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Friday, April 18, 2014

Doctor Strange Key Issues Part 2

Rolling right along with Part 2 to this Doctor Strange Key Issues series. If you missed the previous part, you can click this Part 1 blue link to go back and read it. Otherwise, here's more Doctor Strange key comics to be on the hunt for.

Strange Tales #126 image
Strange Tales #126
First appearance of Clea
First appearance of Dormammu

A character that would become Doctor Strange's lover, Clea would be an important supporting character in the Doctor Strange comic world. Although this issue has the first appearance of Clea, it's more sought out because it also hold the first appearance of Dormammu.

No doubt that Dormammu is one of Doctor Strange's more popular foes in the comics, and there's little doubt that he will show up within one of the Doctor Strange flicks that Marvel plans to turn into a movie franchise.

This is a double whammy key issue and one of the more high demand Doctor Strange key comics, especially recently.

eBay - No problem finding low grade unslabbed copies here. One CGC 7.0 and a CGC 9.6 Signature Series double signed by Dick Ayers and Stan Lee.

mycomicshop - CGC 7.0 and two lower grade unslabbed copies all primed and ready to go. Not sure if the CGC 7.0 is the same copy up on eBay or not. If so, best to see what option is cheaper. There is a buyer's premium if bought at mycomicshop.

Strange Tales #127 picture
Strange Tales #127
First appearance of Cloak of Levitation (Red)
First appearance of Eye of Agamotto
First appearance of the Mindless Ones

Okay, here's where others get it completely wrong when dealing with the first appearance of the Eye of Agamotto. Some sources say that it's first seen in Strange Tales #110, but it was just referred to as an amulet. The earlier amulet Strange had is not the same amulet.

Here's what separates the old amulet from the actual Eye of Agamotto. In issue #127, Doctor Strange is rewarded with a new cloak and a new more powerful amulet. Though the amulet is not mentioned as the Eye of Agamotto, it is referred to as such in the next issue of Strange Tales.

It's this amulet given here that ends up being the Eye of Agamotto, so technically, isn't the first appearance of the Eye of Agamotto in Strange Tales #127? I would say so, but some sources say it's actually #128.

Doctor Strange gets a new cloak, the actual Cloak of Levitation, the famous red one, in this issue and we see the first appearance of the Mindless Ones

Can we say sleeper or not a well-known key issue silver age comic? Best time to snag them cheap.

eBay - Lacking on high grade for both unslabbed and slabbed comics as of this writing. CGC 8.0 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee for pretty cheap.

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Strange Tales #128 pic
Strange Tales #128
First time new amulet is referred to as Eye of Agamotto
1st appearance of Demonicus

This is the issue that finally gives the amulet it's famous name that we all know of today. Some source this as the first appearance of the Eye of Agamotto, but I don't think that makes sense since it's given to Doctor Strange in issue #127.

However, like most mess ups with first appearances, I suppose someone will straighten it out by saying the first brief appearance of the Eye of Agamotto is Strange Tales #127, and the first full appearance is in this issue. Who knows?

Demonicus is a minor minion of Baron Mordo and later becomes his apprentice. He has very few appearances in actual comics. Then again, so does Kaelicius and he made it to the big screen.

eBay - CGC 9.2 for under $400! Not bad! A few CGC options. Limited on the high grade copies. No problem finding unslabbed copies here, of course.

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1st appearance of Kaecilius
1st appearance of Sen-Yu

In the world of Doctor Strange comics, both Kaecilius and Sen-Yu are pretty minor characters and did not appear in the actual comics all that often. Kaelicius is the right-hand man of Baron Mordo and is his disciple in earlier comics.

Kaecilius is unnamed and in a green costume instead of his usual look and is indistinguishable in this comic. He would have a different appearance in the next issue #131 and is also unnamed in that issue as well. 

In his 3rd appearance in Strange Tales #135, Kaecilius has yet a different outfit and is basically a flesh puppet of Mordo. The fool isn't actually named until Doctor Strange #56 volume 2.

Sen-Yu has very little appearances in comics so far and he just manages the Ancient One's wealth. He is depicted as a wizard in later comics.

This comic only recently saw heat and became in-demand when Mads Mikkelsen was confirmed as playing the character. We shall see how long this key issue stays hot, and March, 1965 is the cover date of Strange Tales #130.

