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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Green Arrow Key Comic Books Part 4

Zipping along with this Green Arrow Key Comic Books list, and here is Part 4. Before we get into the actual self titled comic series, Green Arrow was a supporting character in a bunch of various titles during his early comic book career.

So this is really a list of important key issue comics pertaining to the character with some minor ones thrown in there. If you missed Part 3 just click the link to go back. If you didn't, enjoy Part 4.

Justice League of America #4
  • Green Arrow joins the JLA
Though not a founding member of the Justice League of America, Green Arrow is one of early DC characters to be inducted into the team. Not quite sure if they established the character of Green Arrow as just an Earth One character, even though he is a Golden Age comic character.

Regardless, an important Justice League of America key to get for sure, and this issue was featured in the Justice League of America key issues list done fairly recently.This comic was published May, 1961.

eBay - Selection has dwindled down since this issue was featured in the Justice League key issue list. Looks like the only CGC copy was snagged. It was an 8.0 VF. So, looks like there's no CGC copies as of this writing, but there are a few unslabbed raw copies. Not much, though.

ComicConnect - Only unslabbed copies here, only two to be precise at the time of this writing. Highest is a VG+ 4.5.

ComicLink - Three CGC graded copies here for the taking. Highest is an 8.5 VF+ followed by a solid VF 8.0. Lowest graded copy is a 7.5 low VF! A few lower grade raw copies available also.

Justice League of America #21
  • Crisis on Earth One storyline
  • 1st time Green Arrow and Black Canary meet
This issue has made it on many key issues lists here at Total Comic Mayhem, and for good reason. As I've mentioned many times before, it's one of the first issues to explain and clean up the continuity problems regarding the DCU's Golden Age and Silver Age characters and just how and why they co-exist.

But concerning this Green Arrow key issues list, there's another important reason why this key is significant to the mythos of the Emerald Archer. It's the first time the characters Green Arrow and Black Canary meet, but in this issue, it's the original Black Canary Dinah Drake whom he meets. 

As most fans know, Black Canary, Dinah Lance (daughter of the original Black Canary), and Oliver Queen are the two that had a long intimate relationship throughout their comic careers. The whole mess of Black Canary's age problem, being that she is from Earth Two and should be way older, goes through a retcon during the 80s. 

It's established that Dinah Drake was dying from cancer after battling Aquarius and had Johnny Thunder and Superman transfer her memories to her daughter, who was held in suspended animation until adulthood. I know confusing. The current Black Canary is daughter Dinah Lance and the well-known lover of Green Arrow.

eBay - Boatload of unslabbed, raw copies, but no CGC still at the time of this writing. Then again, a CGC 6.0 did drop June 15th of this year, so you may have to wait a little for some more graded copies to pop up soon.

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ComicLink - One CGC copy located. It's a VG/FN 5.0. Quite a few raw copies as well. Highest is a low VF.

World's Finest Comics #140
  • Last Green Arrow solo story in series
Green Arrow says goodbye to World's Finest Comics in this issue. It's not the last time we'd ever see the character, but it is the last time he is featured as a solo back up story. Pretty minor key issue in terms of the character Green Arrow. September, 1966 is when this issue was published.

eBay - Boatload of unslabbed copies, mostly in the VG range or lower. No CGC copies as of this writing for this issue on the mighty eBay.

ComicLink - Only unslabbed copies here with the highest being a VF 8.0.

The Brave and the Bold #85
  • First new costume
Here we are again with this issue, a key that was featured in The Brave and the Bold key issues list done recently. A new look and costume may not seem like all that important of a key issue, but the make over by Neal Adams is actually quite important concerning the character of Green Arrow. Why is this?

It's because Green Arrow's make over actually inspired Dennis O'Neil to rework the character in terms of attitude and personality and write him in a whole different light, as you'll see in the next few issues on this list.

eBay - Quite a few raw copies and three CGC copies. Highest is still that 9.6 with the second being an 8.5. There's also a Signature Series 7.5 signed by Neal Adams with no restoration.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed options here only and low grade ones as well. Highest is a VG/FN copy.

ComicConnect - CGC 7.5 low VF copy here. It's a regular Universal.

Justice League of America #75
  • 2nd appearance of new costume
  • Oliver Queen loses fortune
And here's where Dennis O' Neil made his first important change to the character of Green Arrow. Yes, this is the 2nd appearance of his new costume, the more modern, updated version from his classic Robin Hood look, but Dennis O' Neil makes the rich, Oliver Queen lose his entire fortune by a dirt bag named John Deleon. The character of John Deleon framed Oliver Queen for misusing public funds and causing Queen to lose his entire fortune.

This act would set Oliver Queen on a path to reconsider his political views, and would later become a spokesperson for the underprivileged and political left. This would set up the character to be involved in a famous team up within another hero's comic series. 

eBay - Limited selection for this issue. Very few raw copies and no CGC as of this writing. Will change sooner or later.

mycomicshop - Only one raw copy available here so far. It's a VG+ 4.5.

Green Lantern #76
  • Green Lantern/Green Arrow begins
If you're wondering why this issue is so sought-out, a fan-favorite, so valuable, and an important key issue for both Green Lantern and Green Arrow, you're about to find out. It's in this series where Dennis O' Neil and Neal Adams push the characters of Green Arrow and Green Lantern into the era of what's called "relevant comics". Partnering him up with Green Lantern was a move that would often pit both character's views against each other, the classic mismatched duo.

Green Lantern was the by the book establishment guy, who adhered to rules, order and obedience without questioning them much. The Green Lantern comic series prior to this team up dealt very little with any kind of real social issues in America until Green Arrow came on board. 

Green Arrow often challenged Hal Jordan in this series, and the duo spent more time dealing with the problems on actual Earth than in space during the run by O'Neil and Adams on the series. This issue supposedly started the shift of the comics industry to publish more relevant comics. I still think DC Comics was taking the lead from Marvel Comics, as Marvel was already producing "relevant comics" that tackled social issues like racism in the pages of the Silver Age X-Men.

All in all, still one of the most important Green Arrow key issues in the market and of all time.

eBay - No problem finding this bronze age key issue as expected. A lot of options if you prefer raw copies or graded copies. Quite a few CGC 8.0s and 9.4s. Extremely expensive key issue from the bronze age in high NM grades.

mycomicshop - Two CGC copies locate here. Highest is a 9.0 and the other a 8.0. There's also an unslabbed, raw 5.5 low FN copy.

ComicConnect - Four CGC copies here. Two are 9.6s, NM+ copies, with one CGC 8.0. There are also 3 unslabbed copies with the highest being a 7.0 FN/VF.

ComicLink - Quite a few graded copies here. Highest is a gorgeous 9.6 NM+. Two copies of those, and the 2nd highest are CGC 9.4s. Two copies of those as well.

Can we say Part 5 is ready? It sure is, so just click the PART 5 link below to continue with more Green Arrow key comic books!

You can always click the PREVIOUS link below if you stumbled upon this post without reading Part 3 and missed the Green Arrow key issues in that one as well.

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