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Monday, April 28, 2014

Key Issue Comics Between $200 to $500!

Alrighty, since I know you guys seem to love these kinds of lists, we're starting out with a new price range and upping the price range as well as spreading them out a bit from the earlier key issue comics price range lists I did prior. Now, it's the list of key issue comic investments within the $200 to $500 range. Most will be in-between those two numbers and not all will be CGC 9.8s. Some will be CGC 9.6 investment comics, too.

The same as before, all the key issue comics listed here are between $200 to $500 at the time of this writing. Of course, some or many may be over the $500 mark by the time you read this. I'll try my best to update these kinds of lists and rotate them out, but no promises or guarantees. 

New Mutants #98 February, 1991 (CGC 9.8)

Speak of the devil, and this comic is surprisingly not over the $500 mark just yet for CGC 9.8 copies. Actually, the last two recent sales for this first appearance of Deadpool and Domino was below the $400 mark. One sold for $395 and the other most recent one sold less for $385.

I've talked about this copper age key issue more times than I'd like within the past month, so I'm just gonna leave it at that. Here are some CGC 9.8 copies located.

eBay - No problem finding copies of the first appearance of Deadpool and Domino on eBay for sure. Quite a few auctions up and that may be your best bet to get this cheaper than the Buy It Now options available. 

mycomicshop - One regular CGC 9.8 Universal option here. the other is a Signature Series. Cheapest option is still eBay.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 here. Asking price is $400, which isn't bad. It's been bid up to $300 so far.

Daredevil #111 July, 1974 (CGC 9.6)

Okay, The Wolverine movie may be over, but the first appearance of the Silver Samurai in Daredevil #111 is still a bronze age key issue that's a great investment comic. CGC 9.8s are not easy finds and CGC 9.6s are moving up in value and getting real close to the $400 mark.

Oh, yes, this is the first appearance of the first Silver Samurai, Kenuichio Harada, created by Bob Brown and Steve Gerber. There are two that have taken the name in the Marvel Universe. Both are Japanese and are of relation. The first is, however, a mutant. 

eBay - Only two options in the $300 range. Both are Buy It Nows and one is $315 at the time of this writing. No auctions as of yet. 

ComicLink - One available for sale at 9.6. Asking price is ridiculously high for the demand at this current time.

Amazing Spider-Man #238 March, 1983 (CGC 9.6)

One that I haven't repeated too often on here.The first appearance of the Hobgoblin, or the first appearance of the actual character. This late bronze age key issue is one of the most sought out key issue comics within that era in the first Amazing Spider-Man series. 

CGC 9.8s are already going well above the $500 mark. CGC 9.6s still are able to make this list and price range and are dropping on eBay for about $250 on average. Definitely one to consider and a CGC 9.6 is still a great investment comic option at this grade.

eBay - Quite a few CGC 9.6 copies, but all are Buy It Nows for now. Only three options below the $300 mark. May be best to wait for an auction to pop up and keep an eye out for this one. 

mycomicshop - Four options for CGC 9.6s here. Lowest is $239.95 at the time of this writing. Another option goes up for auction May 3rd.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.6 at $300. eBay auctions or the mycomicshop options are the cheapest for this key issue at 9.6 grade so far online.

Logan's Run #6 January, 1977 (CGC 9.8)

Another bronze age goodie I haven't mentioned much on here or at all. I think I may have mentioned it once in a list of Thanos related comics list I did a while, while back.

So how does this comic based on the movie Logan's Run during the 70s have anything to do with the character of Thanos? It holds a back story that features Thano's first solo story or adventure.

The most recent auction for this key issue bronze age comic dropped on eBay for $224.49. Not an extremely well-known comic, but known enough to push the demand onto this list, obviously. 

eBay - Only three CGC comics for sale in 9.8 grades for now. Only one option below the $400 mark. Last auction sold for $224.49 in April. Probably best to wait for an auction, if another pops up.

Punisher #1 Volume 1 January, 1986 (CGC 9.8)

More Punisher goodness, and I have mentioned this comic in the very short Punisher key issues list I did only a few months back, celebrating the Punisher's 40th birthday last February.

Yep, this Punisher #1 volume 1 copper age key issue is getting up there. Most recent auction dropped this month a little above $200. Probably be best to wait for an auction to pop up on this one.

eBay - Very limited selection at the time of this writing. Recent auctions only sold a little past the $200 mark, so the current CGC copies at 9.8 are pretty over-priced in my opinion.  

ComicConnect - One copy at CGC 9.8 for $300. An eBay looks to be your best bet to consider if buying this at CGC 9.8 online. However, this is the cheapest of all the options I could locate at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - One option here for $375. Wow! Not a good wow either.

Uncanny X-Men #141-142 January, 1981 - February, 1981 (CGC 9.8)

Two comics to a storyline that I suggested getting a while back when news first hit about X-Men Days of Future Past movie being based off these two comics with the same story arc title. If that wasn't obvious.

X-Men #141 at CGC 9.8 grades are dropping around the $350 mark, and CGC 9.8 X-Men 142 is dropping seperately around the $250 mark. I'm highly looking forward to watching this film when it comes out soon this year. One of the most classic of X-Men story lines written by legend Chris Claremont, and also one of my favorites as well.

eBay X-Men 141 - CGC 9.8s are dropping around the $350 mark, and there are some auctions up there. Still a sought after book.

eBay X-Men 142 - Limited choices for issue 142, but they've mostly been dropping around the $250 mark. One auction is running. Most are Buy It Nows.

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 option for X-Men #141 which is ghastly over-priced. Your best option is still probably eBay for this issue at the time of this writing.

Part 2 is to this price range key issue comics list is done, so all you gotta do is click the blue NEXT link below to continue reading.


  1. Is it worth getting Days of Future Past at 9.6? Or stick to 9.8s?

    1. If I were to invest in X-Men 141 or 142 now, I'd go for 9.8s. 9.6s are worth it also, if you plan on holding onto them for quite a long time...probably around 20 years.