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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DC Comics Movies In The Works Confirmed Sorta!

I don't know whether to be excited or not, or whether I should've even bothered writing this up. It seems that a Nikki Finke, a former reporter for Deadline, has tapped an insider and recently posted DC Comics and Warner Bros. planned comic movies on her own site.

The information is spreading like wild fire, and just recently Kevin Smith confirmed the planned list of movies as well. Still, I'm gonna take it with a grain of salt for one simple reason: DC Comics and Warner Bros. are re-known for being shifty about their comic properties hitting the silver screen.

Though I don't doubt that these movies are happening, I'm scratching my head and a bit skeptical at some of the reported release dates for these films. So here they are.


According to Nikki Finke, Batman v. Superman: "Dawn of Justice” will be followed by a Shazam movie. Err...yeah!

The possibility of this movie happening has been yapped about in comic geek circles online for quite some time already. The hype and credence grew even larger when it was reported that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was confirmed for a role in an upcoming DC Comics movie. 

Many fans have already voiced their strong approval of him playing the titular character or the villain Black Adam, so this may have some backing to the claim. Or, The Rock could just be doing a voice over like Vin Diesel is for the character Groot when so many were yapping about Diesel being The Vision.

Not really looking forward to a Shazam movie. Don't really care for the character, and two, I haven't seen a single good movie that The Rock has been in to be honest. 


Another film that's been on the lips of many comic fans for quite a while is the Sandman movie, based on Neil Gaiman's famous comic series. Apparently it seems that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a huge fan of the comic series and has already been in talks with Neil Gaiman in adapting it to a live action flick.

On top of that, Levitt will star and co produce the project with David S. Goyer (writer for Man of Steel). Neil Gaiman is optimistic about this project really happening, and both Goyer and Levitt has hired on Jack Thorne to pen the screenplay.


A lot of things are finally pointing to a Justice League, especially since the news hit that Batman played by Ben Affleck will be in Zack Snyder's follow up Man of Steel film. Since then it's been hit after hit of good news for DC fans and those wanting a JLA flick to finally happen. Recent news was the title of Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice being dropped as well as Ray Fisher being cast as Victor Stone, a.k.a Cyborg, and Jason Momoa being cast as Aquaman!


Ok, and here's were things start to get a bit sketchy for me. The past has seen this movie off and on, off and on for quite some time, so it's understandable that I'm a bit skeptical at the moment. 

Not that I wouldn't want it to happen. I would love a Wonder Woman movie finally happening, and with Gal Gadot taking on the role in Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice and Justice League, a big screen Wonder Woman movie just may be a really-real possibility this time around. 

Then again, I'm crossing my fingers, because we'll have to see how people take to the silver screen version of Wonder Woman to begin with in Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice and the Justice League first. If there's a bad enough fan reaction to the Amazonian princess, I can see Warner Bros. changing their minds quickly about a solo movie for Wonder Woman.

Another thing that I know most movie studios are concerned about, every female superhero based comic that starred in a solo movie have been complete bombs - Catwoman, Elektra, and 1984's Supergirl.


Not gonna lie, but this one makes me scratch my head the most. Is this going to be a one shot movie or a franchise?
I know the two are best buds in the DCU, but how is this going to work? I'm assuming that the Justice League movie will cover the origins of these two characters, or are they going to do a real quickie for that in this flick?

It's interesting, and not to say that I wouldn't love to see a Green Lantern movie or a Flash movie. I sure would, but I think I'd rather see a remake of Green Lantern, minus Ryan Reynolds (actually minus Ryan Reynolds in any and every comic book movie forever) and a solo Flash flick first.

Another interesting thing to ponder is which Green Lantern? Will John Stewart or Hal Jordan be the featured Green Lantern? In a comic book fan common sense type of thing, it wouldn't really make sense if it were John Stewart. John Stewart never had the same strong friendship that Hal Jordan and Barry Allen cultivated in the comics.

Also, with the Flash, will it star the television actor in the actual big screen feature? Way too many questions for this one. I would bet my nipples that those at Warner Bros. are asking these same questions at the same time.


Okie dokie, I thought Batman vs. Superman was the follow up to Man of Steel, but then again, it shows how smart I'm not. I suppose Man of Steel 2 is gonna kick off DC Comics Phase 2 perhaps?

Not surprised that there will be a Man of Steel 2, as Superman has already been established as a franchise, and it can be safely assumed that a solo Batman movie franchise starring Ben Affleck will soon follow. Well, that's if all things go well, and fans take to all these movies coming out on this list.

It's apparent that Sony, Fox, and Warner Bros. are in a hurry to compete with Marvel and Disney and expand the movie universes for their licensed comic characters. As for Warner Bros., and because of their past actions, I can see them pulling out of any one of these movies or changing their game plan if fans have a bad reaction to any of them and a movie bombs like Green Lantern.

So far those at DC and Warner Bros. have yet to publicly confirm this list of planned movies, except for Justice League.


  1. This sounds exciting! Shazam would be Sweet! It sounds like DC finally has a plan to battle The Marvel Juggernaut...will be interesting to see how it plays out. Thanks for the cutting edge info! lk

  2. They do, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I do think they'll shift release dates around, and I think they may bow out of at least one or two films on this list. Flash/Green Lantern team up is perhaps the strangest one on this list. Thanks for commenting LK. Good to hear from ya.