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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Key Issue Investment Comics Between $100 to $200 Part 2!

Continuing from Part 1, here's Part 2 of key issue investment comics within the $100 to $200 range. As I noted in Part 1 and the obsolete nature of these kinds of lists given enough time, these comics are within the price range at the time of this writing. They may exceed $200 by the time you read this. They may not. Some of the issues presented may cut it really close above the $200 mark and only drop under it with auctions. Some may still drop below $100 with auctions but drop above $100 with Buy It Now options.

Anywho, here some more key issue comics between the $100 and $200 mark...for least.

Amazing Spider-Man #344 February, 1991 (CGC 9.8)

Cletus Kasady first appears here, and if you know Carnage, you know that's who Cletus Kasady be. This is one of those key issues that are still falling below a $100 with auctions on eBay, but are selling around $125 with fixed priced listings for CGC 9.8s. Average out for the latest four sales, it comes to $103.23 so it barely makes it onto this list.

Best to watch out for auctions for this Amazing Spider-Man key issue. I do have a feeling that it won't be long until this comic consistently sells above a hundred bucks.

eBay - No auctions as of this writing, but a few Buy It Nows that are nowhere near the $200 mark. Cheapest one so far is $115. May want to wait for an auction to pop up, but the $115 should be added to your watch list if this key issue appeals to you. 

The New Mutants #16 June, 1984 (CGC 9.8)

Repeating myself here. New Mutants #16 was on my New Mutants key issue list, and it is the first appearance of James Proudstar as Thunderbird II, though not in costume. His brother John was the original. Although this is toted in the market currently as the first appearance of Warpath, I think that will change. 

New Mutants #16 is still dropping around the $130 mark for CGC 9.8s. Going under 9.8 isn't really advised. 9.6 CGC copies are currently dropping around $55. 

eBay - No problem finding this below the $200 mark on eBay. Getting a good deal is the biggest concern and best to wait for an auction to pop up. 

mycomicshop - Only one copy at a CGC 9.8 for $139.95. $4.20 buyer's premium. 

Uncanny X-Men #124 August, 1979 (CGC 9.8)

Bringing in more bronze age goodness, this X-Men key issue is just a minor one. It holds the origin of the villain Arcade, but it is surprisingly under $200 bucks. Auctions have been selling for around the $150 mark at 9.8s. Good stuff. Also, the cover is pretty badass. This may be a good one to consider for X-Men comic fans.

eBay - An auction is still going for under $200. Most of the other copies are above $200 for Buy It Nows. The cheapest Buy It Now is $199.95. eBay is your best bet to still get this comic below the $200 as of this writing, but this is quickly drying up.

Superman Man of Steel #17 November, 1992 (CGC 9.8)

Another comic that is dangerously very close to the $200 mark. Auctions are still dropping for less, but who knows how long that will last. I'm predicting not very long.

This is the first appearance of Doomsday, or the first brief appearance of the character. I think the correct term is "Cameo" now. 

eBay - As stated earlier, a lot less options for this Superman key comic below $200. One is up for auction and has 5 to 6 days left at the time of this writing. Will definitely be more of a hunt and urgent for this comic to snag it below $200 smackers.

Superman Man of Steel #18 December, 1992 (CGC 9.8)

Toted as the first full appearance of Doomsday, this comic use to be a so called "entry level" comic falling for under a hundred dollars. However, auctions on eBay are now being bid past that mark. Every once in a while, there's a fluke where a copy drops under a hundred, but those are getting more less and less.

Superman Man of Steel #18 is a semi-hot modern age comic, meaning it's pretty in-demand for a modern age comic. #17 the first cameo of Doomsday is a bit more in-demand.

eBay - A few auctions and "Buy It Now" options. One "Buy It Now" is at exactly $100. Best to watch that one as well. Quite a lot to choose from below $120 for this first appearance key issue. 

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 options for under $110 in case someone else snags that eBay one at $100 or the auctions start going above that mark.

NYX #3 February, 2004 (CGC 9.8)

Auctions for this key issue are still dropping below $200 dollars, but they're getting really close. $175 was the last one that was bid up to.

This is the first appearance of X-23, the female clone of Wolverine, and there's no doubt that her character has become quite popular, especially with female comic fans. I'm seeing her being cosplayed a few times already. It won't be long before this comic will be selling past the $200 mark for CGC 9.8s. 

eBay - No auctions yet, but there are two copies that are exactly at $200. One has a "Best Offer" option so you can get it for a little less, and it's Universal. Only one, though. The other is Qualified. You can always chance it and wait for an auction to pop up as well, but eBay is your best bet for a copy at this grade for undre $200 as of now.

