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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Key Issue Investment Comics $500 to $1000

I thought I might as well kick off this key issue investments comics list within the $500 to $1000 range or at least get it started.

These are comics within that specified price range at the time of this writing and will encompass more grade ranges as well, since some are perfectly fine comic investments at grades other than CGC 9.8. So here we are.

Marvel Premiere #15 May, 1974 (CGC 9.6)

First appearance of Iron Fist here, and since the character is gonna have his own Netflix television series that ends up leading the character into a Defenders television series, this bad boy took a huge jump in demand recently.

I didn't mention it on here, but recommended this issue a while back on a hubpage. Apologies for that. So Marvel Premiere #15 is within this price range for CGC grades 9.6. The most recent dropped at $776, and higher grade copies are becoming harder to find in the market.  

eBay - No options yet for this book at this Universal grade. There is a Signature Series that's above the $1000 mark. Last auction dropped for $776 in April. 

Tomb of Dracula #1 April, 1972 (CGC 9.6)

Tomb of Dracula #1 is above the $1000 mark or close to it. I honestly don't know because there aren't any I could find online. However, it's safe to say that CGC 9.6s are within the price range, but even they are hard to find at that grade as well online.

No doubt Tomb of Dracula #1s are moving up in value for 9.6s, since the 9.8s are increasingly becoming harder to find. I did recommend this issue a while back in a bronze age key issues list. 

eBay - No auctions. Last one was in March. Only 3 Buy It Now options. Two are below $700 and one has a Best Offer option. 

ComicLink - Two are here. Asking price is $900 and $1000! Wow, eBay may be the cheapest bet.

Ms. Marvel #1 January, 1977 (CGC 9.8)

Talk about this comic just blowing up pretty recently. Rumors flying around about Ms. Marvel or Carol Danvers being in the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron and boom!

When I recommended it in a Key Issue Alert back in February of this year, CGC 9.8s were dropping a lot less than $700 bucks. A couple months later, and they're almost hitting the $1000 mark.

CGC 9.8s are not easy to find now in the market. It will surely be a hunt, and the ones that are found will most likely be above $700. May want to keep an eye out for them on eBay, or if any do pop up in this grade range. May want to consider a 9.6. One of the best key issue comics to consider for 2014 and beyond.

eBay - Comic is super hot in CGC 9.8. NONE for sale at the time of this writing on the mighty eBay for 9.8s, not even Buy It Nows. That could change, of course, by the time you read this, but best to keep checking the search results. The blue eBay link above will take you directly to them.

ComicLink - One here for $850.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 May, 1988 (CGC 9.8)

Well, well, well. Boy, I talk an awful lot about this comic, and for good reason. This is a copper age super key and CGC 9.8s are almost nearing the $1000 mark if you can believe that. 

It's true, CGC 9.8s for this bad boy are dropping near the $1000 mark at the time of this writing. I'm not even sure how long this issue will last before I have to take it off and slap it onto the next higher price range key issues list. It may already be past the $1000 mark, but I'll have to wait for another auction to pop up in order to determine that.

First appearance of Venom, Todd McFarlane artwork, Amazing Spider-Man? Is there really anything else more to say? I don't think so.

eBay - Wow zero auctions at the time of this writing. A few Buy It Nows. Cheapest one is at $1000 exactly! May change by the time you click the blue eBay link. 

mycomicshop - Only one regular Universal CGC 9.8 for $999.99. Over a $1000 including the buyer's premium. 

ComicConnect - Cheapest bet is here. CGC 9.8 for $900 bucks. Only one available and ComicConnect charges no buyer's premium.

Iron Fist #1 November, 1975 (CGC 9.6)

One that I've yet to recommend, or at least, I don't remember recommending. The first issue to Iron Fist for some reason took a slight bump in demand when the Netflix Iron Fist television show was announced.

Awesome cover with Iron Fist and Iron Man going at it, and CGC 9.8s are already being pimped for well over $1000.  One of the many investment comics from the bronze age to consider for sure.

eBay - A few options, and some are below the $500 mark, but that won't really last much longer. 

Batman #181 June, 1966 (CGC 8.0)

Getting desperate here and having to go with a key issue comic investment at a CGC 8.0 VF grade. Just kidding. Actually, I wanted to at least get a DC Comic key issue in here, and the first appearance of Poison Ivy is a pretty good Batman key comic to squeeze in.

Besides, a CGC 8.0 VF is a perfectly good investment comic for this silver age Batman key issue, and it's already up there price. 

eBay - Not an easy find even at CGC VF grades and none for sale at the moment on eBay. Will be a hunt for this silver age key issue at this grade. Last auction dropped at $800 bucks.

ComicLink - One available for $850 at ComicLink.

Part 2 is ready so just click the NEXT link below to discover more key issue comic investments within $500 to $1000! Thanks for reading! Share if you feel like being social.


  1. thanks mayham for the 500 - 1000 range investment list, just what I was looking forward too. JW

    1. No worries...hope this helps...part 2 is ready as well.