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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spectacular Spider-Man Key Comic Issues Part 4

And here we are finishing up this Spectacular Spider-Man Key Comic Issues list with Part 4. A few more minor keys and two valuable ones that not many have caught onto (at the very bottom).

As always, if you missed the previous post, just click the link to read Part 3. If you're all good on that, enjoy Part 4 and thanks for reading.

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #139
  • Origin of Tombstone (Lonnie Lincoln)
I talked about the origin of Tombstone a bit in the Web of Spider-Man key issues list, but basically an Albino African American that grew up bad on the streets of Harlem. Becomes a hitman for the Kingpin, and like the Joker, gets superhuman strength and durability by some accident involving chemicals.

Tombstone recounts his origin in true comic book villain fashion - he talks about it. Ah, these comic villains and their egos. Always gotta talk. No wonder they always get caught.

NewKadia - Highest is a low Near Mint copy here.

eBay - One CGC 9.6 Signature Series signed by Stan "The Man" Lee located here. Only one CGC copy so far. No problem finding plenty of unslabbed raw copies to try to mine and extremely affordable.

Spectacular Spider-Man #147 comic
The Spectacular Spider-Man #147
  • First appearance of new Hobgoblin
You've read a little bit about Jason Macendale in the Web of Spider-Man key comic issues list, and here is his first appearance as the new Hobgoblin when he offers his soul to N'astirh, paving the way to becoming the Demonic Hobgoblin.

Sleeper key issue? Pretty much so.

NewKadia - Low Near Mint copy is the highest available at NewKadia.  

eBay - Four CGC options on eBay so far. One is a CGC 9.8 for really cheap. The others are two 9.4s, and one CGC 9.6.

Spectacular Spider-Man #158 image
The Spectacular Spider-Man #158
  • First Cosmic Spidey
Haha! I remember Cosmic Spidey. For some reason, this issue is pretty sought after or valuable. Pretty bad gimmick issue and story line, but a key issue nonetheless.

NewKadia - Three copies available at the time of this writing. Low Near Mint is the highest so far.  

eBay - No surprise that a few CGC copies are available on good ole eBay. Two 9.8s for under $100 and a 9.2. Unslabbed copies galore as well.

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1 image
Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1
  • First annual for titled series
Nothing much special about this one except that it's the first annual to the Spectacular Spider-Man titled series. This story is continued from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #13 if that makes any difference.

Not a cheap buy in high grade CGCs. 

NewKadia - Three unslabbed copies with the highest being a solid VF.

eBay - Three CGC copies, all under a $100. Two 9.6s and one 9.4. Quite a few unslabbed copies to consider if you feel like going that route.

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2 pic
Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2
  • 2nd Spectacular Spider-Man Annual
  • First appearance of Rapier
First appearance of Rapier, a masked vigilante who swore vengeance on organized crime, especially against the Maggia Family. Dominic Tyrone was once a Racketeer for the Maggia Crime Family, until the family ordered a hit on his life. 

Tyrone recovered and built himself to peak physical performance, learned fencing, and assumed the identity of the Rapier. He does end up being revealed as a criminal in later stories.

NewKadia - Low Near Mint copy is the highest so far. 2nd highest is VF+. 

eBay - Only one CGC 9.8 copy for $80 at the moment. Could change, but mostly unslabbed options. More auctions will probably pop up this comic. Could be a great chance to get a 9.8 super cheap.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1 cover
The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #1 (1968)
  • First issue to magazine series
Saving the best two for last. These Spectacular Spider-Man magazines are not easy finds, and they're from the silver age of comics. High grade copies? Expect it to command a hefty price, especially for CGC graded high grade copies. This 52 page magazine is in black and white and updates the Spider-Man origin.

There is a 40 cent variant, but guide has them valued the same pretty much. 

NewKadia - If you prefer unslabbed copies or want a more affordable option, NewKadia has a low FN copy for under $35.

eBay - CGC 9.8 here for quite a lot of moolah. Also a 9.2 copy as well, and the auction starts lower than what it's guided on Overstreet. Three lower grade unslabbed copies located here.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 comic
The Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 (1968)
  • 2nd issue to magazine series
Wow, awesome cover. Probably one of the best Spider-Man covers I've ever seen. The cover alone makes me want this issue. 58 pages and this one is in color, as the cover states. Green Goblin appears in the issues. No cheap buy at all, but starting to get more and more sought after.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.6 copy here. Only one. Highest and cheapest copy located online at the time of this writing.

NewKadia - The fine folks at NewKadia deliver on the unslabbed goodness again. Only one copy left, and it's a FN for under $30 bucks.

eBay - A lot more unslabbed options for this issue than issue 1 for sure. Four CGC slabbed options. One 9.8 but it's a Signature Series and signed by Stan Lee. Geez that signature is just not rare anymore for SS books. 

Also a CGC 9.6 there, but it's a mycomicshop auction, which means you can most likely get it cheaper at the mycomicshop site. I listed that one first. Also a 9.2 and 9.4 at the time of this writing. 

There we are. All done. Finito! If you've got Spectacular Spider-Man key issue suggestions just hurl them out in the comment section.

See you again real soon for more key comic goodness. Click the PREVIOUS link if you missed Part 3. If you've yet to read up on the Amazing Spider-Man key issues list, be sure to click the link below to carry on!

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