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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brave and the Bold Key Comics List Part 1

Here we are with another key issues list. As requested, this is The Brave and the Bold key comics list and will feature some keys within the comic series. This is Part 1 and there will be quite a few Parts. Many of the early ones within Part 1 will be scarce finds, especially online.

Alright, lets get this on and hope you enjoy it.

The Brave and the Bold #1
  • First appearance of Golden Gladiator
  • First appearance of Viking Prince
  • First appearance of Silent Knight
The first issue of The Brave and the Bold was published during the Golden Age and during a time when superhero comics were beginning to lose reader interest. If you read the Captain America key issues list, you'll know that a revival with 1950s Cap was an ultimate failure during the time period.

This is the reason why titles like The Brave and the Bold were started, to move away from failing superheroes and try to gain readership interest with characters like Golden Gladiator, as well as Viking Prince and Silent Knight. We see their first appearances in this issue.
Though now we don't see them as very interesting characters, they did keep the comic market still floating during the time. Brave and the Bold #1 is still a comic investment worth having. It's not the most sought out or expensive from the series, but it is  up there and a golden age key issue. 

Actually, next to issue #28, it's the 2nd most valuable comic investment within this series. This issue was published September, 1955.

eBay - Only one CGC 5.0 copy located at the time of this writing. It is a restored copy. No raw copies at the moment.

ComicConnect - Unslabbed copy at a GD 2.0. Pretty scarce find.

ComicLink - One CGC graded copy here for now. It's a lower grade 2.5 GD+.

The Brave and the Bold #2
  • 2nd Brave and the Bold issue
  • 2nd appearance of Golden Gladiator
  • 2nd appearance of Viking Prince
  • 2nd appearance of Silent Knight
Just like issue #1, this comic also has a lot of key appearances, mostly 2nd appearances of all the characters seen in the first issue. It's also the 2nd issue to this legendary comic series, but not the second most valuable. There are other key issues in this series a lot more valuable, but this one is up there as well. 

It won't be an easy find online for sure, but it keeps growing in value each decade that passes. This issue was published in November, 1955.

eBay -  Same luck for this issue. As of this writing, no slabbed or raw copies located for this issue. May change and best to keep an eye out on eBay's search in the future.

ComicConnect - More unslabbed, raw copies located for this Brave and the Bold issue. Highest is a 3.5 so far. No CGC as of yet.

The Brave and the Bold #5
  • 1st DC appearance of Robin Hood
Robin Hood has been in other comics published by a variety of other comic publishers, but this is the first appearance of Robin Hood in DC Comics. Most everyone knows the basic legend of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. I still like the Disney version.

Anyway, as we all know, Robin Hood would be the inspiration for the character Green Arrow, and the creator even blatantly admitted it as true. Not like he could deny it, and that would've looked stupid if he tried.

Another valuable golden age key issue within this series that's already past the $1,000 mark for low Near Mint copies. Won't be an easy find online or off. This issue was published in May of 1956.

eBay - Didn't find any raw copies, but there's a CGC FN+ 6.0 copy on the might eBay.

ComicLink - CGC FN + 6.5 located here at the time of this writing. Only one copy here so far.

The Brave and the Bold #25
  • First appearance of Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad's roots stem from the Silver Age of comics and went through quite a few retcons. This issue sees the first appearance of Rick Flag Jr., the first appearance of Karin Grace, and also Dr. Hugh Evans and Jess Bright. They were all non-powered characters fighting the likes of dinosaurs, monsters, giants and other creatures.

The early appearances of the Suicide Squad would lay the groundwork for the team known today. They were created by  Robert Kanigher and artist Ross Andru. This issue was published September, 1959, and is extremely scarce right now, since Suicide Squad did make a t.v. show appearance on Arrow.
eBay - Did not see any raw copies nor slabbed copies for this issue at the moment. May change by the time you read this. Best to keep on eye on the eBay search results for this issue if you're on the hunt for it.

The Brave and the Bold #26
  • 2nd appearance of Suicide Squad
  • 2nd appearance of Rick Flag Jr.
  • 2nd appearance of Dr. Hugh Evans
  • 2nd appearance of Karin Grace
  • 2nd Jess Bright
This issue features the 2nd appearance of the Suicide Squad and it's members Rick Flag Jr., Karin Grace, Jess Bright and Dr. Hugh Evans.This comic is quite valuable in higher grades, especially if they're CGC graded.

This issue was published in October, 1959.

 eBay - Strangely quite a few copies available for raw copies. Also two CGC copies so far on eBay. One is an 8.5 VF+, which won't be cheap whatsoever. The other is a CGC 5.5 low FN, which is pretty affordable and has a Best Offer option as well as Free Shipping.

The Brave and the Bold #28
  • First appearance of Justice League of America
And here we are again with the first appearance of the Justice League of America in The Brave and the Bold #28. This issue is the most valuable and sought out holy grail comic within the series, and it's no surprise that this key comic issue has made quite a few key lists on Total Comic Mayhem.

The Justice League of America was created by Gardner Fox and this monumental key issue featured DC Comics most popular Silver Age characters during the superhero revival of the era. It was published in February of 1960.

eBay - Still no problem finding this super key issue on the mighty eBay. Bunch of slabbed copies still, pretty limited on raw copies however. Either way, this will be an expensive comic investment, but a solid one.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies for this bad boy here. Both are 7.5s and one is going up for auction in August.

ComicLink - Quite a few slabbed CGC copies here. Highest is a high grade CGC 8.5 VF+. It's Universal as well.

Early Brave and the Bold issues aren't all keys, but they are good comics to invest in. If you can find them. Part 2 is ready so click the Continue To Part 2 link below for more Brave and the Bold key issue comics.

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