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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Walking Dead Key Issues Part 4

Playing some White Zombie as I dig further into this Walking Dead key issues list. This is Part 4 to this series, so if you misses Part 3, it's highly recommended you visit the blue link you just passed up and take a looksie at that. Aside from that, get out your weapons of choice, cause it's time to get on the hunt for these popular zombie comics!

The Walking Dead #66
  • Death of Dale
  • Death of The Hunters
In this issue the group get the advantage over The Hunters, who have been trying to hunt them. Rick and Michonne end up brutally slaughtering them. Later, Dale finally dies from the zombie bite he received before The Hunters had captured him.

Later, Carl reveals that he did kill Ben and both Rick and Carl shed tears from their remorse. 

eBay - 4 CGC copies available, but only 9.8s. Quite a few unslabbed, raw copies to choose from.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.8 for $130, not including shipping of course.

ComicLink - CGC 9.8 copy located here. Only one and well under $100.

The Walking Dead #67
  • First appearance of Aaron
Continuing to Washington D.C., the group stop for the night to camp. It's revealed that Eugene was lying the whole time. He's just a high school science teacher and had no connections to government officials..

In the end of the story, a character named Aaron approaches the group and asks to speak to the leader.

eBay - Four CGC 9.8 copies. This key is still under the $100 mark. Quite a few raw copies as well to snag.
mycomicshop - Only one CGC 9.8 here again. No unslabbed copies as of yet.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 for this minor key at ComicLink. Only one copy so far.

ComicLink - One copy available and it's a high grade CGC 9.8 for well under a $100 as well.

The Walking Dead #68
  • First appearance of Eric
This issue introduces the character of Eric, whom is Aaron's partner and boyfriend. In this issue, the group finds out that Aaron is a recruiter for a community of survivors of about thirty. Although still cautious because of their experience with the Woodbury community and the Governor, the group agrees to go to the safe-zone that Aaron and Eric are from. 

Definitely a cheaper minor key. Whether this catches on or becomes more sought after is up in the air. Just might be since many are going coo coo for Walking Dead keys.

eBay - Only two CGC copies, and both are 9.8s. Only one is still under a $100.

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 copy here. Price is $78. If not there any longer, someone snagged it already then.

ComicConnect - Only one copy, but it's a CGC 9.8 for under $100.

ComicLink - The fine folks at ComicLink also bring in the high grade goodness with a CGC 9.8 copy available for sale there.

The Walking Dead #69
  • First appearance of Heath
  • First Alexandria Safe-Zone
  • First mention of Alexander Davidson
In this issue, another member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone named Heath is introduced. There's also the first mention of Alexander Davidson, the founder and former leader of the safe zone. Other members of the community like Scott and Tobin are also introduced. At the end of the comic, they reach the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

eBay - Surprisingly no CGC copies available at the moment. Last CGC 9.8 dropped below $100 in May. A few unslabbed, raw copies available.

The Walking Dead #70
  • First appearance of Douglas Monroe
Douglas Monroe is the current leader of the community seeking refuge in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Rick's group is welcomed and meets Douglas.

A minor key and not as sought out as others, but still a pretty important key issue regardless. Unslabbed copies are nearing $10 for NM copies. CGC 9.8s are past the $100 mark.

There are more first appearances in the issue including Douglas' wife Regina, Ron Anderson, and Oliva. I think this key will start to heat up as it becomes more known in the comic collecting community.

eBay - No slabbed copies for this key at the time of this writing either. Unslabbed copies are selling near the $20 mark already.

The Walking Dead #75
  • First Ryan Ottley back-up story in color
  • First appearance of Derek
  • Death of D.C. Scavenger
Except for the first appearance of Derek, this issue is sought out more for the bonus Ryan Ottley back up story than anything that pertains to what's going on in the actual story. The backup story is the first and only to have an ending that is not part of canon.

In the backup story, it is revealed that aliens are the cause of reanimation of the dead to destroy civilization and the Governor ends up being a cyborg and kills Michonne.

eBay - Two CGC copies here at the moment for the original 1st printing. One is a 9.8 and the other is a 9.6. Some raw copies as well to consider if unslabbed is more your thing.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 available for this 1st printing. ComicLink does not have any of the variants for this issue at the time of this writing. That may change, though.

