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Friday, May 16, 2014

House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 Volume 2

House of Mystery Vol. 2 Halloween Annual #1
First appearance of iZombie
Published: October 14, 2009
Publisher: DC/Vertigo
Artist: Various
Writer: Various


eBay - A few unslabbed copies found here. As news spreads, I'm sure more listings will pop up for this hot comic!


It appears that the characters of iZombie do make appearances in a preview/short story within House of Mystery volume 2 Halloween Annual #1. This issue predates iZombie #1, which came out in July 2010. Even though CGC notes iZombie #1 as the first appearance of Gwen Dylan, her first appearance is now starting to be recognized as being in the House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1.

The iZombie characters also have a short story preview in House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2 volume 2 as well.

With the t.v. series picked up by CW and planning to make it's debut in 2015, this comic and the first issue of iZombie are greatly heating up and quick. House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 volume 2 has a print run of about 11,000 while iZombie #1 is around 33,000.

Both comics are hot! House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2 V2 is quickly starting to rise in value. It's catching fire on eBay already. 

This will be a comic to get in on as soon as possible and keep an eye out for. Check eBay and start asking for it at your local comic shop as well. No CGC copies on eBay as of yet, as expected, but there are a few unslabbed copies to consider.

I'll surely be looking for this key issue raw as a short term comic investment and most likely trying to hunt for it at my local stomping grounds. For now, short-term because the value staying constant or increasing depends on the success of the show. It does actually sound really interesting, about a girl who turns into a sort of zombie that has to eat brains in order to keep from going full zombie, as well as keeping her memories in tact. As a side effect, she also gains the memories of others from the brains she eats and ends up solving murders.

Oh yes, she is also aided by her best friend, a 1960s ghost named Ellie, and a were-terrier. New images have recently been released of Rose Mclver starring as the main protagonist Gwen Dylan. 

iZombie was created by Chris Roberson and Dave Allred.  

Good luck on your hunt for this key issue comic, and thanks to Tiger Shark for bringing this to my attention.

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