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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Post Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers!

Rumors and spoilers are about to hit high gear in the next several weeks as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released in other countries before it opens in theaters in the U.S. on May 2. Sony already announced their plans for a Sinister Six flick, but it definitely seems a go now.

Those lucky enough to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 got to check out a series of special teaser images implying the line up of the Sinister Six. Apparently, it seems that these teaser images are only available through a phone app they can Shazam the end credit music that shows these images. For those who don't feel like downloading the app, the fine folks at ComingSoon already done so and shared the teaser images and here they are courtesy of them.

A few of the pictures are pretty obvious. It looks like the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus (his tentacle arm which the trailer already showed and gave a nod to), Vulture's wing possibly and the last picture the Rhino's horn. The real question is the eye with the smoke coming out from it. A lot of people are speculating Mysterio, since the image references smoke, and that does make sense. He is an original member of the Sinister Six, but couldn't it just be Electro also since that character is also another original member? Dunno, but Mysterio would be an awesome villain to see on screen.

Also, if the symbol etched on what appears to be a dagger in the 5th image is who I think it is, I'm gonna seriously shit my pants. If it hasn't registered yet for you, that looks like a reference to Kraven the Hunter, another original member of the Sinister Six. If so, my Amazing Spider-Man #15 is gonna get a nice bump in demand. 

Definitely some things to keep a closer eye on concerning Spidey comics to be on the hunt for. Sinister Six movie is happening and I've already suggested the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 a little before the beginning of this year! Now? That comic is already through the roof and on the way to Mars.

Also it's no big secret that Felicity Jones will be playing a character named Felicia in ASM 2, and comic geeks have already caught on that her role will be that of Felicia Hardy the Black Cat. Although Felicity already copped that she'll be wearing a costume, it does seem that Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be setting up the Black Cat for a more major role in Amazing Spider-Man 3.

The first appearance of the Black Cat has already sky-rocketed in demand in a big bad way, and it seemed to do so in a relatively short amount of time. If you got high grade unslabbed coppies, it may be a good time to CGC it. If you got a high grade CGC copy, the time to sell is pretty much now if you're looking to cash in.

Looks like Marc Webb is kicking off a lot of Spidey characters to debut on screen soon. I sure hope Kraven is in the works, and I don't know any character that symbol can be attached to in Spidey's universe. Good stuff! 

What do you think? Which Spidey villains do you think those images refer to? Let the mayhem begin!

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