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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Undervalued Comics and Sleeper Key Issues Part 3

Okay, I lied. One more part to this Undervalued Comics and Sleeper Key Issues before taking a break. Problem is I've been having too much fun finding these unknown or over-looked gems.

One thing you have to realize with most sleepers is that they will be very hard to find on eBay slabbed. Most don't know about them nor bothered to submit them to CGC. You'll have to try your luck with unslabbed copies for the most part, or you can wait for CGC copies to start filtering there. However, if you wait there's two dangers: One, word could already spread about these comics. Two, sellers could list CGC copies on eBay at ridiculously inflated prices. One thing to remember, most CGC slabbed copies will be more expensive than their raw, unslabbed counterparts at high grade.

If you missed Part 2 to this undervalued and sleepers key issues list, juck click that link above to check it out. Alright, enough wasting time.

ROM Space Knight #31, June 1982

  • 2nd Rogue on a comic cover?
  • 2nd appearance of Rogue?
This issue just may be the 2nd appearance of Rogue, but not too sure. This comic came out exactly at the same time as Uncanny X-Men #158, the first Rogue in X-Men.

And I mean exactly at the same time and date, June 1st 1982 for both comics. I'm also not sure if this is Rogue's published (not historical) 2nd appearance in a comic or if Uncanny X-Men #158 is or if she appears in another comic issue before both of these. Could not find any information on it. 

Still very much a sleeper comic that most don't know about. Even if you do know about it, it's confusing. As for Rogue on 2nd comic cover, this one may also be true. It was pointed out to me that Rogue's first comic cover is actually her first appearance in Avengers Annual #10.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbers for this comic and really cheap. Only one CGC 9.6 for $95.00 with a Best Offer. You can get this one for under a hundred no problem. I'm surprised there's even a CGC copy for this book. 

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed here. One is a VF. The other is a FN. Super cheap copies.

The Uncanny X-Men #158, June 1982

  • First Rogue in Uncanny X-Men Comics
  • 2nd Rogue on a comic cover?
  • 2nd appearance of Rogue?
Okay, there's one thing I'm sure of for this key issue comic and that it's the first Rogue in X-Men comics. As for the first Rogue on a comic cover, this issue is gridlocked with ROM #31. As for it being the 2nd appearance of Rogue, I'm not too sure about whether Rogue has another published appearance after Avengers Annual #10 and before this issue. If not, then I'm not sure which one to even call Rogue's 2nd published appearance - ROM #31 or this issue! 

Yowza! Whatever! If you do know, pipe off in the comments section and put me in my place.

Oh, I do know another thing: As of this writing this bronze age key issue is under-valued. It's widely known, but still dropping on eBay for under $100? Well, actually, there's only one left that can get snagged for under a $100. Could also be more if more auctions pop up as well.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies and some toting high grade NM+. One copy I saw for $129 with a Best Offer. Highly under-valued. This is a late bronze age comic and for an important X-Men key. Won't last too long at that price. 

mycomicshop - Quite a lot of unslabbed copies. Highest are VFs, though. No CGC or NM copies and above. That could change by the time you read this.

Powerman #48, December 1977

  • First time Luke Cage and Iron Fist meet
  • First Iron Fist in title
This one is slowly awakening from it's slumber but still not that widely yet known. However, quite a few are catching on. This is the first time Luke Cage Powerman and Iron First meet, and it's also the first time Iron Fist would be in the title. A CGC 9.4 dropped in March for $50 bucks. 

Higher CGC grades should be around the $100 to mid $100 dollar range. Those are not easy to find at the moment online, but some unslabbed copies are. With the television show in the works for both characters, this comic won't stay obscure for long. Primed to be a definite comic investment to get in early.

eBay - Only a handful of unslabbed copies at the moment. No CGC as of yet and not surprised about that. However, high grade raw copies are being sold for $50, so this comic is catching on. If you do start to see high grade CGC copies in the NM range, don't be surprised if they're starting off in the $200 to $300 range.

Tales of the New Teen Titans #1, June 1982

  • Origin story of Cyborg
This Copper Age key issue is very much one of the most over-looked snoozing sleeper key issues out there. It's extremely affordable. Unfortunately, finding slabbed copies will be a task. Not even sure if too many even bothered submitting this comic to CGC. Unslabbed copies are probably your best bet, and since it was announced that Cyborg will be in Superman vs. Batman (whatever they decide to call it) and the Justice League flick, this comic should be waking from it's slumber pretty soon. The origin is bound to be told in a movie.

This is Cyborg's origin story of how he becomes a badass! It is a more in-depth origin story of Victor Stone's childhood to the secret intelligence experiments his parents subjected him to as a young child as well as how he becomes Cyborg. 

This is not his first origin. His first origin was very briefly revealed in The New Teen Titans #7, but only revealed how his father's experiments led to the injuries and why Victor Stone obtains his cybernetic prosthetic. 

eBay - Loads of unslabbed copies. Some advertised as high grade. No CGC just yet, which was to be expected. This may be a great find at your local comic shop or comic con as well, probably for pretty cheap as well. I don't expect slabbed copies to be that much if they do start appearing.

mycomicshop - Only a VF copy and FN copy. No CGCs just yet.  Could change in the near future once work about this sleeper key issue breaks out.

