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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Justice League of America Key Comics Part 4

Socking our way into Part 4 of this Justice League of America key comics list! We're getting into some keys that are kinda well-known but not really. Many of these have to do with Golden Age characters making their first appearances in the Silver Age. Gardner Fox revived a lot of golden goodies in the Justice League of America volume 1 series.

You can visit this Part 3 link if you missed it. If you didn't and already read that, enjoy Part 4 featuring DC Comics greatest superhero team!

Justice League of America #46
  • First appearance of Sandman in Silver Age
  • 3rd Silver Age appearance of  Golden Age Spectre
Wesley Dodds is the first and original DC Comics Sandman from the Golden Age. He is a founding member of the Justice Society of America, but this is strangely his first Silver Age appearance. Gardner Fox is bringing back all the classics.

This issue also has the 3rd Silver Age appearance of the Golden Age Spectre. Actually, the character has no Silver Age version, as in Earth One version. The original Golden Age Spectre was simply revived during the Silver Age.

Not a very well-known key issue or extremely sought-out like other Justice League of America key issues.

eBay - Very limited selection for both unslabbed and graded copies. Only one PGX 6.5 graded copy at the time of this writing.

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ComicLink - Two CGC copies here. Highest is a low NM 9.2 and the other a CGC 6.5 FN+. Well, at least, they're there at the moment.

Justice League of America #47
  • 4rth Silver Age appearance of Golden Age Spectre
Fourth appearance of the Golden Age Spectre in the Silver Age of comics. Not much else to say other than that for this issue. Minor key issue so far and probably still quite affordable. More crossover goodness brought to you by Gardner Fox.

eBay - All unslabbed copies at the moment. No CGC yet.

ComicConnect - Wow, a whopping CGC 9.8 in stock! Definitely no cheap investment comic at that grade either. One unslabbed copy available at the moment.

Justice League of America #55
  • Intro Earth Two Robin
  • First Golden Age Robin in Silver Age
  • First appearance of Gem Girl, How Chu, Money Master, and Smashing Sportsman
On the Golden Age world of Earth Two, four citizens are suddenly given super-powers by mysterious black spheres. These beings soon become Gem Girl, How Chu, Money Master, and Smashing Sportsman and use their new found powers for evil purposes by terrorizing various cities.

After welcoming Robin into their ranks, the JSA take on these new super villains and find that they are easily beaten. They retreat back to their headquarters and decide to call upon their Earth One friends the Justice League of America.

They learn that the black spheres originate from a dark matter universe and need a human host in order to survive. However, once absorbed in the host, it turns every being into evil incarnations of themselves.

This is the first appearance of Golden Age Robin in the Silver Age of comics.

eBay - Tons of unslabbed copies to choose from. No problem finding those at the moment. However, if you prefer CGC copies, there are three available at the time of this writing. Highest is a 9.4. 2nd highest is a 9.2. Lowest is an 8.5!

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Justice League of America #56
  • Justice League vs. Justice Society
  • First Golden Age Wonder Woman in Silver Age
It had to happen and it does in this issue. The heroes of Earth One and Two crossover again, and the Justice League of America duke it out with the Justice Society of America. Of course they only do this to beat the black spheres and defeat the villians How Chu, Smashing Sportsman, Gem Girl, and Money Master.

This issue also sees the first Silver Age appearance of Golden Age Wonder Woman in its pages. For Wonder Woman fans, this is one of the Justice League of America key issues to greatly consider.

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Justice League of America #64
  • First appearance of Red Tornado in Silver Age
  • Origin of Silver Age Red Tornado
There is a Golden Age Red Tornado, but this issue sees the first appearance of the Silver Age Red Tornado. The Silver Age character is an android created by the super villain T.O Morrow. His creation was for the sole purpose of infiltrating the Justice Society of America. 

The Silver Age Red Tornado was given a false memory and it believes it is actually the original Golden Age Red Tornado.

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Justice League of America #72
  • Last 12 cent issue
Nothing really much to say about this issue except that it's the last 12 cent issue for this comic series. Some like to collect these, some could care less. Very minor key issue, but still a silver age age key and still pretty affordable in certain grades.

eBay - Only a handful of raw copies present so far. No CGC or graded copies yet. Not entirely surprised.

Part 5 is ready so just click the link below to continue on. Click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 3.

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