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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Key Issue Investment Comics Still Under $100!

Alright so here's what I did: I decided I had to restart this whole thing and do away with the "Entry Level" and just stick with price range. This originally was a post that expanded on R.T. White's Top Ten Entry Level Investment Comics article.

Chances are if you're a regular reader, you have already read this post, but I decided to go this route for several good reasons. The main concern was that since these kinds of lists usually call for the comics on them to play musical chairs, meaning that at some point they won't technically be able to be on this list and have to be promoted to the list containing a higher price range.

Because of that aspect, I did not want to totally rip apart what R.T. White wrote and re-edit it constantly until there was nothing left of what he wrote. It's not my work. I respect the fact that he wrote it and took the time to research all of it, so I will leave his post in it's entirety.

But I do give credit where credit is due, and this series is inspired by the article he wrote. I will even use some of the examples from his work that are still accurate in this series. 

Okay, so here goes: If you already read this post, just skip to the bottom and click the NEXT link. If not and this is your first time reading this, enjoy!

Copper Age comics are blowing up right now, though, and finding keys under a $100 for CGC 9.8s are becoming few and far between. Just note that these comics are currently ones you can still get under the $100 mark at the time of this writing. Most you'll have to wait for an auction to pop up, and some still have buy it now options that pop up here and there under $100 from time to time.

Those on this list are regulated to CGC and 9.8s only and may encompass Modern Age (Dark Age) or Copper Age comics to invest in.

X-Men #4 Volume 2, January, 1992 (CGC 9.8)

X-Men #4 comic pic
It's a Modern Age comic, and I use to get this comic for pennies on the dollar in comic lots not too long ago. Regardless, it's a comic that's starting to show signs of being on the up and up.

This Modern Age key issue holds the first appearance of Omega Red, and the character has become quite a popular villain. Also, there are rumblings about Omega Red being in a possible movie. Fans surely want it, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. You can still get this for under a hundred bucks if you wait for a good deal on eBay. There's one I almost bought that's $65 dollars with a "Best Offer" option. I did make an offer and the seller made a counter offer of $60. Only one, and I doubt it will last long up there.

eBay - Not many options for this key issue and first appearance of Omega Red on eBay. Two are below the hundred dollar mark and all are Buy It Nows. The one I mentioned above for $65 is still there at the time of this writing. It won't be for long, I'm predicting.

Uncanny X-Men #283 December, 1991 (CGC 9.8)

Uncanny X-Men #283 comic image
Although the first appearance of Bishop is blowing up right now because of his on screen debut coming up in X-Men Days of Future Past, this comic is surprisingly a sleeper.

Uncanny X-Men #282 is Bishop's first brief appearance and this issue is regarded as Bishops first full appearance. You can still get this cheap for CGC 9.8s, but as more and more do catch on to this issue's key comic status, it may quickly blow up as a definite investment comic to snag asap.

eBay - As of this writing, this first full appearance of Bishop is limited in CGC 9.8. I doubt it will stay that way for long. Best to keep an eye out for them, as I'm sure more will pop up with prices under $100 bucks. 

Punisher #1 Series 2 July, 1987 (CGC 9.8)

Punisher #1 comic cover
A personal favorite cover, Punisher #1 from the character's first on-going series is surprisingly still below the $100 mark for CGC 9.8 graded copies. Auctions for this Copper Age key issues are selling around the $60-$70 range, while Buy It Nows are getting pretty close to a $100 but still under. 

There is currently an auction with 7 days left for this key issue comic and who knows how many more will be sold through the auction format. You can click the eBay link below to see the search results for this issue. It's a definite comic investment to get in as early as possible.

eBay - The latest CGC 9.8 copy for this copy dropped on April 2 for only $61 dollars. It was an auction listing, and it would be best to keep an out for anymore auction listings that do pop up. Right now a Fixed Priced listing has their copy priced over a hundred, but you can still get it under if you hunt around for it. 

mycomicshop - Only one copy for 89.95 CGC 9.8 located here.

Crisis On Infinite Earths #8 November 1985 (CGC 9.8)

Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 image
The death of Barry Allen, the silver age Flash, is indeed on my Flash key issues list, and this comic is still dropping under a $100 for both Buy It Nows and auction formats on eBay. This comic is gaining steam, and auction formats do pop up every now and then. You'll have to watch out for them periodically for sure, and they are inching closer and closer to becoming a hundred dollar book..

eBay - A handful of copies at CGC 9.8 under the hundred dollar mark. One is for auction and ending 3 days at the time of this writing. There's also another auction that's ending in 2 days, but starting off at $79.99. 

Uncanny X-Men #317 October, 1994 (CGC 9.8)

Uncanny X-Men #313 picOnce a book that you could literally get for like 25 cents in a comic lot, this issue is fast approaching the hundred dollar mark. It's the first appearance of Blink, and I am sure that her character being in the upcoming X-Men Days of Future Past has everything to do with the boost in demand for this Modern Age comic. 

