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Monday, April 28, 2014

Captain America The Winter Soldier Delivers!

I have to admit that the movies post Avengers that kicked off Marvel's cinematic Phase 2 were less than stellar films. Okay, I'll be blunt and say they were outright disappointments.

Although Iron Man 3 was successful at the box office, comic and movie fans were not pleased. The backlash from how Iron Man's most iconic villain, the Mandarin, was shamefully butchered on film was pretty unanimous. 

Also, last years Thor The Dark World was also pretty unimpressive, and to be honest, once I heard who the villain was going to be, I expected it to be so.

To say that I was a bit nervous about Captain America's sequel would be pretty dead on. When I saw the first trailer for Captain America The Winter Soldier, my anxiety was a bit alleviated. Trailers are trailers, after all. A trailer can be awesome and the movie just complete garbage.

Not the case for Captain America's sequel. After hearing stellar reviews about the film after it was released, I finally hit up IMAX 3-D to see Cap in action post Avengers and where they were going to take the iconic Marvel character.

I was immediately drawn in and it was a hell of a ride. The movie was very much an espionage-thriller, and although some parts were predictable, the story was solid enough to separate it enough from the typical, low brow action film. There is a strong reference to America's current political climate driven on fear that makes the film relevant to our zeitgeist and highly relatable.

The action was amazing, taking a new spin on hand to hand combat and meshing it with fantastic gun play at the same time. The fight scenes between Cap and The Winter Soldier? All I can say is, "Awesome!"

Actually, The Winter Soldier was just badass. Sebastian Stan did an amazing job portraying the character, and the character was written and utilized extremely well. Finally, a villain used right. He wasn't cheesy, he wasn't as butchered. He was just awesome, and I'd even go as far to say that the character is one of the top comic book movie villains so far. The Winter Soldier kicks some serious ass in traditional, high-octane, comic book fashion in this film! 

I'm greatly looking forward to seeing more of this character on screen and hope they do bring him back for another round in a future Cap movie.

Anthony Mackie even surprised me as Sam Wilson, and it was amazing to see the Falcon in action. Yes, I totally geeked out seeing the Falcon in action and thought they did a great job translating the character to the screen.

Chris Evans also seems to be getting a hold of the character of Steve Rodgers and Captain America much better. His performance was a lot more solid this time around. 

The movie even utilized Black Widow quite well. She didn't seem out of place like in Iron Man 2.

My only gripe about Captain America The Winter Soldier was that the 3-D was pretty sub-par. It wasn't worth the price of a 3-D ticket. I would've enjoyed the movie just as much in regular 2-D. 

All in all, Captain America The Winter Soldier is a definite must watch. I really enjoyed it a lot and hats off to director Anthony and Joe Russo as well as screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Oh yes, and Ed Brubaker for writing the comic this movie is loosely based on.

If you missed it in theaters, the DVD is well worth owning for comic fans. If you're a comic fan and looking for Captain America key comics, just visit the blue link to see my Captain America Key Issues list!


  1. I also thought it was AWESOME!! I have to say Evans played the perfect Cap in this film. And you are right, the little kid in me went "YEAH!!" when The Falcon took flight. When I was a kid, my parents bought me a Mego Falcon Action Figure that I played with for many hundreds of hours...yeah I know....Geek! Anyways, I always wondered what he would be like in real life and this film did not let me down. Also, Iron Man 3 could take a lesson from this movie in how we like our bad guys.....straight on bad ass vigilantes with no BS. I went with my Brother and our families, so just 2D spending, but very satisfied......when I saw Amazing Spiderman 1 in 3d it was MINDBLOWING!!!, so I will see Spidey 2 in 3D Imax. I am sure that film will be worth the extra cost. Anyways, well done...great review! lk

    1. winter soldier was bada** he going do a great job taking over for chris evans as next cap after avengers 3

    2. The Falcon's scenes in flight were amazing. That little kid in me was just going bonkers watching that. Yep, this is how we like our bad guys. Finally, a writer in Hollywood listening to the fan chatter.

      Nah, not a geek...that reminds me of the hulk action figure I use to have and sit and watch the Incredible Hulk t.v. series clutching that toy. Then when it went to commercial, I'd play with the Hulk action figure until the episode came back on. Great memories.

      I'm glad the Cap sequel came out so badass. I was seriously worried that Marvel was just gonna put out a bunch of nonsense after seeing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. It was great to see the Falcon, and their take on the character...though not true to the comics...was still great and satisfying to see on the big screen.

      Spidey 2 I'll go see IMAX 3-D and I'm pretty excited to see what this one will be all about as well. There seems to be a lot of characters coming in on that sequel.

      Do you know if Sebastian Stan will take over Chris Evans as Cap? I was kind wondering that also.