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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Doctor Strange Key Issues Part 4

Here's the last part to this Doctor Strange key issues list. Sorry, not that many Doctor Strange key comics, but here are the last few that may be worth putting on your want list. If you missed the beginning of this series, just click this blue Part 1 link to go to the start.

Dr. Strange #1 Volume 2
  • First issue to 2nd series
  • First appearance Agamotto's Dimension
  • First appearance of Agamotto
Finally, we get to see who this Agamotto is all about, and it's this issue that holds the first appearance of Agamotto and the dimension he resides. A really strange story, and not a very well-known or sought after key issue. 

mycomicshop - PGX 8.0 VF copy available here. No CGC or unslabbed copies as of yet.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed options. Pretty limited on CGC or graded copies.

ComicConnect - one CGC 9.8 high grade copy located here. Unslabbed high grade options as well.

Marvel Feature #1
  • First appearance of The Defenders 
Should be no surprise that this bronze age key issue would be on a list of Doctor Strange key issues. After all, this so called "non-team" was led by none other than Doctor Strange himself and is the first superhero team the character was ever in.

The original incarnation was Doctor Strange, The Hulk and Namor the Submariner, and the Defenders line up has had a revolving membership of Marvel characters throughout the years, which would also include the Silver Surfer among many others that would join The Defenders.

mycomicshop - One CGC 8.0 VF copy. The rest are unslabbed, raw copies. Highest raw copy is a FN+ 6.5 for this key issue bronze age comic. 

eBay - Two CGC 9.4 copies. No longer cheap anymore. Even 9.0s are pretty up there. A few unslabbed, raw copies to choose from if CGC ain't your thing.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies. One's a 9.0 VF/NM, and the other is an 8.5 VF+. 

Doctor Strange #6 Volume 2
  • First appearance of Mother Nature 
This issue was actually on the Thor Key Issues list done a while back, and the first appearance of Mother Nature is actually Thor's real momma, Gaea. Still pretty much a sleeper key issue, but a Doctor Strange key comic nonetheless. 

mycomicshop - Low grade unslabbed copies for sale. No CGC as of yet. Highest grade here is a VG. 

eBay - Extremely limited in both raw copies and unslabbed copies. Quite surprising, actually.  

That concludes this Doctor Strange key issues list. The movie is definitely in the works as Captain America The Winter Soldier does make reference to Stephen Strange in it, so some of these keys in this series is worth considering. 

If you missed Part 3, you can click the PREVIOUS link to go see that. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for even more comic related goodness!


  1. Great info on Dr.strange issues. Saw at strange tales 110 at a show the other day for 200 dollars but was in real rough shape. Is very key issues a good idea to pick up even if they are in less than ideal condition? Did buy a Avengers 1 CGC 1.5 for less than 600 so don't know if I made a good choice or not?

    1. Some comics are definitely ok to buy at lower grades, and there's no real correct answer because it varies. I would not get a Strange Tales #110 at a super low grade or in real rough shape, meaning a copy below a GD. A 4.0 or 4.5 I would consider if the price was right. I'd even consider a GD copy if it was complete, attached at both staples for the cover and centerfold or already CGC graded and could get it for an amazing deal.

      An Avengers #1 1.5 is an okay investment choice, since that key issue is in super demand, but it may go up rather slowly. I'd still prefer one above GD, but that's really just my preference. Nothing has dropped for that grade on eBay for a while, but there are quite a few watching the CGC 1.5 copies at double the price of $600. So I'm definitely not gonna say a bad investment comic.

      It's always best to get comics the highest grade possible. If you're gonna spend money on a dirt key issue comic that's in super demand, I'd rather suggest you take $600 or $700 bucks and get another higher grade key issue that's around that price range instead, for instance an Avengers #54 CGC 9.4 or something.

      Or, save up for a better and more ideal copy.

  2. Great list! Any idea which issue is the first Clea cover?