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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Web of Spider Man Key Comic Issues

Here's some key issues dealing with the Webhead's spin-off titles. I wasn't really ever a big fan of these spin-offs, even more so with the Web of Spider-Man series which started in the Copper Age. Regardless, this list will be short and sweet. There are some key issues in the titled series, but not many. 

Most are even questionable, and I was hesitant to even list a majority of them. However, most of these are key sleepers that just may awaken, so I figured it couldn't hurt. This is the only part to this Web of Spider-Man key issues list.

Web of Spider-Man #1 comic
Web of Spider-Man #1
  • First appearance of Vulturions
  • First issue to new titled series
Okay, let's be honest here. This issue does have the first appearance of the Vulturions, but that's like a big whoopty doo! The real reason people gun for this key Spider-Man issue is because it's a first issue to another Spidey spin-off title. Wasn't really a big fan of this series, had as many issues as I could count on one hand.

However, this copper age key is steaming up a bit for high grade CGC 9.8, nearing the $100 mark. Grades lower than that are pretty much a waste for now. 

This is also the issue where Spidey finds out the symbiote costume is sensitive to harsh sound vibrations and removes the creature from his body by the ringing of large church bells. The scene was portrayed in the movie Spider-Man 3

eBay - CGC 9.8s are still dropping below $100 for auctions. Plenty of cheap unslabbed copies advertised at high grade NM copies.

mycomicshop - If you're looking for something more special than just a Universal slab, there's three Signature Series copies at mycomicshop. One is a CGC 9.8 and the other a 9.6. Both are signed by Stan Lee. 

The third CGC 9.6 Signature Series is double signed by Louise Simonson and Stan Lee. There also three other regular Universal 9.6s as well. No raw copies. Surprising.

NewKadia - Only one VF+ copy left.

Web of Spider-Man #2 image
Web of Spider-Man #2
  • 2nd issue to new titled series
  • 2nd appearance of Vulturions
 Well, at least the Vulturions weren't a one hit wonder and did come back. Still, though, not the greatest of Spidey villains to have been created. This is also the 2nd issue to the Web of Spider-Man titled series, always a nice thing to have. 

Not necessary, but nice. I think I still may have this in one of my junk boxes. Not sure if I sold it or not. I probably did. Not that really in demand just yet.

eBay - Like issue #1, plenty of high grade unslabbed copies. CGC 9.8s are below the $100 mark, as it should be for now for this issue.

mycomicshop - Three unslabbed copies. Highest is a VF.

NewKadia - Low NM copy is the highest. Three copies available. 2nd highest is VF+.

Web of Spider-Man #18 pic
Web of Spider-Man #18
  • First Venom (Eddie Brock) Behind the Scenes
Overstreet Guide also says this is a first appearance of Venom (Eddie Brock) behind the scenes. Whatever that means. At the end of this story Peter Parker is pushed in front of a subway train by a mysterious figure. It would later be revealed that Venom did it in later Spidey stories.

I suppose it will be toted as a cameo appearance or first cameo soon. Very much a sleeper for now. Comic collectors either don't know or haven't really accepted this issue's key status yet. Key word: yet. Like everything, this could change in the near future. Very near future.

eBay - Quite a few CGC 9.6s, but only one 9.8. Lots of unslabbed copies. 9.8s are probably dropping around or below $100. You can probably snag one cheaper at auction for 9.8s when they do pop up. 

mycomicshop If unslabbed copies are more your thing, there's two copies here. Highest is FN.

Web of Spider-Man #19 comic cover
Web of Spider-Man #19
  • First appearance of Humbug
  • First appearance of Solo
Not a whopper of a key issue comic either, though it does the first appearances of both Humbug and Solo, whom are extremely minor characters in the MU. 

Humbug, Buck Mitty, started off as a villain, but ended up becoming a hero. Yes, he can communicate with insects, and in later comics gained the ability of super strength, speed, agility and senses. 

James Bourne, a.k.a. Solo,  is a bit more used in Marvel Comics and once even had his own limited series. He is a counter-terrorism operative with short distance teleportation abilities. He uses military style weaponry.

Definitely not a very sought out comic right now. Not sure if it will ever be, but in my opinion, it probably won't. Then again, who knows what obscure character Disney and Marvel may decide to throw into a movie?

eBay - As of this writing, you're only option are most likely unslabbed copies. I can't imagine why anyone would send this issue in to get graded. No CGC copies yet. Super affordable raw copies. 

mycomicshop - Only two unslabbed copies left. VF is the highest grade so far.

NewKadia - Solid NM copy is the highest here. 2nd highest is a low NM. Only three copies left.

Web of Spider-Man #36 image
Web of Spider-Man #36 
  • First appearance of Tombstone
An Albino African American, Lonnie Lincoln grew up a bad apple on the streets of Harlem in New York City and eventually became a hitman for Kingpin, going by the name Tombstone. Later, at an Osbourne chemical plant, the fumes absorbed into Lincoln's bloodstream and gave him superhuman abilities such as superhuman strength and resilience.

The first appearance of Tombstone is an often over-looked first appearance during the Copper Age. This issue is not his first full appearance, according to guide, nor his origin. 

I remember the character and liked him somewhat. 

This is very much a sleeper. Hard comic to find in CGC, most likely not many bothered to submit this issue. So much a sleeper it should've been on the sleepers key issue lists.

eBay - Once again, a total sleeper. No CGCs, but no problem mining unslabbed copies for super cheap. None toting high grade NM, though. May be a good one to snag in a back issue bin at your local comic shop. 

mycomicshop - No CGC either. Just three unslabbed raw copies with the highest being a VF.

