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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Walking Dead Key Issues Part 6

Part 6 to this Walking Dead key issues list. Quite a few more modern age key comics to go through in this highly popular Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman. 

You can visit this Part 5 if you missed it. If not, continue on because we're almost getting near the end of this key issues list series.

The Walking Dead #95
  • First appearance of Earl Sutton
  • First appearance of Brianna
  • First appearance of Kal, Eduardo, Gregory and Wesley
  • First appearance and death of Ethan
  • First mention of Andy, Crystal, David, & Negan
The characters of Earl Sutton and Brianna are first seen here in this issue but they are unnamed and in the back ground. They are fully introduced in a later issue.

This key has a huge amount of first appearances and also first mentions the mysterious name of Negan. Greatly becoming a Walking Dead key comic to be on the hunt for, and this issue is heating up in the market.

eBay - Three CGC 9.8s and one CGC 9.6 if you prefer high grade graded copies. If not, there are plenty of more affordable unslabbed raw comics of this issue to consider on the mighty eBay.

mycomicshop - Only one copy available and it's an unslabbed toting a 9.6 grade. There's also a VF 8.0 as well to consider here.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 located here for the meantime.

The Walking Dead #96
  • First appearance of Samuel
The group arrive at the Hilltop community, and they meet the character of Samuel, who is upset at Rick for killing one of the community residents named Ethan in the previous issue #95. Hilltop seems like a paradise to Rick and the group as Paul shows them around.

eBay - Six CGC graded copies on eBay at the moment. Only one CGC 9.6 and the rest are 9.8s. No problem finding unslabbed copies for this issue here.

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies here. Both are 9.4s. No CGC as of this writing. Will most definitely change in the future.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 for under $100 here.

The Walking Dead #97
  • First appearance of David
  • Part 1 to Something to Fear
This issue begins the Something to Fear storyline within The Walking Dead comics. Driving in a van on the way back from the Hilltop Colony, Rick and the group encounter a small band of men on motorcycles who demand all of their supplies in the name of Negan. Rick and the group fight and kill off the men.

When they return to Alexandria, Maggie tells Glenn that she is pregnant. The end of this issue sees Eugene and Abraham leaving the Safe-Zone the next morning without letting anyone know. They are being watched by men carrying weapons. One of them ends up being David from the Saviors.

eBay - Tons of unslabbed copies to snag here. Quite a few in comic lots as well. A few CGC 9.8 copies well under $100.

mycomicshop - Only one VF unslabbed copy here at the moment of this writing. Could change by the time you read this or not.

ComicLink - Single CGC 9.8 for $60 here.

The Walking Dead #98 
  • Death of Abraham Ford
  • First appearance of Dwight
Another fan-favorite death in this issue, as well as a first appearance. Abraham Ford dies early in this issue from an arrow to the head by Dwight, who is revealed to be the leader of the small group of Saviors that were watching Abraham and Eugene at the end of the previous issue. 

Eugene ends up being captured by the small band. Just like with the Governor, Dwight holds Eugene hostage outside the Safe-Zone and demands to be let in.

A shoot-out occurs that ends up with Dwight and a few Saviors retreating. Eugene ends up escaping.

eBay - Four CGC graded copies. All are 9.8s except for one 9.6. Still highly affordable, especially unslabbed copies for this issue.

mycomicshop - Only unslabbed copies available for now. NM and VF copy located here. No CGC just yet.

ComicConnect - Only a CGC 9.6 graded copy here. No raw or unslabbed as of this writing.

The Walking Dead #99
  • First appearance of Conner (unnamed)
  • Rosita origin before meeting Abraham and Eugene
As Rick and the others prepare to depart for the Hilltop Colony once again, there are three unnamed men watching. One of them ends up being Conner, a Savior, who is not named until issue #110. This issue also reveals details about Rosita's past before meeting Abraham and Eugene.

After Rick and the party depart, it is Conner who calls in the Saviors to attack the Safe-Zone. So far this is a minor key.

eBay - Definitely no worries snagging a high grade CGC 9.8 copy, nor unslabbed copies. A few CGC 9.8s are under $50.

mycomicshop - NM raw copy and a CGC 9.8 here for the moment. CGC copy is under $50.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 only. Another one at $60

The Walking Dead #100
  • First appearance of Negan
  • Death of Glenn
An extremely sought out milestone issue. Not only does this see the first appearance of Negan, but this issue also kills off a major supporting character and fan-favorite. Yes, they finally killed off Glenn in this issue.

