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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Battle of The Marvel Female Superheroes Round 1

Ok, time to get off the comic investing talk for a bit. I do love it, but sometimes it's just best to geek out and give into the fandom part of comic books.

So we started off with the guys last time, and it looks like Spider-Man is kicking much butt. Not really surprised at all. Captain America is in second, and Daredevil is in third place so far. Then again, only 27 people have voted so far, so we'll have to see how that progresses.

If you've yet to vote for the guys, click here to see the post. 

Now, it's the ladies turn, and even though your favorite Marvel superhero may be male, I'm pretty sure you have a favorite female Marvel Superhero as well. I'll admit it, I surely do. I have quite a few actually.

And if you're favorite Marvel Comics character is a female, even better. There's a bit to choose from, so don't worry if you don't see her on this voting poll yet. She may be in round 2.

I just want to say that I won't be listing every different version of character. It'll just be Spider-Woman without concern for the Jessica Drew version or Julia Carpenter, etc. Also, I'm not gonna do the alternate universes with Lady Deathpool and Lady Thor or Lady Captain America. Sorry.

So like I explained last time, I'll have to break this up in different rounds like a boxing match. Each round will have a different poll with completely different characters on it. Oh yes, and since I know that some started off as villains like Emma Frost and Rogue, they'll be on this poll as well if they later became heroes.

You can vote on each round if you like. The top characters of each round will go head to head in the last round to find out who is the most popular Marvel Superhero character. The last round will include both male and female Marvel characters.

Since I'm not sure of how many actually read this blog, I'll make each round last for a few months to make it more fair.

So who will it be for you? Is She-Hulk your favorite or Black Widow, perhaps? Maybe you like Ms. Marvel or an X-Men gal like Rogue or Storm. Whoever it is, show some love and vote for your favorite for whatever reason that may be. No answer is wrong.

Just click the arrow, scroll down to choose your favorite Marvel superhero and click the "vote" button. Let's get it on! Ding! Ding!

Who Is Your Favorite Female Marvel Superhero free polls 

Thanks for voting and sharing the fun!


  1. Oraldo, jean grey the best of the best. Love those red heads.

    1. Good choice, Orlado, had to pick Kitty Pryde...I love them sweeties.