Part 3 is ready so just click the PART 3 link below. If you missed Part 1, you can click the PREVIOUS link below to hit that up. 

Thanks for reading and hope this helps you in your hunt for some key issue comics.


  1. Mayham love all the entry level investments and such but im looking long term 20 ish years. Taking approx. 2000 to show and looking for great investment what one or 2-3 or more comics are you looking forward with most potential. My bud has been throwing knowledge at me about comics at me and im like what the hell who are you. He told me about the Man Mayham. So what do you think and the comics you buy are CGC so are you up too the test want to see if you are the grand wizard of comics he is talking about lol

    1. Greatly appreciate your friend letting you know about Total Comic Mayhem, but I've never toted myself as the Grand Wizard of Comics. Flattering but extremely untrue. Well, I was never good at tests, but as for your question: Yep, I do have some suggestions within your price range but mainly for CGC prices. So long term comic investments with potential and why. Here goes:

      1. Fantastic Four #52 CGC 9.2 or 9.4, first appearance of Black Panther (movie rumors)

      2. Fantastic Four #46 CGC 9.2 or 9.4, first Blackbolt (movie rumors)

      3. Fantastic Four #45 CGC 9.2, first Inhumans (movie rumors)

      4. Fantastic Four #67 CGC 9.6, first brief (cameo) appearance of HIM (Adam Warlock) (movie rumors)

      5. Thor #165 CGC 9.4, first full appearance Adam Warlock as HIM (movie rumors)

      6. Luke Cage Hero For Hire #1 CGC 9.4, First Luke Cage (T.V. show confirmed)

      7. Marvel Premiere #15 CGC 9.6, First Iron First (T.V. show confirmed)

      8. Marvel Premiere #1 CGC 9.6 or 9.8, Origin of Adam Warlock (movie rumors)

      9. Batman #181 CGC 8.5 or CGC 9.2, first appearance of Poison Ivy (solid silver age investment comic)

      10. Batman #232 CGC 9.4, first Ra's Ah Ghul (solid bronze age investment comic)

      11. Avengers #57 CGC 9.2, first silver age Vision ( confirmed for Avengers Age of Ultron movie. I've been suggesting this comic for at least two years now)

      That should give you some great investment comics to hunt down that have more than adequate long term potential. Have fun at the comic convention...always a great time...and good luck man. Remember, haggle with the dealers and try to get a deal on these comics. Most are always willing to wheel and deal if you're reasonable about it.

      Good luck on your hunt and thanks for the question. Hope you get a great snag at the show anyway whether you take these suggestions or not.

    2. Damn not bad friend was right on

    3. this is JW you helped with iron man 1 and 55 and told my bud about your advice and he wasn't sure so he sent you this question. he was stupefied lol keep up the good work

    4. Thanks JW, I'll try and thank you for spreading the word about Total Comic Mayhem.

  2. Hey, LK here. Do you generally hang on to all silver age comics, or just keys. Thanks!

    1. Yo LK, good to hear from ya as always. Nah, no way, man. I don't hang on to all silver age comics...unless it looks high grade. Some silver age minor keys that are solid mid-grade FNs I don't mind letting go.

    2. Ok, so if it's high grade and non key you will keep it...say 8.0 and up? I am trying to make a decision with 2 boxes of random silver age FF, Strange Tales, JIM, TOS, TTA etc and ...say I have a run of Iron Man 3-12 vg to f, you would prolly dump em' right?

    3. If it looks high grade and a non key or a key issue, I'll stash it. Depending on the key issue for silver age at FN, I'll keep it or let them go depending if it's a minor key or a major key. I would let the Iron Man 3-12 run go if I could already make a profit off them. Iron Man #3 at VG or FN raw copies are only going for $30 to $41 on eBay, not including shipping costs. Not many are gunning for those comics at those grades for CGC copies either.

      Are they early Strange Tales, Journey Into Mystery, Tales of Suspense, or Tales to Astonish? Early ones, of course, I'd keep despite them being in VG key issue or not. I mean early ones as in pre-Iron Man, pre-Thor, pre-Ant-Man, etc, but even later ones are sure to have minor keys.

      Make sure the Strange Tales aren't keys that are important to Doctor Strange. I just put a Doctor Strange key issue list that details first appearance of Cloak of Levitation, first Orb of Agamotto, first Eye of Agamotto, and more that aren't as well-known like that. Even some of the Strange Tales may be important keys to Nick Fury's mythos. Research that, those keys may be good to stash at FN.

      Or if you want, you can contact me via Facebook or the email addy on my contact page, which is, with a list, and I'll run through it real quick and give you my humble opinion on some to let go and some to keep.

  3. Thanks! I'll get on it.

  4. Hurts to see that NYX #3 has gone up 500% in only three years.