DC Comics Presents #87 November, 1985

  • First appearance of Superboy Prime
  • Origin of Superboy Prime
For those who don't know, Superboy Prime is from Earth-Prime, another one of DC Comics alternate realities. This reality on Earth-Prime is very much our reality, though. Superheroes only exist in comics.

This is not the first appearance of Earth-Prime. I do believe the alternate reality first appeared in the Flash comics. This is the first appearance of Superboy Prime and origin, though, and it's still pretty much a sleeper. At least, it is for now.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies. High grade ones are limited. Two CGC 9.8 copies. Cheapest is $99.99, which is reasonable for a Copper Age key. Plus, it has free shipping.

Another one is a mycomicshop comic for $113, and I'm betting you can get that same copy cheaper at the actual site.

mycomicshop - As I suspected, you can get this bad boy cheaper here than the listing they have on eBay. There's a $3 extra premium. The eBay copy at $99.99 is the best deal so far for CGC 9.8 online.

iZombie #1, July 2010

  • First appearance of Gwen Dylan?
  • First issue to titled series (low print run)
Okay, you know me and how much I love the whole zombie genre as well as modern comics, but this sucker is about to blow up. Right now it's a sleeper, but that may change. iZombie is in the works for a television series coming soon by the CW. Yay, more zombie stories!

This show has already been cast, and we all know what happened to the comics when the Walking Dead hit prime time. iZombie #1 could be a contender in the same vein. It has firsts of all the main characters, including baddies.

This is an extremely new book by DC/Vertigo. There should be plenty of high grade unslabbed, raw copies with little chance of buying a restored copy. Higher chance of getting a higher NM grade also. This is a definite modern age comic to consider as an investment comic to get in early on.

Recently it was brought to my attention that the first appearances of the iZombie characters are in a short preview in House of Mystery Annual #1 volume 2. CGC notes iZombie #1 as the first appearance of Gwen Dylan, however. Opps! Wonder how they're going to work around that one. 

Anywho, iZombie #1 has a low print run of 33,000 copies. Yowza!

eBay - Partly the reason why I wanted to pop off Part 3 to this series so quickly. This issue is on the move upward. People are catching on. Unslabbed high grade copies are starting to climb up. So far it's $15-$20 book for raw copies.

Only one CGC 9.6 on there for $125.55 with free shipping. Don't expect that one to last very long. No 9.8s as of yet, but when they do pop up, expect them to be in $200 near $300 range. Watch out for the TPB, and don't buy that by mistake. Well, unless you plan on reading the series also.

Alrighty, Part 4 to this series has been complete and is ready for viewing. Just click that PART 4 link below to continue on!


  1. Nice list! Actually, I've heard the first time Rogue appears on a comic cover is Avengers Annual 10, where she makes her first appearance as well. On that cover, among the new Brotherhood, she's between Blob and Pyro in the background and seems to be wearing a green hood. It's a little difficult to recognize her, but it seems to be her. Again, that's what I've heard anyway. As for her second ever appearance, I don't know. It could be a tie between X-Men 158 and ROM 31.


    1. I'm agreeing with you on that. Credits for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants only credits three females: Mystique, Destiny, and Rogue, so I believe you are right.

      Okay, changed it up, but still not sure about whether those two issues are Rogue's 2nd appearance. Thanks for pointing that out Jeff!

  2. another undervalued book is spectacular spiderman 1 which you can grab for well under book value if you keep looking. have picked up 2 9.4 cgc over the last year for under $60. JW

    1. Heya JW, thanks for the suggestion. How did selling at the comic con go?

    2. went well last weekend it was a great little show in hickory. going to show this weekend in Greenville sc to buy not sell and looking forward to that. hope to find iron man 55 finally need to man up and buy it like u did for hulk 181. JW

    3. Awesome, glad things went well and good luck on your hunt for the first Thanos this coming weekend. Let me know how it goes.

    4. just got back from show it was awesome there were a lot of dealers only only selling iron 55 in the whole show. it was an 8.5 and im stubborn about getting at least a 9.2. ended up getting a couple that a have been wanting for awhile. asm 300 cgc 9.2 and 1st electra 9.4. so the search continues, how frustrating the is becoming :) JW

    5. How well was the deal at 8.5 for Iron Man #55 pertaining to prices on eBay and were they unslabbed or slabbed copies?

      Least you got some great snags there and glad you had fun at the show. You'll get her next time!

    6. they were cgc $700 for each which seemed fair to me there should be a bigger selection at next show I beliee its the biggest show in this area all year JW

    7. Pretty much the same prices on eBay for that grade.

  3. iZombie's first appearance was in House of Mystery Vol 2 Annual #1

    1. Strange, everywhere lists iZombie #1 as having the first appearance of Gwen Dylan, even CGC, but thanks for dropping the name of that comic issue.

  4. HoM V2 Ann #1 is Gwen's first appearance without a doubt. I'll have to reread it to remember what other characters are in the story.

  5. It might not be considered a sleeper since ebay sales are around $20-25 and rising.

    1. At the moment, HoM V2 Ann #1 is still under-valued though. Won't be for long, probably be expensive by the time I get around to doing another key list for this. Sucker has a pretty low print run like iZombie #1.

    2. Extremely low. 11,127, so about a third of iZombie's print run.

    3. Awesome! And thank you for dropping the knowledge! Much appreciated!