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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aquaman To Appear in Batman Vs. Superman!

So it appears that the scenes in Man of Steel were actually dropping hints towards an eventual appearance of Aquaman. Hitfix has just reported and says that they can confirm that Aquaman will be in the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice follow up by Zack Snyder.

Also, all the rumors and talk about Jason Momoa playing the King of Atlantis going around the past few months seems to have been confirmed by Hitfix as well. Warner nor the actor has yet to confirm this, and the Games of Thrones and Conan actor actually denied the rumors about a month ago.

Furthermore, the site also reported that Zack Snyder even has finished the character's design so that they can began shooting as soon as possible. I'm suspecting that the movie may be going with the scraggly, long-haired, bearded Aquaman with the hook look from the 90s.

At least, if they went with that look instead of the classic one, Momoa could faintly resemble Aquaman a little. Cut the hair and the guy would be a perfect Namor, however.

Apparently, it seems that Aquaman won't be too happy with Superman after the events of Man of Steel since the Indian Ocean was affected from his heroic deeds. It's not even clear whether the character will even be called Aquaman. In today's climate, it would probably be more accepted if the character was just called Orin, his true Atlantean birth name, than Aquaman.

Maybe Momoa can even wipe away the lame biases often associated with the name Aquaman, but the part will most likely be a bit part for the film. This Dawn of Justice flick already has a huge cast with Henry Cavill, Holly Hunter, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Laurence Fishbourne, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, and Ray Fisher. 

Already looks like an ambitious film, as Aquaman will join Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Superman and Batman in Dawn of Justice. Lex Luthor is the only villain cast so far. Not for nothing, but get ready for a Justice League flick.

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