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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

X-Men #1 Comic Values

X-Men #1 comic cover

Perhaps the holy grail of all X-Men comics, what X-Men comic fan doesn't wish they had this silver age key issue in their comic vault? Even those who aren't fans wouldn't mind snagging this comic.

In the world of Marvel Comics, the X-Men universe is one of the most popular. The plight of mutant kind in these comics definitely mirrored the real life struggles of many. Stan Lee has made no bones about drawing inspiration from the civil rights struggle that occurred in America during the time the X-Men comics first began. 

It was the backdrop of this crisis of hate, bigotry, alienation,  and ignorance that made it a unique comic of its time but easy to relate to. This is one of the main reasons why the mutants of the X-Men world has resonated for so long amongst fans of the comic.

X-Men #1 started it all with the original X-Men Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, the Beast, and the team's leader Professor X.

How has this comic performed, though? Let's see the X-Men #1 comic values in the Overstreet Price Guide for the past few decades.

Overstreet 1982-83 Guide 12th Edition: 

Mint: $225
Fine: $110
Good: 40

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition: 

Near Mint: $990
Fine: $415
Good: $110

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint: $11,000
Very Fine: $4,500
Fine: $1,737
Very Good: $1,158
Good: $579

Overstreet 2013-14 Guide 43rd Edition:  

Near Mint (low): $40,000
Very Fine: $9,000
Fine: $2,700
Very Good: $1,800
Good: $900
Was there any doubt that this wouldn't be a good comic investment? Lower grades and mid-grades have had solid growth, moving up several hundred dollars each decade. However, VFs have moved up several thousand dollars in the decade or so. So much for those who wouldn't ever invest in comics, right?
As for the NM range, forget about it. $29,000 return in 10 years for a single silver age key comic issue is nothing to be humble about. 9.4s and up would be something to cause most to drop their jaws on the floor.

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