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Friday, June 20, 2014

Green Arrow Key Comic Books Part 3

And we're back with Part 3 to this Green Arrow key comic books list! Still starting off in the Golden Age of comics with this list, but we will be finally getting into some Silver Age goodness concerning Green Arrow key issues related to the character during the early years. Of course, the later years and his own titled series will be covered in the later parts to this key issues series.

You can always click this Part 2 link to go back and check that out, but if you already have, break out those want lists and hope you enjoy Part 3.

Adventure Comics #118
  • First boxing glove arrow
This one is notorious and not in a very good way. The boxing glove arrow did progress the trick arrow concept for the character, but even comic historians said it was a bit campy. However, back in the day, I bet all the kids went, "That's awesome!" Nowadays, if something doesn't blow up, kids are disappointed. Well, I should even go back further to when I was kid myself. 

Not all that well-known to most comic collectors, except for fans of Green Arrow. Now I know and so do you. July, 1947 is when this golden age comic investment debuted.

eBay - Only two copies located so far here. One is a CGC graded 8.5 VF+, but it has been cracked open out of the CGC holder. Comes with certificate. The other is another raw copy.

ComicLink - The fine folks over at ComicLink also bring in the CGC goodness with a 9.0 copy and toted as the 2nd highest grade for this issue. Also a lower grade raw copy there too.

ComicConnect - Only one 8.5 VF+ raw copy available so far.

Adventure Comics #250
  • First Jack Kirby Green Arrow work
In the history of Green Arrow comics, this silver age key issue is extremely important. Not only because it's the first Jack Kirby Green Arrow work for the character, but because Jack Kirby would make an important revision to the character during the silver age.

Funny thing was that Jack Kirby didn't really even care for the character of Green Arrow, nor did the long time Green Arrow editor, Jack Schiff. Kirby did want to revamp the character and Schiff was interested in making Green Arrow more than a back up story. 

The legend Jack Kirby wanted to bring more elements of Science Fiction to the character and Jack Schiff was on board to do so. However, Weisinger objected. Kirby was allowed to make some revisions though that would be extremely important for the character. So important that every writer for the character used the framework he provided, but that doesn't happen in this issue. This key issue was published in July, 1958.

eBay - Only a handful of raw copies only. No CGC just yet.

World's Finest Comics #96
  • Jack Kirby Green Arrow begins in title
Aside from Adventure Comics, Jack Kirby's work also appeared in the pages of World's Finest Comics, the other title that used the Emerald Archer as a back up feature. This is Jack Kirby's first Green Arrow work in World's Finest Comics. 

Not really a landmark issue or that well-known, but definitely a Green Arrow key to consider. This comic was published during the Silver Age of comics in September, 1958.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies for this issue on eBay. Mostly lower grade copies though. No CGC copies as of yet.

ComicLink - ComicLink brings the CGC goodness for this issue, but only one copy. It's an 8.5 VF+!

Adventure Comics #256
  • Green Arrow origin by Kirby
Here's where Jack Kirby made a huge impact for the character of Green Arrow, and it's an extremely important key Green Arrow issue. I've explained the Golden Age Green Arrow origin earlier, but this new revised Green Arrow origin written by Jack Kirby and Ed Herron is the Silver Age version. It's the one most fans are familiar with because later re-tellings have been based off it.

Unlike the Golden Age version, Oliver Queen was already born to a wealthy family and is a playboy millionaire. In this issue, we see him stranded on an island and crafting arrows and his first costume, made to camouflage him, and fighting pirates to board a ship to get him off the island.

This is probably the most important Green Arrow origin key issue, as this origin story has been the basis and framework for any later re-tellings of the character's origin. Concerning Green Arrow key issues, this is one of the best comics to invest in! It was published in January, 1959.

eBay - Much larger selection for this comic. No sleeper for sure and quite well-known. Surprisingly no CGC copies at the time of this writing, but that may change in the near future.

ComicLink - Only one CGC copy here and its a low grade 2.0. Quite a few raw low grade copies here as well.

Adventure Comics #269
  • Last Green Arrow story in series
This is the last story for Green Arrow in this title. The character and his sidekick do still have adventures and continue in World's Finest Comics though. 

This comic was published in February, 1960, and isn't all that well-known in terms of its Green Arrow key statues. However, it is pretty well-known for the first appearance of Aqualad

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies at the moment. CGC copies is a different story. So far there's none at the time of this writing. Hopefully that changed by the time you read this if you refuse to take the risk.

ComicConnect - More unslabbed copies. Highest is a 6.0 FN.

World's Finest Comics #113
  • First appearance of Arrowette
Oh, lord! As typical with mostly all DC Comics' characters, it was bound to happen that they'd introduce the female version of Green Arrow, and here she is in this issue. The first appearance of Arrowette is introduced here as Bonnie King. She is the original, but the second to take up the mantle is actually her daughter, Cissie King-Jones.

Cissie doesn't do so until much, much later. 37 years later from the published date her mother first appeared, and that was November, 1960.

eBay - Very limited selection. Only raw copies and little to none. No CGC as of yet.

ComicConnect - Bunch of unslabbed copies. Highest is a 7.0 FN/VF.

Much like Golden Age DC Comics or key comic books involving Green Arrow, Silver Age Green Arrow key issues aren't easy finds online as well. You'll be lucky to find CGC copies, but the majority will be raw, unslabbed copies in the market place.

Click the PART 4 link below to continue with this Green Arrow key comic books list! You can also go back and check out Part 2 if you missed it by clicking the PREVIOUS link below!


  1. hey mayhem just got back from heros con in char nc. got a hulk 102 cgc 9.4 and hulk 181 cgc 4.5. great show if anyone in area can get to it. keep up good work.

  2. Cool snags! Congrats on those. Glad you had fun at the show. Meet any comic artists/writers there?