On the way to the Hilltop Colony, Rick and the group stop for the night when they are captured by Negan and the Saviors. Seeking revenge for the Saviors that Rick and his group killed earlier and wanting to show Rick who is in charge, Negan brutally beats Glenn to death. 

After he tells Rick that he will come back in one week to collect half of everything from their community. This is one of the most recent modern age key comics to consider getting.   

eBay - A limited selection of CGC copies for the original 1st printing of this issue. Pretty surprised about that. No problem snagging raw copies here though. Most CGCs are for the variant covers to issue #100

mycomicshop - No CGC copies for the original 1st printing of Walking Dead #100, but there is an unslabbed NM copy available.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 copy for $50.

The Walking Dead #100 Comixology Sketch Variant
  • First appearance of Negan
  • Death of Glenn
  • Comixology variant
This Comixology variant is one of the absolute most sought out and valuable variants among the many variant covers released for The Walking Dead #100 milestone issue. This variant cover is limited to only 500 copies. Expect this one to put a dent in your bank account for CGC 9.8 copies. Pretty rare for issue #100 variants covers.

eBay - Two copies located here for this rare variant cover. Both are CGC 9.8s. One is for $500 and the other for $700. Doubt the one for $500 will be there long, but who knows?

The Walking Dead #100 B&W Charlie Adlard Sketch Variant
  • First appearance of Negan
  • Death of Glenn
  • B&W Charlie Adlard Sketch Variant 1:200
Another one of the more valuable variants for issue #100, this B&W sketch of the Charlie Adlard variant cover is limited to 1:200. 

eBay - Only a few CGC copies for this variant. Not much though. Same with unslabbed copies. This variant is already past the $200 mark.
mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 for this variant cover at mycomicshop. You'll need to scroll down a bit in order to find the listing. 
ComicConnect - One CGC copy at a 9.8 for $300. Highest bid is $175 so far.

ComicLink - CGC 9.8 Signature Series located here. Only copy.

The Walking Dead #100 SDCC B&W Variant
  • First appearance of Negan
  • Death of Glenn
  • San Diego Comic Con variant
This variant hasn't quite taken off yet, but I predict it will. This San Diego Comic Con variant of issue #100 has a limited run of only 5,000 copies. For now, you can still get this on eBay for under $100 bucks, but as word spreads about the limited print run, I'm sure getting this key variant at such a cheap price won't last long.

eBay - A few CGC copies for this limited printing variant. One is even a PGX 9.9. Located quite a couple CGC 9.8s. Still under $100 for the meantime. Probably won't last very long at those prices though.

mycomicshop - Quite a few copies located here at mycomicshop. Only one CGC 9.8 copy though. The rest are unslabbed and the highest are NM.

The Walking Dead #100 McFarlane Variant
  • First appearance of Negan
  • Death of Glenn
  • McFarlane variant
One of my favorite comic artists, Todd McFarlane, even did a variant cover for issue #100. Not expensive at all to get and the cover is pretty okay. CGC 9.8s are still below the $100 mark. Unslabbed copies are extremely affordable.

eBay - About seven or so CGC graded copies. No problem finding CGC 9.8s for under $100. Quite a few unslabbed copies for a fraction of the price.

mycomicshop - Three CGC 9.8s. Two are Signature Series and one is signed by both Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane. Some unslabbed copies available, highest is a NM. 

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 copy. It's a regular Universal. Only copy so far. Will have to scroll down in order to find it.

Surely more Walking Dead key issues to come in Part 7 so just click the PART 7 link below to continue. You can also hit the PREVIOUS link below if you stumbled onto this without reading Part 5 yet.


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  2. I just was able to get 8 of the variant #100 covers for $25 bucks. One first print and one McFarlane sister-in-law just picked them up for me, so not really sure what condition they are in, but she says they appear to be in really great shape.

    Any suggestions on how to mail them from Cali to me on the east coast?