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Monday, April 21, 2014

Key Issue Investment Comics Still Under $100 Part 2

Alrighty, Part 2 is here, and some of the entries you've already read on R.T. White's post Ten Entry Level Investment Comics for Entry Level Collectors. Those entries are still relevant, as in you can still snag these for under a $100 in the meantime. Some are inching real close to going past that mark, though. I've given credit to R.T. White, as some of the entries are unaltered from his work.

Incredible Hulk #330 April, 1987 (CGC 9.8)

Two words: Todd McFarlane. Five more words: First work on Incredible Hulk! If you're a McFarlane fan, this is one of the key issues that's surprisingly still dropping under $100. You will probably have to wait for an auction to pop up, though. The only Buy It Now option is pretty over-priced. It does have a Best Offer option as well.

This issue won't remain long on this list either, unless a surge of CGC 9.8s enter the market suddenly near the same time frame. Keep an eye out for auctions on eBay for this issue in CGC 9.8. eBay's your best bet to get this one cheaper. 

eBay - No auctions yet and no options for this comic below $100 dollars. You'll have to keep an eye out for more options to pop up on the might eBay for this key issue. I'm sure there will be soon, but this issue goes fast at prices lower than the $100 mark.

Detective Comics #576 July, 1987 (CGC 9.8)

More McFarlane goodness with this issue here. This is part of the Batman Year Two story arc and is one of the best covers of the bunch. Yes, McFarlane drew an amazing Batman, as well. 

You can still get this issue for under $100 if you're patient and wait for an auction or for when more options pop up on eBay. It's still an awesome issue for any Todd McFarlane fan to seriously consider snagging at CGC 9.8.   

eBay - Same deal here. No options under a hundred just yet, but I'm sure they'll be more soon. Just gotta keep an eye out for when more copies do appear. I'm sure an auction will pop up sooner or later.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 for $75 dollars available here.

 X-Factor #1 February, 1986 (CGC 9.8)

Yep, X-Factor #1 is still going for under a hundred bucks at the time of this writing. Right now there's two Buy It Now options that are at $85 for CGC 9.8.

This is more than just a 1st issue key issue and when the the original X-Men join the team. This copper age key issue does hold a first appearance. It holds the first appearance of Rusty Collins, who became part of the group X-Terminators

Not a high demand comic just yet, but still a copper age key issue. Since copper age keys under $100 are becoming increasingly less, it's only a matter of time before investors start turning their attention on this comic as well.

eBay - So far only three options for this key issue below $100 at CGC 9.8. The last option is right at $99.99. Two options left at $84.99 and are the cheapest options so far.


Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, Oct 1985 (CGC 9.8) 

Just want to put your toe in the water? Never bought a “slabbed” comic before?  Don’t want to spend $100.00?  This is a key issue and it is a sleeper. This comic in CGC 9.8, featuring the death of the original Supergirl, can be yours for only $50.00. It has a great George Perez cover of a crying Superman holding a dead Supergirl. I love this comic and it is a part of an awesome 12 issue maxi-run. If you are new to comics or a fan of the DC Universe, I highly suggest you pick-up with graphic novel that contains all 12 issues. 

The entry above is written by R.T. White in his post and this comic still holds up to the title. Auctions are still dropping under $100 when they pop up. They do pop up from time to time, so best to keep an eye out. This key issue will definitely not stay under $100 bucks for long, and it will be pretty soon when I have to remove this issue and put it in the list of $100 to $200 investment comics.

eBay - No options on eBay just yet, but the last auction dropped this month for $76 dollars. This issue is cutting it close and may need to bumped off this list soon, best to wait for an auction or more options to pop up in the search results. I'm sure they'll be a few soon enough.


