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Friday, June 6, 2014

Justice League of America Key Issues Part 2

Here we are with more Justice League of America key issues in Part 2. Expect to have quite a bit of Parts to this key comic series.

Missed Part 1? Just click this Part 1 link to read that. If you already have, enjoy Part 2!

Justice League of America #4
  • Green Arrow Joins JLA
A well-sought out and desirable early key issue within the Justice League of America comic series, this issue marks when fan-favorite Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow, joins the famed comic book team. A definite early JLA key issue to snag, especially since the Green Arrow television show has become extremely popular.

eBay - Only one CGC graded option here that's going down real soon. It's a whopping 8.0, which is pretty high grade for an early silver age Justice League of America comic. There's a handful of unslabbed comics as well.

Comiclink - Two CGC graded copies here. Highest is a VF+ 8.5 and the other a VF 8.0. A few lower grade unslabbed copies also located here.

Justice League of America #5
  • First appearance of Dr. Destiny
A genius scientist who invented an anti-gravity device and will deadener beam, Dr. Destiny makes his first appearance in this issue. It would be much later when Dr. Destiny was able to manipulate anyone's dreams. 

Dr. Destiny, real name John Dee, was created by Mike Sekowsky and Gardner Fox. This issue was published in June, 1961.

eBay - Quite a bit of unslabbed raw copies. Most are in the lower grade VG range as to be expected. One CGC graded copy at the time of this writing. It's a 7.0 Buy It Now and below the $300 mark. Not bad at all.

Justice League of America #6
  • First appearance of Professor Amos Fortune
  • Origin of Professor Amos Fortune
Another early recurring villain for the Justice League, Professor Amos Fortune discovered the existence of "luck glands" in humans that determine how a person's luck is determined and learned how to control and manipulate them to determine his own luck and alter others.

He is the creator and leader of The Royal Flush Gang, and Justice League of America #6 is the origin and first appearance of Professor Amos Fortune. JLA #6 was published September, 1961.

eBay - All unslabbed here and only a handful. No CGCs yet as of this writing. Could change and probably will.

mycomicshop - Lower grade unslabbed copies here. Pretty affordable for the grade their at, not great comic investments, however.

Justice League of America #9
  • Origin of the Justice League of America
Although the team first appeared in Brave and the Bold #28, that comic was not their first encounter nor when DC's most popular superheroes created the Justice League of America. It was actually in this issue that reveals the origin of how the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter first came together and why.

Believe it or not, this is an often over-looked early JLA key issue and under-valued in my opinion. This silver age key was published in February, 1962.

eBay - If you got the cash, there's a gorgeous CGC 9.4 copy of this key issue. Already way past the $2000 mark but would be a remarkable investment comic. There's also a CGC 6.5 with a Best Offer option below the $200 mark. Quite a few more CGC options as well. There's also a 9.0. Of course, there's a few unslabbed copies as well if you prefer raw.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.4 copy available here. It is a consignment item so a buyer premium is charged.

Justice League of America #10
  • First appearance of Felix Faust
  • First appearance of Lord of Time
  • First appearance of The Demons Three
First appearance of Felix Faust and Lord of Time in this issue. Felix Faust is a master sorcerer, and in this issue, he tries to summon The Demons Three to regain some of his lost magical abilities.

Originally from 5,000 BC, Felix Faust was banished to another dimension until the mid-1920s when an aspiring magician named Dekan Drache opened a portal to the dimension by accident. Faust possessed Drache, but found out his powers were drastically reduced.

Lord of Time is also known as Epoch, and this super villain is a time traveler, of course, and is a powerful being from the future who has had quite a few run-ins with the Justice League of America.

This key was published in March, 1962.

eBay - Pretty well rounded selection for unslabbed copies concerning this key issue. Also high grade CGC copies that are pretty affordable. Highest located so far is a 9.0. most reasonably priced is a CGC 8.5 that was just newly listed. It's under the $400 mark.

mycomicshop - Two copies here. One is a PGX 7.0 copy and the other an unslabbed GD+.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies, highest is a 6.0 FN. The other is a CGC 5.0 VG/FN. Three unslabbed options available as well.

Justice League of America #12
  • First appearance of Dr. Light
A first appearance worth noting here! Justice League of America #12 holds the first appearance of Dr. Arthur Light. Dr. Light would become a well-known supervillain for both the JLA and the Teen Titans. He has the ability to manipulate and control light and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky. This comic came out in June, 1962.

eBay - Only two CGC copies, both are 6.5s and way under the $200 mark, just a bit past the $100 mark. Scarce selection of raw copies for this key.

mycomicshop - One unslabbed VG+ for sale here. Only copy so far at this time.

ComicConnect - Two unslabbed copies available. Highest is advertised as a VF/NM 9.0.

Ready for more Justice League League of America key issues? Just click the PART 3 link to continue. You can also visit the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 2.

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