NewKadia - Quite a few copies here. Highest is a NM+. 2nd highest is a solid NM.

Web of Spider-Man #48 pic
Web of Spider-Man #48

Origin of Hobgoblin II

Okay guide has this issue as the origin of Hobgoblin II, known as Jason Macendale. It's also the issue where a demon starts possessing Jason Macendale. Don't think this is too well-known and just may be a sleeper of a copper age key issue. CGC does note this as the origin of Hobgoblin II as well.

eBay - High grade NM copies are super cheap on eBay. Most aren't even toting it's key issue status.There's one CGC 9.8 and one 9.6 up at the time of this writing. Both are well under $100 bucks. Cheap key issue to get in on!

mycomicshop - Three unslabbed copies available.

NewKadia - Four copies available at NewKadia. Highest is a solid NM copy.

Web of Spider-Man #81 cover
 Web of Spider-Man #81
  • First appearance of Bloodshed
  • Origin of Bloodshed
Bad blood between the Webhead and this character. Wyndell Dickins and his brother were apprehended by the Webslinger during their youth when trying to break into a car. Both were convicted and sent to prison. 

After, Wyndell went to the far east and became a mercenary, before he turned to drug running. Going through an experimental procedure, Wyndell attained superhuman strength and durability. He took on the name Bloodshed and came back to the states.

Really not a well-known character or key issue at all, but it is a Web of Spider-Man key. Not too many in this series.

eBay - No CGC copies here at the moment, but plenty of unslabbed copies. Another back issue bin to snag at your local comic shop if you think this comic has potential. I personally don't. 

mycomicshop - Finally, a NM copya at mycomicshop. Still no CGC though.

Web of Spider-Man #86 comic
 Web of Spider-Man #86
  • First appearance of Demogoblin
We finally get the first appearance of Demogoblin in this issue, and it's where the demonic entity separates from Jason Macendale, Hobgoblin II, and becomes it's own manifestation. Yes, kinda like Venom with Spider-Man. 

From Web of Spider-Man #48 to this issue, Jason Macendale had been fighting the demonic entity within him. Like how Peter Parker rid of the Symbiote that tried to take him over, the Hobgoblin II was able to expel his own parasite, resulting in the creation of a whole another monster.

eBay - Same deal here. All unslabbed copies and no CGCs as of yet. Could change by the time you read this or not.

mycomicshop -  VF is the highest here.

NewKadia - Three copies with the highest being a NM.

Web of Spider-Man #107 pic
 Web of Spider-Man #107
  • First appearance of Sandstorm
With the bombardment of bio samples from Quicksand and Sandman, Tony Trainer also gained the ability to manipulate sand. This may be a first appearance of Sandstorm, but he never really became an important Spider-Man villain. This is very much an over-look key issue and for good reason.

Nevertheless it is a Web of Spider-Man first appearance. It may be a sleeper that turns into something more, but I seriously doubt it.

eBay - No CGC but plenty raw copies.

mycomicshop - Only one NM unslabbed copy available.

NewKadia - NM and low NM copies here.

Well, that's about it for Web of Spider-Man key issues. Not much, and so far not really many worth considering in my humble opinion. Since quite a few collectors are scrambling for virtually any key issue, I figured I'd post this. There are some in the Web of Spider-Man series that are worth considering, though.

Want more key issue goodness? Click the link for more Spider-Man related key comics!


  1. if you do a web of spiderman I know an spectacular spiderman would be easier as far as key comics, a few good ones in there. JW

    1. Heya, JW. Already in the works. Part 1 will posted soon.

    2. damn read my mind I hear ya. JW

  2. Thanks for the list! Though, if I'm not mistaken, I think Web of Spider-Man 1 is also where Peter Parker finally breaks away from the symbiote (the black costume), which later becomes Venom. He realizes sound weakens it and is able to detach himself from it when the church bells ring. Later, in ASM 300, I believe, it's revealed the symbiote had attached itself to Eddie Brock at the church, and Venom is born. Then Peter goes back to his regular red and blue costume after this before wearing another black costume (thankfully made from ordinary, non-alien material).


    1. You be correct, Jeff. This is the issue where Peter Parker breaks free from the Symbiote costume and is portrayed in the scene in Spider-Man 3 with the church bells. No one really notes that as a key status pertaining to the specific detail in the story. Perhaps, OSG and CGC should though.

  3. Thanks for writing this blog. I really liked your earlier opinion posts, probably because we share similar points of view. But, I just picked up a WOSM 1 9.8 and I realized the cover is off center, or cover wrap, not sure what it's called, but the 'm' in marvel on the top left is cut off. Obviously CGC doesnt consider this, but what are your thoughts on off center covers? And why doesnt CGC deduct points for this?
    Thanks and keep up the awesome writing!

    1. I try to stay away from off center covers...just a personal preference...if I am getting an unslabbed copy. If it's already CGC graded, it doesn't bother me so much.

      CGC is a strange beast. I don't think they go by Overstreet Guide grading standards. If they did, that copy would be a 9.4. OSG grading standards only allows off center or printing defects like that for 9.4s.

      I am sure CGC did deduct something from your copy. It could've been a 9.9 or 10 according to their standards, which nobody really knows about unless you're a grader there.