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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hellblazer Key Comics Part 2

Here's Part 2 to this Hellblazer key comics list. Warning: Many of the keys in this key issue list will be sleepers. They are not that well-known, if known at all, for their key issue status. CGCs will be surely be a hunt for these lesser known comics. For most, you'll have to chance unslabbed copies.

Alrighty then, let's carry on this key comic odyssey with John Constantine, just one of Alan Moore's many brilliant comic creations. 

John Constantine Hellblazer #1
  • First appearance of Papa Midnite
  • First appearance of Chas Chandler
  • First Mnemoth
  • First Emma as a spirit
  • First appearance of Gary Lester
This has a boatload of first appearances, and it should be a Hellblazer key issue to seriously gun for before the show takes off. It's already been announced that Papa Midnite will be the shows main baddie, and this issue has the first appearance of Papa Midnite, as well as the first appearance of Chas Chandler. No doubt that Chas will probably be a main supporting character on the show.

Emma is first seen as a spirit in this issue, but the rest of his ghostly entourage will be first seen in the next issue. It's also this issue that identifies the demonic entity that killed most of the Newcastle Crew as being the Invunche. 

Mnemoth, an African hunger spirit is also introduced in this issue. I suggested this issue not but a few weeks back when it was going around $150 for CGC 9.8s. They're now nearing the $300 mark. If you can find them in 9.8s, that is. This issue is definitely hot! 

eBay - A few unslabbed options already past the $100 mark. Watch out for reprints! No CGC copies available as of this writing. Last CGC 9.8 sold near the $300 mark at $279.99.

mycomicshop - Only unslabbed copies. All the CGC copies were already snagged a while back. Highest left is a VF copy.

John Constantine Hellblazer #2
  • First Anne Marie as a spirit
  • First Benjamin Cox as a spirit
  • First Frank North as a spirit
  • First Papa Midnite cover
Like I mentioned before earlier in this list, Hellblazer #2 shows the first appearance of Sister Anne Marie, Ben Cox, and Frank North as spirits in the world of Constantine. Those characters as spirits will continue to haunt John throughout this comic series.

This is also the 2nd issue to Constantine's self titled series and the first time Papa Midnite graces a cover. Sleeper key issue.

eBay - Only one CGC 9.8 copy just barely under $100. A few unslabbed copies of this lesser known key issue available.

NewKadia - One unslabbed copy at a NM+ 9.6. Unslabbed, of course, since NewKadia has yet to deal in CGC copies.

ComicConnect - Unslabbed NM+ 9.6 copy here. Still pretty cheap.

John Constantine Hellblazer #3
  • First appearance of Ray Monde
An associate and friend of John Constantine who is an English shop keeper that finds newspaper clippings of strange occurrences of interest. John usually investigates these leads that Ray Monde presents to him. So far, this issue isn't that well-known and is a minor key. Could change once the television show gets more popular.

eBay - Best bet is getting an unslabbed copy here. No CGC yet. Unslabbers are exceptionally cheap.

NewKadia - NewKadia brings in another high grade unslabbed copy. This one is NM+ as well.

ComicConnect - Another 9.6 NM+ copy for issue #3 here. Only one available at the time of this writing.

John Constantine Hellblazer #4
  • First appearance of Cheryl Masters
  • First appearance of Tony Masters
  • First appearance of Gemma Masters
  • First appearance of the Resurrection Crusade 
  • First appearance of Zed (Mary Martin)
This issue sees a lot of main supporting characters that are important and often show up in the comics. Cheryl Masters is John's sister and will probably have a supporting role in the show. Tony Masters is Cheryl's husband and Gemma Masters is John's niece. 

So we meet John's family in this issue, but we also meet the militant, fanatic Christian group called The Resurrection Crusade.However, this key issue holds another first appearance that will be pretty important. Just recently it was announced that Angela Celaya will play the character of Mary Martin, also known as Zed, and will be the romantic focus of the t.v. series.

Straight up sleeper key issue and pretty undervalued!

eBay - Only a few unslabbed options worth considering. No CGC yet. May be another back issue bin hunt at your local comic shop for this issue if you have zero faith in eBay unslabbed sellers.

John Constantine Hellblazer #8
  • First appearance of Nergal
  • Constantine gains demon blood
A lesser known but important key issue within the Hellblazer world. For one, this issue is the first appearance of the demon Nergal, whom is often a recurring villain for Constantine. It is Nergal who gives John his demon blood and it's in the issue where he does it and the whole concept of demon blood in the Hellblazer mythos is introduced.

eBay - Only unslabbed copies available. Some are in comic lots that are pretty cheap and some are being sold individually.

John Constantine Hellblazer #11
  • First appearance of Astra Logue
  • First and last appearance of Norfulthing
Daughter of Alex Logue, the infamous "Sex and Drugs Magician" who owned the Casanova Club in Newcastle, Astra's father let his friends sexually abuse her, and she summoned the hell hound Norfulthing. Norfulthing exacted revenge on Astra's father and sexual perpetrators. In trying to exorcise Norfulthing, John ended up calling upon Nergal. This issue reveals the origin and fate of the Newcastle Crew.

eBay - Only two unslabbed copies here as of this writing. No CGC. Wow! Talk about a sleeper!

As I stated before, these issues won't be easy finds online. You will have to hunt for them for sure. CGCs will be even harder finds. As for Hellblazer #1, that issue is still extremely hot right now and CGC 9.6s and 9.8s will be a hunt for sure.

Part 3 is ready so just click the PART 3 link below to continue with more Hellblazer key issues. If you missed Part 1 just click the PREVIOUS link below to head on back.

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