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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Justice League of America Key Issue Comics Part 5

More Justice League of America key issue comics continues, so welcome to Part 5. There's quite a bit of over-looked keys in this series, and I'll try my best to bring some to light.

As usual, if you stumbled upon this without reading the previous part, you can click this Part 4 link to go back and read up on that. Already read the previous post, I hope you enjoy Part 5 as well as this post helping you to snag some key JLA comics.

Justice League of America #73
  • 1st Silver Age appearance of Golden Age Superman
Getting back to the very first superhero in comics, and whether you like him or not, every superhero after has been modeled off this guy in one way or another. Justice League of America #73 has the first appearance of Golden Age Superman of Earth Two in the Silver Age of comics.

Still not that well-known of a key issue, but pretty expensive in high grades of course. June, 1969 was when this issue was published.

 eBay - Three CGC copies so far. All are high grade copies. Two are 9.4s and the lowest a 9.2. Both 9.4 have Best Offer options and one is from Canada. Quite a few unslabbed raw copies to ponder as well if you don't care much for CGC.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.2 low NM located here. Also, there are two unslabbed copies if CGC isn't your taste or in your budget.

NewKadia - Three raw copies. Highest is a VF+. Second highest copy is a low FN 5.5.

Justice League of America #74
  • Black Canary joins JLA
  • 1st time Golden and Silver Age Superman meet
Ah, one of my favorite female superheroes to see cosplayed. Must be the stockings, but this issue finally sees Black Canary join the Justice League of America. Also, this issue is the first time the Golden Age Superman of Earth II meets the Silver Age Superman of Earth I. Well, actually, like the cover implies, they are pitted against each other.

This is a late Silver Age goodie and was published September, 1969. I think this is just one of the many under-valued Justice League of America key issues in the series. Who doesn't love seeing Superman beat the crap out of himself?

eBay - Only one CGC copy here so far. It's a beautiful 9.6 Universal. Mostly lower and mid-grade unslabbed copies in the search results for this key.

ComicConnect - Only unslabbed copies here. Highest is a FN/VF 7.0. Actually, there are two of them at that grade.

Justice League of America #75
  • 2nd appearance of Green Arrow in new costume
Yep, Green Arrow did get a make over in the Silver Age with a new costume. His new costume first appeared in the Brave and the Bold #85. This JLA issue sees the 2nd appearance of his new costume.

Pretty much a minor key issue and was published in November, 1969.

eBay - No CGC as of this writing. A few unslabbed options with the highest being advertised as NM 9.4. Pretty expensive gamble for this key issue also.

Justice League of America #82
  • 1st Silver Age appearance of Golden Age Batman
Golden Age Supes got his turn. Now it's time for the Golden Age Earth Two Batman to make an entrance into the Silver Age, and he does so in this issue. This issue came out in August, 1970. A highly over-looked bronze age key issue. Not that well-known either.

eBay - Kinda lacking on the CGC copies at the moment. For now, only one CGC FN 6.0 copy located. No problem finding raw copies on the mighty eBay.

Justice League of America #83
  • Apparent death of Spectre
As we already know, deaths aren't always permanent in the world of comics. This is another JLA/JSA cross over and ends the Spectre character for this era. He would be revived in the Bronze Age again, however, and then again in the Modern Age. Hal Jordan would even assume the role of the Spectre for a while as well. Published Septmember, 1970, making this a Bronze Age key issue.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies at the moment on eBay. No luck for CGC copies as of yet. Will most likely change.

NewKadia - Two copies here. Highest is a low VF 7.5. 2nd copy is a lower grade VG+

Justice League of America #90
  • Last 15 cent issue
For those of you who like them last appearances of cents, this one is it for the 15 cent issues in the Justice League of America volume one comic series. This was published in June, 1971, so it's already a Bronze Age comic.

Nothing else much key issue worthy about this issue except for that fact. I do even question if last 10, 12, or 15 cent issues should even really be regarded as a key issue.

eBay - Quite a selection of CGC copies for this key issue on eBay at the moment. Three 9.6s and two 9.0s. 2nd highest CGC copy is a 9.4. There's also a 9.2 as well. Only one 9.6 below the $200 mark. No problem finding raw copies for this issue at the time of this writing.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.6 NM+ and an unslabbed 9.4 NM here so far. May have more CGC copies by the time you read this, or not.

ComicLink - Three CGC copies here. Not surprised. Highest is only one 9.6. There's also a 9.2 and a 9.0 copy, so basically all high grade.

Part 6 is ready, and all you gotta do to continue with this Justice League key issue comics lists is to click the PART 6 link below. Be sure to click the PREVIOUS link below if haven't yet gotten to read Part 4.

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