ComicConnect - Only one unslabbed copy for the original 1st printing. Grade is a VF+ 8.5.

The Walking Dead #75 Variant
  • Charlie Adlard variant cover
  • First Ryan Ottley back-up story in color
  • Death of D.C. Scavenger
The Charlie Adlard variant cover is the most sought out for issue #75. It's a cover swipe of Walking Dead #1 and known as the Homage or Tribute variant. This cover is the most valuable out of the regular variants for issue #75, not including the blank sketch variant for issue #75.

eBay - Three CGC copies of the Tribute variant. Two are CGC 9.8s with one of them being a Signature Series. Last option for CGC copies is a 9.6. There are some unslabbed raw copies.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.4 available at ComicConnect. There is also an SDCC edition at a CGC 9.2 low NM copy.

The Walking Dead #75 Ultimate Comics Exclusive
  • Blank sketch variant cover
  • First Ryan Ottley back-up story in color
  • Death of D.C. Scavenger
To mark the 75 issue milestone, Image released blank sketch variants. These blank sketch covers were limited to only a 1000 copies, and are extremely sought after.

Adding a bit of fun to comic collecting, collectors and fans could find artists at comic cons or where ever and get sketches of their choice on the white parts of the cover of any scene or character from The Walking Dead on this comic cover. Values greatly determined by artist. 

eBay - Only one CGC copy of this limited print blank sketch variant cover for issue #75. It's a 9.8 and Signature Series copy. Pretty expensive. There are unslabbed copies of this variant with no sketch on the cover available, though.

The Walking Dead #78
  • Death of Derek
  • Death of The Scavengers
Looks like Derek and The Scavengers are a threat to the safety of those in the Alexandria Safety-Zone, and Rick finds himself in a leading position to fend off their attack. This has a shoot out between the two groups and sees the community of Alexandria as the winner. Derek and his Scavengers are all slaughtered in the fray.  
eBay - Only three CGC copies available for the original 1st printing of this issue. All are CGC 9.8s. Unslabbed options available also.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed copy available so far here. Copy is a 9.2 low NM.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 copy for sale here. Price is $75. Only one copy at the time of this writing. May change or may not by the time you read this.

The Walking Dead #78 Long Beach Comic Con Exclusive
  • Photo variant cover
  • Death of Derek
  • Death of The Scavengers
This variant cover was only issued at the Long Beach Comic Con. It's quite limited in printing, but still is fairly affordable in high grades compared to other variant covers. The original 1st printing of #78 is more expensive than this exclusive at the moment.

eBay - Three CGC copies for this photo variant cover. All are Signature Series and only one is a 9.8. The other two are 9.6s. No regular Universal copies as of yet, and some unslabbed choices at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - One Signature Series CGC 9.8 copy here for this photo cover variant of issue #78. Asking price is $200.

Part 5 is ready with even more The Walking Dead key issues, so just click the PART 5 link below to continue with the goodness!


  1. I have seen cameo apperances as they are called by overstreet and usually its just a sample of new character and nothing but a head shot or shadow figure. I was looking with a friends hulk 180 and the so called cameo of wolverine is full body shot and he is also saying something. this just looks far more than a cameo and more of a first appearance. WHY IS THIS. It makes no sense to me or am I just being picky thanks JW

  2. No system is perfect, and it's constantly changing...especially with first appearances. Right now Hulk 180 is the first brief appearance of Wolverine. I'm not sure what constitutes a cameo, brief appearance, or full appearance in the market. I'm pretty sure those who are designating key statuses are often pretty boggled themselves.

    Quite a few in the community get in such a huff about the status of appearances, and although confusing and I do get dumbfounded by it all as well, I don't really get high strung about it. There's a lot more worse things out there in the world to worked up about.

    I see your point, but Hulk 180 is already a monster key and rising in value quite fast. Just enjoy the increase of value.