.

I thought about it for a few seconds. It was a little over the Overstreet Guide price, and I could snag one cheaper on eBay that was pimping the same grade. By then, though, I had had quite a few bad over-graded purchases on eBay already. The comic did look under-graded to me, so I sucked it up and snagged the sucker.

Why did I decide to get this particular bronze age comic graded? Well, Iron Fist didn't make the big screen, but the character will be making the small screen in a television series. 

Once the Netflix news hit, I immediately bumped this up on my submission list to see if I made any instant return on this comic. I'd been watching the comic pretty closely in the market, and it took a huge bump in value in high grades since the announcement.

Before I shipped it off to CGC, I inspected it again and hoped it might just squeak out a 9.2 or a 9.4 if I got lucky. There's always that hope that lingers, even if you were hit with a few disappointments in the prior batch of submissions to CGC.

Well, I didn't get that lucky, but the comic did come back higher than advertised at initial purchase. I'm surely not complaining whatsoever.

Last three sales on eBay for Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 9.0 sold at the average of $314. Most recent sale was a Buy It Now for $289.00 back in May. Not too bad for a $45 chance upon/haggle, and an extra $40 to CGC it. So the total investment was $85. About $204 instant return if I sold it at the same price the last one dropped on eBay back in May.

Even better is that the Netflix Iron Fist show hasn't even been aired yet, and when it does, Marvel Premiere #15 may get another nice bump in demand. I haven't decided whether or not to keep it or dish it off yet when that happens.

So this gamble panned out for me: A three or four year ago purchase that I chanced upon and ended up being a high grade comic like I initially thought it was when I first inspected it. As for the other three, the results of those are coming up pretty soon, but I will say that this haul was better than the last one. Not a great deal better but definitely better.  

You can see more comics I snagged in The Vault section if you've yet to check it out. See ya soon for more comic goodness coming up shortly.


  1. Congrats on that snag! It looks like you´ve made a pretty good investment again, prices for Marvel Premiere # 15 are going up really fast now, so I guess it was a real wise decision to buy that item years ago...
    Regarding the process sending some items to CGC, a couple of questions just popped up for me: Could you explain how exactly a Premier-Membership at CGC is working? How long will it last and what are the costs? As a foreigner it´s always difficult for me to keep costs for shipping, import charges etc. at a low level, so it will be interesting to know the charges...
    Could it also be possible that re-slabbing an item (e.g. if the case is broken or damaged) causes a lower (Re-) grading on that item?
    I also saw an article about a week ago, regarding to change the case of a CGC-slab every 8 to 10 years to keep the quality of the slabbed item, what do do you think about it?
    Always good to read your new posts, thank you (once again) for your efforts!!! Regards from Berlin/Germany,


    1. Heya Sven, I'm new to the whole Premium Membership at CGCs Collectors Society, so I'm not sure how it exactly works when it comes to members across the pond. Well, what happens is that you basically pay $125 for Premium Membership at their site, you must make an account. In a few weeks they send you a packet with some stuff in it, and within that packet will be a coupon for 4 free Standard submissions.

      Membership is renewed every year at $125 for Premium Membership.

      I would suppose there is always a possibility that a comic sent in to get re-holdered may come back a lower grade, but I highly doubt this happens often. The reason for that is because you're paying for the new case, not for it to get re-graded. However, they do inspect the case and comic for damage. If there is a problem of damage, I would assume they would contact you.

      There's only three reasons why a comic would come back a lower grade if you sent it in to be re-holdered:

      1. It was damaged while being shipped there, whether you packed it like crap or the mail handled it like crap.

      2. Those at CGC mishandled the comic and damaged it. If that happened they would have to contact you about it.

      3. You stored your comics like crap, which amazingly speeds up the deterioration process.

      Collectors who hang their comics on the walls surrounded by light are just fucking up their comics. Light fades the art and degrades it. Collectors who store their comics in hot, or humid rooms are speeding up the deterioration process that CGC slabs cannot protect them from.

      You always store comics in a cool dark place. If you store your comics correctly, I doubt you would ever have to send in your slabs to get reslabbed. Most of the Pedigree collections never had mylar plastic bags or backing boards, but their comics are still in high grades after 30 or 40 years because of the way they were stored.

      Aside from that, I would not bother getting Modern Comics reholdered. The paper they are printed on is ten times better than the old newsprint paper comics were printed on before. When it comes to old, golden age or silver age or even bronze age books that already show signs of chemicals from the ink deteriorating the paper or color of, such as browning, tanning, foxing, then I would get them reholdered every 8 to 10 years or so.

      These would be mostly comics that are lower grade or even mid-grade. Why? Because the comic is already deeper into the process, and the micro chamber paper CGC uses to prevent this from continuing only lasts so long. With high grade NM copies from those eras, deterioration isn't happening as rapidly because these comics were stored correctly. Another reason why to get high grade copies, and another reason to store your comics properly.

      Then again, CGC only recommends to do this. The debate is whether or not you really need to do this as long as you store your comics correctly. For older comics printed on newsprint and already showing signs of paper degradation as mentioned before, it may be wise to get them re-holdered if you plan on selling them.

    2. Oh, forgot to add what I personally think: I don't plan on re-slabbing or re-holdering. I just plan on storing my comics properly.

  2. Thanks a lot for answering quickly and in such a detailed way!!!
    So the thing with these Premium Memberships is that you pay $125 a year and get 4 grading coupons. That means you´re saving money if you spend all the tickets, right? How much does a single grading service normally cost? Are you able to cancel the mebership every year or is there like a minimum contract time?
    I totally agree with you regarding the process of storing your comics in a right and careful way. And again- thank you for all that useful informations you´ve given to me!!

    1. Without Premium Membership, the Standard Service costs $60 per submission, plus shipping of course. So with 4 books, the total Standard Service submission cost would be $240! When I got my GS X-Men #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #6, those two books alone cost $120 to get graded using Standard, but I didn't have membership. So, with Premium Membership, I could've gotten two extra valuable vintage comics graded for just $5 extra. With shipping of $40, that total submission cost $160 for only 2 comics using Standard without Premium Membership.

      Yes, you do save money. As for free shipping coupon, I wish! No, no free shipping coupon. You have to pay for shipping there and for return shipping as well as insurance costs. I am not sure how they handle international shipping or the costs of it or even customs duties if it applies to your country. It would be best to contact and shoot over an email with your questions about international shipping to those at CGC Collectors Societyt

  3. One last question: The Membership-fee doesn´t include a free shipping coupon, right?
    Thanks and Regards, Sven