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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Walking Dead Key Issues Part 7

More The Walking Dead key issues in Part 7 to this monstrous series. We are winding down to the end pretty quick here. Thank, God!

If you missed Part 6, be sure to check that out. If you've been reading along, thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy this.

The Walking Dead #100 Heroes Initiative Blank Sketch Variant 
  • First appearance of Negan
  • Death of Glenn
  • Heroes Initiative blank sketch variant
Extremely rare to find, especially clean...meaning without a sketch on the cover. This is the Heroes Initiative blank sketch variant cover and is extremely valuable, already at or past the $1,000 mark.

There is a counterfeit copy that does not have the Heroes Initiative logo at the bottom left corner like in the picture shown.

eBay - Extremely hard to find, even with sketches already done on the cover. So far none on eBay for this blank sketch variant, but will be one to continually check and keep an eye out for.

The Walking Dead #101
  •  First mention of Earl Sutton
Although, Earl Sutton's first appearance is before this issue, he was never named and he was standing in the back ground of a panel. Not sure if that issue will later be renamed a first brief appearance or what. However, in this issue, the name Earl Sutton is brought up in passing, but he is not shown.

After a brief visit to the Hilltop Colony, the group return home to see that a scuffle had happened while they were gone. Several of The Saviors lay dead. Andrea then informs Rick that they had captured one of them, a man named Dwight.

eBay - Extremely affordable for CGC 9.8s, even more so if you catch on auction. A few CGC options for this issue on eBay as well as raw copies.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed NM copy for the original first printing here. This comic is available in stock so no buyer's premium will be charged.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies here. One is a 9.8 and the other a 9.6.

The Walking Dead #101 Ghost Variant
  •  First mention of Earl Sutton
  • Michonne Ghost Variant
This variant hasn't really quite taken off just yet, and it's still very affordable in NM 9.8 CGC. It's believed that only 4000 to 5000 copies were printed for this variant. Just another variant cover to think about getting. Rarity of this variant isn't so well-known just yet.

eBay - You can still get this variant at CGC 9.8 for well under the $100 mark. Two auctions at the time of this writing for 9.8 copies.

The Walking Dead #104
  •  First appearance of John and Tara
Two minor characters from the Saviors group who capture Paul Monroe when he follows the group to try and spy on them. John asks Paul to come peacefully while Tara, a female member, threatens to cut off Paul's balls and is about to kill him when Dwight shows up and stops her, stating he is more useful alive than dead. Meanwhile,
Carl stows himself away in one of the vehicles as the Saviors leave Alexandria and drive back to their base.

eBay - Only three CGC 9.8 options so far for issue #104 on the mighty eBay. All options are well under $100 bucks. A pretty decent size selection of raw copies to choose from if you wanna try your luck at snagging a 9.8.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here in stock, and it's an unslabbed raw NM.

ComicConnect - Only one CGC copy here. It's a 9.8 for $55 bucks at the time of this writing.

The Walking Dead #105
  • First Carson, Sherry, Amber, and Mark
  • First mention of Molly
  • Dwight's face being burned is revealed
Negan shows Carl around their base, in which Carl meets a host of characters like Carson, Dwight's wife Sherry, Amber and Mark - all Saviors at the base. Near the end, we see Negan punishing Mark by taking a red hot iron to his face and disfiguring. It is assumed that the same thing happened to Dwight.

This issue has the first appearance of The Sanctuary, the Saviors home base.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies to snag on eBay. Four CGC 9.8s here. No other grades available for CGC just yet. All are well under $100 mark. Cheapest is one for $50 bucks.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 copy located. Only one left.

The Walking Dead #106
  •  First appearance of Erin
First appearance of Erin, a survivor in the Alexandria Safe Zone. Paul, Andrea, Michonne, and Paul head to the Sanctuary to look for Carl, but they meet Negan and crew along the way. 

Negan states that they were on the way to the Safe-Zone to talk to him, and that he can't wait for Rick to see what he's done to Carl.

eBay - Will be no problem finding unslabbed copies for this issue on eBay. As for actually getting a super high grade copy, that's another story. Quite a few CGC 9.8s spotted.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.8 left!

The Walking Dead #106 Infinity & Beyond Variant
  •  First appearance of Erin
This variant cover is another riff on The Walking Dead issue #1, which pays homage to the cover. Instead of featuring Rick, it features Charlie Adlard himself. This variant cover is limited to only 2,000 copies.

This will be heating up in the market soon, if it already hasn't.

eBay - Only a limited amount of copies for this variant here. Most are CGC 9.8s, and starting to hit the $50 mark. A few unslabbed copies also.

The Walking Dead #107
  • First mention of Ezekiel
Carl and Rick are reunited after a brief scuffle with Negan, who admits that he does not like killing people. Rick and the group safely return to Alexandria, in which Rick tells the community that Negan can be trusted. 

However, Rick has a secret plan. He and Paul discuss the layout of the Sanctuary when Paul tells him that he believes it's time to talk to Ezekiel.

eBay - About seven CGC copies at the time of this writing. All are 9.8s except for one 9.6. All are regular Universal copies as well. No problem snagging a raw unslabbed copy here.

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed raw copies in stock at mycomicshop. One is a NM copy and the other a VF. No CGC as of this writing, but that could and probably will change as time goes on. Doesn't hurt to check it out.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.8 copies here. There's also an unslabbed copy. Grade is a low NM 9.2.

The Walking Dead #108
  • First appearance of Ezekiel
  • First appearance of Shiva
  • First appearance of The Kingdom
In this issue, Paul and Rick head to the The Kingdom, where Ezekiel resides. Paul explains The Kingdom is a school, in which residents stay only during the winter. 

When they reach The Kingdom, they meet Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva. Dwight also appears at The Kingdom, offering to help them defeat Negan.

He is not trusted, but the others learn that Dwight despises Negan for what he did to his face and the way Negan treats Dwight's wife, Sherry. This seems to be a key issue that is greatly catching fire in terms of demand.

eBay - CGC 9.8s are getting up there, almost nearing the $100 mark. There is one auction spotted for a 9.8 at the time of this writing. Although cheaper, even unslabbed copies of this issue are getting up there also.

mycomicshop - Three CGC 9.8 copies. One is a Signature Series. The other, I believe, is a regular Universal but goes up for auction June 7th. The other 9.8 is available for snagging immediately.

ComicConnect - Only one CGC 9.8 here for the taking.

The Walking Dead #109
  • Intro Earl Sutton & Brianna
  • Dr. Carson's first name revealed to be Harlan
Finally, Earl Sutton and Brianna are formally introduced by name in this issue. Maggie is the first to meet Brianna while mourning at Glenn's grave.

Rick and Paul return and begin talking of plans of defeating Negan with the others. Paul and Maggie meet Earl, a blacksmith, at the end of the issue. 
eBay - A few CGC options for the first printing of issue #109. CGC 9.8s are still well below $100 and around the $50 mark. Quite a few raw copies to choose from for a fraction of the price.

mycomicshop - If you prefer your comics raw, then there's two copies here you might consider. One is a NM and the other a VF.

ComicConnect - Only one CGC 9.6 copy available for the first printing of Walking Dead #109. Only $33 bucks.

Click the PART 8 link below to continue. As always, you can click the PREVIOUS link to check out Part 6 if you missed it. Thanks for your patience and for reading. See ya soon!

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