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Friday, June 6, 2014

Justice League of America Key Issues Part 3

Cruising along with Part 3 to this Justice League of America key issues list. Quite a bit of silver age key comics to consider in Part 3 or, at least, keep on the lookout for. 

If you missed Part 2, no worries. Just click this Part 2 list to check out the keys you may have missed. If you didn't miss the previous part, continue on!

Justice League of America #14
  •  Atom joins JLA
The Atom joins the Justice League of America in this issue. Never really thought of The Atom as an iconic Justice League member, but I guess he's been in the group for quite awhile. Nothing else key worthy for this issue except The Atom joining.

Early Justice League of America key, but extremely affordable in CGC mid-grades. Either this is an over-looked key, or not too many give a whoop about The Atom joining in this issue. Perhaps, not too many know about it?

eBay - Only two CGC options for this key on the mighty eBay. Highest is a 6.5 FN+ and the other is a 2.5 GD+. Limited selection of unslabbed copies as well.

mycomicshop - Nothing but unslabbed copies here at the moment. All are lower grade copies also.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.0 here. It's a Universal but with the old label. Four unslabbed options as well with the highest being a 9.2.

 Justice League of America #21
  •  Crisis on Earth One
  • Earth One first named
  • First meeting of Justice League of America and Justice Society of America
Ah, back to this key issue again, which I've listed on the Superman and Flash key issues lists on here. Kinda sick of explaining this one but this is DC Comics attempt at explaining the continuity problems between the Golden Age and Silver Age.

Characters like Green Lantern and the Flash were completely revamped during the Silver Age. Barry Allen took the place of the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, just as Hal Jordan took the place of the Golden Age Green Lantern, Allan Scott during the silver age. However, other characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were not completely revamped and that led to continuity problems.

So, the brilliant creative minds at DC made up shared, multiple universes and alternate realities. Earth One would be home to the Justice League of America and DC's silver age heroes. Earth Two is home of all DC's Golden Age heroes, including the Golden Age version of the Justice League, The Justice Society of America.

This key issue further explains the multi-verse, and it's an important key issue story arc not just for the Justice League of America comics but for all DC Comics Pre-Crisis. This issue also sees the first time the Justice League of America meets with it's Golden Age counterpart, The Justice Society of America.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed raw copies for this silver age key issue. All CGC copies at the time of this writing have already been snagged. May change by the time you read this.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed options. Highest is a GD/VG 3.0. No CGC just yet.

ComicLink - Bunch of unslabbed copies with only one CGC copy. It's a 5.0 at $150.

Justice League of America #22 
  •  Crisis on Earth Two
The 2nd part to this story that further explains the whole Earth One and Earth Two continuity in the DCU Pre-Crisis. In this issue, the chaos takes place on Earth Two, home of the Golden Age DC heroes, and the Justice League of America travel there to help out The Justice Society of America. 

Gardner Fox wrote this story arc and is one of the main creatives at DC that established the DC Comics multi-verse. This issue, along with #21, are classic DC Comics keys.

eBay - Only two CGC options. A lot less than when I listed this JLA key comic last time. First CGC is a 9.0 restored copy. The 2nd is a Universal 8.0 VF copy. Quite a few unslabbed options to consider if you prefer raw copies.

mycomicshop - Lower grade unslabbed copies only at the time of this writing. Will probably change in the near future to include some CGC. I do believe CGC copies were there when I listed this in the Flash and Superman key issues lists. How quickly they come and go.

Justice League of America #29 
  • Crisis on Earth Three
  • First appearance of Earth Three
  • First appearance of The Crime Syndicate of America
  • 1st S.A. appearance of Starman
Expanding even more on the multi-verse concept, this issue sees the first appearance of Earth Three to the DCU Pre-Crisis. On this alternate Earth, members of the Justice League on Earth One are known as The Crime Syndicate of America and are the evil counterparts to the Justice League of America.

Earth's history is reversed on Earth Three, and the Earth Three counterparts to Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are evil. Ultraman is the evil counterpart to Superman, as is Owlman to Batman. Wonder Woman's evil counterpart is called Superwoman, while Johnny Quick is the Flash's evil counterpart. Power Ring is alternate reality baddie for Green Lantern.

Always thought that was kinda cool! This is definitely one of the DC Comics silver age key issues to have on your want list, as well as issues #21 and 22.

eBay - Unslabbed copies are available, but mostly in the lower grade range. Surprised that there are no CGC copies at the time of this writing, but I'm sure that will change.

mycomicshop - Four unslabbed copies, mostly all lower grade except one. The exception is solid FN copy.

Justice League of America #31 
  • Hawkman joins JLA
Here we have an extremely popular character that's pretty iconic to the Justice League of America nowadays. Issue #31 sees Hawkman join the JLA, and this should be a Justice League of America key issue to have in your sights. Even more so if DC/Warner decide to finally introduce Hawkman to the big screen in a later Justice League film. Still up in the air concerning that, but anything's possible. 

Pretty under-valued Justice League of America key issue. Last CGC that sold was an 8.0 and sold for $44 bucks. That was back in April though.

eBay - No problem on the selection for unslabbed copies. No CGC copies as of this writing on eBay.

mycomicshop - Highest grade here is a VG+ 4.5. All copies here are unslabbed. No CGC just yet.

Justice League of America #32
  • Intro and origin of Brainstorm
A pretty minor villain and character, Axel Storm invented a strange helmet that could absorb stellar energy and virtually create anything he wanted by merely thinking it. Sounds like a rip off of Green Lantern's power. Still, this is an early Justice League of America key issue, so the origin and first appearance of Brainstorm makes this list.

eBay - Pretty limited selection for unslabbed copies. There are, however, three CGC options. Highest is a 9.4. Other two are both 8.5s and just a little past the $100 mark, meaning extremely affordable for this key issue.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed copies here. Highest is a VG/FN 5.0. Not too bad of a price either. No CGC as of this writing. May or may not change by the time you read this.

ComicConnect - Quite a bit of unslabbed options here for this key issue. There's also a CGC 9.4 and a CGC 8.5 as well.

Part 4 is ready! Just click the PART 4 link below to continue with more Justice League key issues. If you missed the Part 2, you can always click the PREVIOUS link below to check that out and navigate your way back here.


  1. Hello new to this site very nice I must say. Saving up for a convention in a couple weeks. Really like the graded comics and learn a lot from you experience that you wrote about. Curious though should I get a few Mid grade 5 to 6.0's or get one good comic in a much higher grade. Really like the silver age comics. Thanks Michael

    1. Hi, and welcome!

      Personally, I really think it depends on the book in question. Like if you're talking about a Justice League of America #1 at a 5.0, I would say that's a great investment. If you're getting a Copper or Modern Age book at 5.0 or 6.0, I would say get a higher least in the NM 9.6 to 9.8 range.

      I always try to buy the highest grade possible my budget allows, unless I can get a great deal on that mid-grade book.