Strange Tales #134 image
Strange Tales #134
Eternity first mentioned

An extremely well-known character within the cosmic Marvel comic titles, the cosmic entity known as Eternity is first mentioned in this issue. This character can manipulate the universe to achieve any result Eternity desires. Pretty hard-core.

eBay - CGC 8.0 for under $150! Wow, not a well-known key issue, which is good news for you. Not easy finding cheap silver age high grade key issues. Tons of unslabbed copies. Few CGC graded copies as of this writing.

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Strange Tales #138 comic image
Strange Tales #138
First appearance of Eternity

Here we are with the first appearance of Eternity in Strange Tales #138. Since, the character has been in numerous titles such as Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and most other Marvel "Cosmic" titles. Yes, the first Marvel character to ever encounter Eternity was none other than Doctor Strange himself.

eBay - CGC 9.4 for under $200! That copy is a steal and cheaper than the CGC 9.2 up there at the time of this writing. Another CGC 9.4 for under $250. PGX 9.8 and a CGC 9.6. Lots of high grade options for this key issue. Quite a bit of unslabbed high grade options also. Nice selection for Strange Tales #138 on eBay.

mycomicshop - 4 unslabbed copies. Highest is a VG 4.0.

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1st appearance of Adria

Another very minor Dr. Strange villain who has very few appearances in actual comics is Adria. She is a witch and a minion of Baron Mordo. 

In her early appearances, she a long with Demonicus and Kaecilius seek revenge on Doctor Strange for banishing their master in another dimension. This is her first appearance, and like mentioned earlier, she doesn't appear all that much in comics.

Her next appearances after this one are Strange Tales #142 and #143 during the Silver Age. After that, she would reappear in an actual story in Doctor Strange #56 volume 2 a long with Demonicus and Kaecilius.

Strange Tales #141 has the cover date of February, 1966.

Strange Tales #148
Origin of the Ancient One
First appearance of Kaluu

In this Doctor Strange key issue we finally see the origin of the Ancient One. In his origin, we see the first appearance of Kaluu, a boy who grew up with the Ancient One and studied magic together. Much like Baron Mordo, Kaluu wanted to use the magic to serve his own ego. Of course, Kaluu becomes a foe of the Ancient One and warns Doctor Strange that he may soon face this threat.

eBay - Two CGC copies available so far. One's a gorgeous 9.6. The other is 7.5 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. Quite a few unslabbed copies.

mycomicshop - Three unslabbed copies in stock. Highest is a FN and it just keeps getting lower from there. At least at the time of this writing. It could change by the time you check it out.

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Part 3 is ready so click the PART 3 blue link below to continue reading! If you missed Part 1, just click the PREVIOUS link below.


  1. Hi mayhem! Just writing to say I've been reading and following your advise and being very selective when picking which comics to buy. I just snatched a copy of 126 VG, 127 VF and 128 VF+ for my humble collection. Regardless of their monetary value, these are really cool books! There's a certain naiveté in Stan's scripts that keep these stories as charming as they get. I can genuinely say I enjoy them. I wish my 126 was in better condition though :s The other two look pretty awesome.

    1. Hello again, Laura, nice to hear from you as always. You're getting quite an awesome collection there. How long have you been collecting?

      Yeah, there is a charm to Stan Lee's scripts in about most of the comics he's worked on. Are you thinking about CGCing them?

    2. LOL! Actually, I un-CGCd number 127 (7.5) so could read, touch (carefully!) and enjoy it. I'm not planning on flipping the book any time soon and I'm keeping the label just in case I decide on re-slabbing. I hope you didn't have a stroke after reading this. Yes, I'm an un-slabber.
      I DID have some of my comics sent to CGC but only after reading and enjoying them. I sent those which I felt could benefit from the grading like my Hulk 180 (8.0), Amazing Spidey 121 (this one came back 7.0 but honestly it looks better than that) and Green Lantern 7 (6.0) Why did I have some comics sent for grading while some I un-slabbed myself? Only God knows.

    3. Oh, and as for how long have I been collecting... only a couple of years. I'm a late bloomer. ;)

    4. HA HA!

      No you didn't give me a stroke, but a HEART ATTACK!!!! C'mon, now.

      Just kidding. Not here to judge and it's your comics so you can do whatever you feel like with them as long as you enjoy them. Well, unless you plan on lighting them on fire or something. Then I'd have to say something about that and probably would have a stroke afterwards.

      New bloomer, late bloomer, you got some great comics already, and I am a tad jealous of that Green Lantern #7, first appearance of Sinestro! Friggin' AWESOME!

  2. Now that we've had the movie (is it out in the US yet)? Are you going to add Strange Tales 130 (and maybe 131) for the first appearances of Kaecilius?