X-Men #212, December 1986 (CGC 9.8)

Taken from R.T. White's list, this issue still holds up and is below $100 for CGC 9.8 copies, but not for very long. There's still two Buy It Now options for under that mark on eBay, and this comic is definitely teetering along the fine line of moving past the $100 mark quite soon. For now, it remains on this list until these limited options dry up and they start selling above $100 consistently or on average. 

Best bet is to get this on eBay for cheaper at CGC 9.8 grades. Other places have them priced way over $100 and near the $200 range.

This issue is part of the popular Mutant Massacre storyline and features another fan favorite battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth.

eBay - Only two options left for this comic under $100 at CGC 9.8 grades. One is at $74.99 and the other at $85.50.

Amazing Spider-Man #700 February, 2013 (CGC 9.8)

Only a year ago, and it seems the last issue to the Amazing Spider-Man volume one series is on the move up at CGC 9.8s for the regular collage cover. But It Nows have been dropping on average in the $80 range.

There are two Buy It Now options below the $100 mark. One is $77.50 and the other is $99.99 but has a Best Offer option. You'll be able to haggle the $99.99 one down for sure. Of course, this issue sets up what happens in the Superior Spider-Man series that comes after.

eBay - Two options below $100. I'm predicting it won't be long before this comic consistently drops around $100 or above it.

Okay, this concludes this series for the moment. I'll definitely expand more on this pretty soon. Most of the key issue comics on this list can be found mostly on eBay at CGC 9.8 grades and within the price range. There are others at other places in CGC 9.8 grades but their prices are well above $100.

If you missed Part 1, you can always click the PREVIOUS link below to check it out. Note that this list will be constantly rotating as comics will start selling above this price range and then move on to the next series of higher price ranges. You will see many of the same key issues being constantly repeated in the further series.

Other than that, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more to come soon.



  1. I can grab Crisis 7 & 8 for $80. They are both 9.4's. Good deal?

    1. Copper Age comics and not that in demand yet, even for 9.8s. You'll be waiting a while for those 9.4s to be worth anything if they end up worth anything at all. In April a CGC 9.6 Signature series signed by Perez dropped on eBay for only $56. That's a signed copy also too, not just a regular Universal. I wouldn't bother with 9.4s for most not-indemand Copper Age comics.

  2. Hey Mayhem! I just added your site to my mobile homepage and I'm very very impressed with all the great info you provide on comic books from all eras. Very informative and enlightening. One nit picking point. You need to stop using the phrase (Dropping) so much. Coming in at .... would be so much better. When I started reading your pages I saw the word dropping so much that I mistook it for the issue you were talking was dropping in price. Just an observation. Thanks though for your expertise on the reporting.

    1. Ha ha! Dude, I never even thought of that, but you do make a point. I can see how people reading can make that mistake for sure. Sorry about slang being confusing, man. I will definitely be more aware of it in the future. May the Force be with you!

  3. Thanks for taking my point into cosideration. Have to say that I really really enjoy your postings. Hope you keep updating and giving us the best info online that I can find. Wicked! Keep up the incredible work my friend. It must takes quite a lot of time and effort for you to come up with all this incredible info. If I might add a suggestion perhaps with the longest running series such as superman or fantastic four etc. Maybe there could be a way to jump to issues that are more up to date for some collectors. I for sure I could never afford say some of the earlier rare appearances of key issues so I would prefer to just jump to the key issues that are in my price range. Instead of going through 10 or more pages before I hit those issues. Just thought I would mention that. Thanks As my older trekkie brother would say. Live long and prosper.

    1. Hmmm...that would be extremely tough since the key issues usually go in sequence in more ways than one and not about price range at all. I don't mark prices, because prices fluctuate continually. The posts are also published in sequence one after the other. The best way I suppose is knowing that the more affordable comics are usually at the tail end of a key issues series. The "Archives" at the right side bar will show all the posts done for certain months during certain years.

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    1. It takes awhile for it to show. Looks like it's fine now.

  6. Crisis on Infinite Earths 5 + 6 two of the most slept on books I've seen in a while.