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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Green Arrow Key Comic Books

More DC Comics key issues here. This time we're going to take a look at Green Arrow key comic books.

Since early Green Arrow was mostly a character used in back up stories and wasn't featured in his own title until much later, most of the key issues in this list will be all over the place in various comic titles.

Quite a challenge for this character, so I'll be highlighting all important keys pertaining to this character and some minor ones. Since the Arrow television show is quite popular, I think it's a good time to unleash this bad boy. Tim actually gave me the idea of doing this list, so thanks to him for this suggestion.

More Fun Comics #73
  • First appearance of Green Arrow
  • First appearance of Speedy
 Although this comic is a huge holy grail DC Comic book and has a slew of important first appearances, we're going to concentrate only on how this key issue pertains to Oliver Queen as Green Arrow. Of course, this is the first appearance of Green Arrow, but it is the first appearance of the Golden Age Green Arrow. There will be a difference between the Golden Age and Silver Age Green Arrow as we get further into this Green Arrow list.

Created by Mort Weisinger and artist George Papp, Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy hit the comic world in November, 1941 and bore a strange likeness to Batman by having such familiar props as an Arrow Car, an Arrow Cave, and even, yes, an Arrow Signal. Still, Weisinger has always denied the Batman influence, often stating that Green Arrow and Oliver Queen was influenced more by the obvious character of Robin Hood.

This first appearance of Green Arrow will most likely get a bump in demand due to the recent news of another character hitting the big screen soon. Yep, this comic also has the first appearance of Aquaman, and the character is another creation of Mort Weisinger.

A definite one of the best comics to invest in ever, but it won't be an easy find at all.

eBay - At the time of this writing there are no copies, slabbed or unslabbed. That could change very quickly since Aquaman will be in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Best to keep an eye out on the eBay search for More Fun Comics #73.

More Fun Comics #74
  • 2nd appearance of Green Arrow
  • 2nd appearance of Speedy
Comic history continues to be written as Green Arrow and Speedy make their 2nd appearance ever in More Fun Comics #74. Though a 2nd appearance, this comic is an extremely valuable comic investment from the Golden Age. It was published in December, 1941.

eBay - Wow, only one copy so far for the 2nd appearance of Green Arrow and it's a CGC high grade 9.0 VF/NM Universal copy on the mighty eBay.

Leading Comics #1
  • 3rd appearance of Green Arrow
  • 3rd appearance of Speedy
  • 1st Green Arrow & Speedy in title
  • First Seven Soldiers of Victory
  • Green Arrow and Speedy join team
  • 1st Green Arrow on a cover
 Here we are with the 3rd appearance of Green Arrow and Speedy, and this time they join a group of superheroes called the Seven Soldiers of Victory. The creation of the Seven Soldiers of Victory was purely an attempt to spread patriotism in the U.S. This was published in December, 1941 shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor (December 7th 1941), and America was gearing up to enter World War II at the time. 

Green Arrow and Speedy would be in the first 14 issues of Leading Comics, and Leading Comics #1 would be the first to have Green Arrow on a comic cover.

eBay - No luck for raw or CGC copies of Leading Comics #1 on eBay at the moment. May change in the near or later future for this Green Arrow key issue. 

mycomicshop - There is one copy here. It's a CGC 6.0 FN, but it is a restored copy. Wow, pretty expensive even for a mid grade copy of this comic.

ComicConnect - Comic Connect brings the goodness. One PGX 7.0 copy available, plus two unslabbed options. Highest unslabbed option is a 3.5. Lowest is a GD 2.0

ComicLink - If high grade CGC copies are more your taste, then ComicLink brings up two tasty dishes. First one is CGC 9.0 VF/NM copy, and the other is an 8.5 VF+. Both are Universal and will absolutely cost you some ducats!

More Fun Comics #75
  • 4th appearance of Green Arrow
  • 4rth appearance of Speedy
 Here we are with More Fun Comics #75, the 4rth appearance of the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow, and his trusty sidekick, Speedy. Golden Age key issue? Early Green Arrow? 

Need I say more about this issue? Well, it was published January, 1942.

eBay - Will be a hunt for this comic for sure. No copies raw or graded located here at the time of this writing. Hopefully that changes by the time you read this.

Leading Comics #2
  • 2nd Green Arrow on cover?
  • 2nd Green Arrow in title
  • 2nd Speedy in title
Ah, this one is a bit tricky. Not sure whether this is the 2nd ever comic cover Green Arrow is on, because this issue was published in March, 1942 and at the same time More Fun Comics #77 was published as well.

Well, it is the 2nd appearance of Green Arrow and Speedy within the titled series and an early Golden Age Green Arrow key issue, so I'd say that's good enough to include this issue on this list.

eBay - At the moment, there's a few copies on the might eBay. A limited selection of unslabbed copies, but at least there are some. Also, there's two CGC copies. The highest is a mid-grade 6.5 FN+. The other is a CGC 5.0 VG/FN.

ComicConnect - Two unslabbed copies available. Highest is a 4.5, and the lowest is another 3.5. No CGC as of yet.

ComicLink - Bringing more CGC comic goodness, ComicLink has two CGC options and the highest one is a 9.0 VF/NM. The other option is still a very respectable 6.5 FN+. Both have the old CGC label. Also two raw copies at the time of this writing there as well.

More Fun Comics #77
  • 2nd Green Arrow on cover?
  • 1st More Fun Comics cover
  • 1st appearance of bolas arrow
Looks like Oliver Queen as Green Arrow got popular enough to stick around as well as get featured for the 2nd time on a comic cover. This may be the 2nd time the character is on a comic cover ever, but the issue was published March, 1942, the same time as Leading Comics #2. 

It is the first time he's on the cover of a More Fun Comics book. It's also the first time we see the trick arrow called the bolas arrow

As we know, this would just be one of the many trick arrows used in Green Arrow's comic career, and they have become an integral part of the character's mythology. However, they weren't used all that much in the earlier stories for the character.

eBay - Only one copy located here so far. It's a raw, unslabbed copy and pretty up there in price.

As mentioned before, most of these older golden age key issues will not be easy finds at all. They will definitely require a hunt.

More Green Arrow key comic books in Part 2, so just click the link below to continue onward!

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