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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brave and the Bold Key Issues Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of this Brave and the Bold key issues list. Got some definite goodies in Part 3 concerning this comic series. At least two are definite DC Comics to invest in and pretty sought after.

Click this Part 2 link if you missed it. You can always navigate back here after you're done. If you're all good to go for more DC Comics key goodness, here they are!

The Brave and the Bold #54
  • First appearance of Teen Titans
This issue has been traditionally noted as the first appearance of the Teen Titans. However, they are not ever addressed as the well-known team. Overstreet Guide lists this issue as the team's first appearance and origin. CGC also notes this issue as such.

However, some online sources note issue #60 as the real official first appearance of the Teen Titans because they are addressed as such. CGC does not note that key status for issue #60, nor does Overstreet as well. 

This is the first appearance of The Teen Titans unnamed and origin of how Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Robin first meet and would become a team. The only missing member is Donna Troy as Wonder Girl. 

This is no doubt one of the best comics to invest in concerning this titled series. Even one of the best DC Silver Age comics to invest in as well.

mycomicshop - A gorgeous CGC 9.4 has been located here. There's also another extremely low, low grade raw copy if you want this issue to just have it.

eBay - 5 CGC copies available here for the first appearance of the Teen Titans on eBay at the moment. Highest is a 9.4 with the second highest a 7.5. There's also two 5.0s and one 7.0. Selection of raw copies here as well to look over.

The Brave and the Bold #57
  • First appearance of Metamorpho
  • Origin of Metamorpho
  • First appearance Sapphire Stagg
  • First Java and Simon Stagg
Metamorpho, known as the Element Man as well, is a founding member of the Outsiders. He's also been a member of the different and many incarnations of the Justice League a few times. 

His real name is Rex Mason, an adventurer that was hired by Stagg Enterprises to locate and retrieve the Orb of Ra. Yes, from Egyptian myth. 

The orb is actually a fragment from a radioactive meteorite, and when it flares up suddenly, Rex is exposed and gains super powers instead of dying. Because he is super bad ass, he gains the ability to shapeshift and change himself into any element found in the human body, or any combinations of.

eBay - Tons of unslabbers here at the moment. No problem in finding those. CGC copies are a different story, though. So far none at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - Only unslabbed lower grade copies here at the time of this writing. Hopefully that changes soon.

ComicLink - ComicLink brings the CGC goodness here. Only one copy though, but it is a 9.4 for all you high grade snipers.

The Brave and the Bold #58
  • 2nd appearance of Metamorpho
  • Maxwell Tremaine first appearance
 A silver age comic villain who desires complete conquest of the world? Nah, that's never been done before. Here is the first appearance of Maxwell Tremaine, and like most comic book villains, he desires nothing really but to conquer the entire world.

Anyways, Maxwell Tremaine is a minor character and this is the 2nd appearance of Metamorpho The Element Man. This comic was published March, 1965.

eBay - Same deal here for issue 58 like it is for #57. Quite a few unslabbed copies but no CGC in sight just yet.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed copies only so far. Highest is VG+.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.4 copy located for this issue at ComicConnect. Also have some raw options but not very many.

The Brave and the Bold #59
  • First Batman team up in comic series
First team up in The Brave and the Bold concerning Batman. Why is this significant? Well, later on in this comic series, it would basically switch to just being a Batman team up comic. 

This issue doesn't begin that run of Batman team ups. That comes in later issues, but this marks the first team up for the Caped Crusader in this titled series. Green Lanter co-stars. May of 1965 is when this key issue was published.

eBay - Finally, some CGC options here for this issue. Only two, though, but better than nada. Highest is a 9.2 low NM, but it is an old CGC label. The other is another high grade copy, which is an 8.5 VF+. Plenty of raw copies to snag also.

The Brave and the Bold #60
  • 2nd appearance of Teen Titans
  • First named appearance as Teen Titans
  • First appearance of Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)
  • Wonder Girl joins team
Another huge super key for various reasons. It's the 2nd appearance of the Teen Titans, but if you want to get super literal like some fans love to debate about, this is also the first named appearance of the Teen Titans.

We also see the first appearance of Wonder Girl, also known as Donna Troy, and she also joins the team in this issue. Definitely one of the silver age comics to consider as a comic investment for sure, especially if you want to beef up your DC Comics collection. Won't be a cheap buy in high gradeds for sure.

eBay - Surprised there's no CGC options here. Even the raw copy selection is pretty thin. Okay, actually, I'm not all that surprised. It's a pretty sought out book. A 9.2 CGC copy did sell in May over the $1,000 mark.

The Brave and the Bold #61
  • Origin of Starman and Black Canary
  • First S.A. of the Mist
Basically this issue recaps of the Starman origin, as well as Black Canary. The Mist is Starman's old nemesis from the Golden Age and can alter his, as well as other object's, physical state into an invisible gaseous form. Once in contact with his vaporous state, he can hypnotically control them.

Brave and the Bold #61 marks the Mist's first Silver Age appearance. Pretty minor Silver Age key issue. 

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies for this issue. Three CGC options. Highest is a 9.4 with the second being an 8.5 VF+. Third CGC copy is a 8.0 VF.

mycomicshop - Just unslabbed lower grade copies here. Highest is a VG/FN 5.0.

ComicLink - Only one CGC copy here at the moment. It's an 8.0 VF. Others are unslabbed copies.

Some of these Brave and the Bold key issues in Part 3 are still not easy finds for CGC copies online at the moment. Maybe Part 4 will have better luck when it comes to that. 

The next part to this list is ready so just click the PART 4 link below to carry on with this list. You can always click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 2. 

Either way, see you soon.

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