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Friday, April 18, 2014

Doctor Strange Key Issues

Gonna blast out another comic key issues list here, and this time it's Doctor Strange who's in the spotlight. The main and important key comics will be on this Doctor Strange Key Issues list, so don't expect too many parts to this series. Alright, and let's get this rolling with Marvel's own Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange Tales #110 comic pic
Strange Tales #110
  • First appearance of Doctor Strange
  • First appearance of the Ancient One
  • First appearance of Wong (not named)
  • First appearance of Nightmare
  • First appearance of Dreamstalker

As to be expected with a silver age key issues that introduces a character into the Marvel Universe, Strange Tales #110 has quite a lot of first appearances. Of course, the main one to be concerned about with this issue is the first appearance of Doctor Strange but doesn't contain the origin of Stephen Strange.

We also see the first appearance of the Ancient One, as well as Doctor Strange's servant, Wong, but is not named just yet. This silver age key issue also hold the first appearance of Nightmare, an ancient adversary of Strange. 

With Marvel confirming a Doctor Strange movie will be part of Phase 3, this key issue comic is in hot demand right now, especially for higher grades. This is not the first time I've mentioned this issue on Total Comic Mayhem, and this is the holy grail of Doctor Strange key issues to get.

eBay - No problem finding CGC and unslabbed copies for the first appearance of Doctor Strange in Strange Tales #110. Highest seen are two 8.0 CGC copies around $7,000 to $8,000 smackaroos. A lot of lower grade copies as well already past the $1,000 mark. 

mycomicshop - CGC 7.0 copy located. No unslabbed as of yet!

ComicConnect - Three CGC copies. Highest is a 7.0 so far.

Strange Tales #111 pic
Strange Tales #111
  • 2nd appearance of Doctor Strange
  • First appearance of Baron Mordo
Another big first within the Doctor Strange mythos, Strange Tales #111 is the issue where we see the first appearance of Baron Mordo, one of Doctor Strange's more recognizable and popular villains. Of course, Baron Mordo is the opposite of Doctor Strange and was also a student of the Ancient One.

Baron Mordo resented Stephen Strange, and because of Mordo's lust for power, the Ancient One chose Doctor Strange to become his disciple. This began the bitter rivalry between the two and Baron Mordo became one of Doctor Strange's most feared enemies.

Another Doctor Strange key comic that won't be a cheap find, but it will be a good investment comic that has a lot of promise for a long-term investment.

eBay - Handful of unslabbed copies, and quite a few high grade CGC copies as well. A beautiful CGC 9.4 and two 9.0s for this silver age key issue. 

mycomicshop - One unslabbed VG+ copy located here.

Strange Tales #114 image
Strange Tales #114
  • First time Doctor Strange wears cloak (blue)
Doctor Strange didn't wear a cloak in his first early appearances. It wasn't until this issue when he was first seen wearing a blue cloak. Don't get it confused with his famous Cloak of Levitation, though. This is not it. Strange doesn't receive that cloak until a few issues later.

Not really a major key issue comic. More like a minor one, but it's still up there in value since it is an early Doctor Strange comic. However, if we're talking about the movie, the key issue that has the Cloak of Levitation will probably be a better bet since I'm pretty sure that will be showcased in the upcoming movie.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies mostly in the lower grade range. Some are mid-grade. Only one CGC 5.5 for this silver age key issue comic.

mycomicshop - 5 unslabbed lower grade copies for sale. 

NewKadia - More unslabbed copies. Highest is VG+ 4.5.

Strange Tales #115 comic cover
Strange Tales #115
  • Origin of Doctor Strange
Finally, we come to the origin of Doctor Strange, and origin issues are always good investment comics, especially since a movie usually does go through the origin of a character. If you cannot afford the first appearance, this origin issue may be a better bet.

Of course, this comic will still put a nice dent into your comic budget, but I believe it may be well worth to consider getting soon, since there's still quite a bit of time before the movie comes out in theaters. I'm not even sure they have a release date yet.

eBay - No shortage of lower grade unslabbed copies. CGC copies are a bit lacking. One 5.5 and one 5.0 CGC graded available for Buy It Now at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - 3 unslabbed copies, all VG/FNs. One is restored. 

ComicConnect - CGC 7.5 low VF goes up for auction in May.

NewKadia - Low VG copy in stock.

Strange Tales #116 cover image
Strange Tales #116
  • First appearance of Book of Vishanti
  • First mention of Hoggoth
  • Agamotto is first mentioned
Alright, a little explanation time. Okay, when it comes to the Eye of Agamotto, it is not first seen in Strange Tales #110. Yes, Strange had an amulet that resembled the Eye of Agamotto but it was a different one in the earlier issues. Also the amulet in the early issues before the actual first appearance of the Eye of Agamotto is just referenced as "my amulet" by Doctor Strange. I'll explain further in Part 2.

However, in this issue the name of the being Agamotto is mentioned. He just mentions, "the All-Seeing Agamotto" in a panel. However, it's still a pretty important key issue, especially since the Book of Vishanti first appears in it.

The Book of Vishanti is the most popular and powerful text book of magic in the Marvel Universe. Three beings make up the Vishanti and they are Agamotto The All-Seeing, The Omnipotent Oshtur, and Hoary Hoggoth The Lord of Hosts.  The book is also the greatest source of "white" magical knowledge in Marvel Comics, and usually contains defensive spells. The counterpart to The Book of Vishanti is called the Darkhold, and, of course, the Darkhold contains all the knowledge of "black" magic.

eBay - Not that well known of a key issue. There's a CGC 8.5 pretty cheap for an early Doctor Strange key issue. A CGC 6.0 FN is selling for under a $100 bucks at the time of this writing. One gorgeous CGC 9.8 located, and quite a selection of unslabbed copies extremely affordable. 

mycomicshop - CGC 6.0 FN and one unslabbed low FN 5.5 waiting to be added to someone's vault.  

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 and 8.5 located here. Other unslabbed options available as well.

NewKadia - Low FINE copy and a solid GD in stock.

Strange Tales #118 pic
Strange Tales #118
  • First appearance of Orb of Agamotto

Still not to be confused with the Eye of Agamotto. This is the Orb of Agamotto and is basically a crystal ball that's used by Doctor Strange for clairvoyance. The Orb of Agamotto has already made it's on screen debut in the first Thor movie in Odin's Trophy Room. 

This is also not a very well-known silver age key issue.

eBay - Only one CGC 7.5, but it's a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. Going for pretty cheap. Most the rest are unslabbed copies.

NewKadia - GD+ for those who just want a copy. 

More Doctor Strange key issues in Part 2! Just click the NEXT link below to see more!


  1. Great list! Just sent my #111 to CGC I predict a 5.5. Need to get more of these keys though. I have #169 too, look forward to reading more.

    1. Thanks Brook, hope this has helped in your hunt and I hope that Strange Tales #111 comes back higher for ya. Will be a good return on investment. 169 is a monster key for Doctor Strange as well. Thanks for reading and commenting...always appreciated!

      Good luck on the hunt!