Still, as of the time of this writing, this book has recently dropped under $100 for CGC 9.8 copies. Options are limited and drying up for new listings in this grade under the $100 mark.

eBay - There is one Buy It Now for $89.95. No auction listings as of yet, but that could change.

Uncanny X-Men #248 September, 1989 (CGC 9.8)

Uncanny X-Men #248 image
No doubt that Jim Lee is a rock star concerning Modern Age comic artists, and this is the issue that really sky rocketed him as one of the best comic artists then and still today. Uncanny X-Men #248 is not Lee's first work in comics, but it is his first work on the X-Men title. 

With a lot of Copper Age keys going for well above a hundred, I'm surprised you can still snag this one at CGC 9.8 for under that mark if you hunt around. I already did and found a few copies you can still snag at that grade for less.

eBay - This is a mycomicshop copy up on eBay. It's the only for under a hundred bucks. If you get eBay Bucks, you may want to consider it. I think it is cheaper on mycomicshop.

mycomicshop - Three copies here. All under a hundred. The cheapest is a PGX 9.8 copy for $70. One CGC copy is $76, and the other is $94.95 for some reason.

Part 2 is ready so just click the NEXT link below!


  1. not related to this article but do you feel iron man 55 is a better choice at any grade than hulk 181, seems hulk 181 hasn't had a value increase in a while and iron man has. is this just because what is hot right now or well it pass hulk 181 at some point.

    1. Still wresting with Iron Man #55, I see. No, I don't suggest just any grade for Iron Man 55. Low grades and mid-grades rise slower in the long-term. Higher grades rise faster in the long-term. Where are you getting your values for Hulk 181? Hulk 181 values for higher grades on average have been increasing and selling for more on eBay.

      No, I don't think Iron Man #55 will surpass Hulk 181 in value.

    2. not really wrestling with it just wondering if the value of hulk 181 is going keep increasing since I recently bought on the other day at a show. it looks maybe VF but one never knows until I sent it off too cgc. will get iron man 55 in next show at heros aren't hard to find in charolette, nc at a least 9.2 like you suggested. by the way doing a show with my nrother in law in two weeks, first one. how do you determine what to price comics at compared to what you payed and if you got any other suggestions for shows. dude this is my favorite website know and check it every day. learned a lot from you the last year in a half and bought most of my comics from all you spot on picks. first one I bought was tales of sus 39.
      thanks JW

    3. Depends on what you're selling. If it's modern common junk, most of the time they go in the dollar bin. Dealers are different in different areas...demand is different in different areas. Not sure what you're selling or why. Is it just to get rid of stuff and excess inventory? To make a profit?

      Are you selling silver age or bronze age? Key issues? Common issues? Mostly I look up prices in Overstreet or on eBay to see what they've sold for, and I include shipping. That's for silver, bronze, golden age, some copper age. I will price some directly at guide for their grade values, and some for a little bit under if they are selling lower on eBay (once again I factor in shipping cost with the sold price).

      What I mean by selling on eBay is the actual prices they've sold for in the last last month or three if nothing has sold in the recent two months. Not the current auction prices that have yet to sell.

      Most do not haggle on the Modern $1 comic bin, but on the older or more valuable key issues they will haggle.

      If you can double your money back that's good. If you can triple your money back that's good also, but you have to price them fair in the market or else nobody gonna buy from you. They don't care what you paid for them. You go by Overstreet and market values. If you can't at least double your money back on a comic, your profit margin will be extremely low.

      I usually sell $1 comics, just to get rid of stuff. Some of the stuff I paid 15 to .50 cents for. Some of the stuff I paid cover price for, but unfortunately those comics are selling for only a $1 or lower in the market.

      I do not know what you paid for comics, and it all relatively depends on the comic, grade, etc. I encourage everyone to look up sold prices on eBay for specific comics. You will learn a lot about which comics are junk, what's steaming up, and values for different grades.

      This helps in both buying and selling. If you cannot at least double your money back from the price you paid on a comic you seriously need to buy comics cheaper. Your profit margin will be too small. I price at Overstreet Guide or a little bit below if it's selling on eBay for lower on average.

      Never use change in your pricing at a comic $1.25, keep it in dollars $1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

    4. thanks for the info most of the comics im selling are key silver age duplicates that I found at an antique mall that someone was selling for 3 dollars each. didn't matter which ones captain America 100, hulk 102, thor 126 early spiderman etc..... just three dollars. I bought them all. was going keep the higher grade of each and sell the rest so I can get some of those super key issues. I like the under 100 doallar and 100- 200 also, have you thought about a 500 - 1000 dollar section. that's for the help for how to sell the comics at the show ill let you know how it goes. keep you the great work. JW

    5. Nice snags! Three dollars. Not bad. Not bad at all for silver age comics. Yep, I've thought of doing key issue lists in that price range for sure. Just taking a little break from it for now.

      Best of luck at the show. You'll learn a lot, and you should be able to make a decent profit off those books.

      Thanks JW, I'll try my best.

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