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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man #162 CGC 9.6

Sorry about the picture, and that's not a crack in the case. It's the plastic CGC bag. So this is my latest and last snag for this entire year. Yes, my budget for the year is completely and depressingly depleted for new comics.

So why did I decide to get the first appearance of Jig Saw in Amazing Spider-Man #162. Well, a few reasons. 

It is a bronze age Amazing Spider-Man comic after all, and it's one of the few key issues from the bronze age that is pretty under-valued at the moment. Not exactly a sleeper, but it's not anywhere near the hot burner either.

Even CGC 9.8s aren't all that expensive compared to other ASM bronze age key issues. I know that Jigsaw isn't extremely popular, but he is popular enough.

At least every Punisher fan knows who Billy Russo or Jigsaw is. He is one of the Punisher's more well known adversaries and has been around quite a while. To be honest, there aren't that many great Punisher villains, and Jigsaw is one of the better ones.

Created by Len Wein and Ross Andru, the very first artist to draw the Punisher for publication, the first appearance of Jigsaw debuted in 1976, and the character has already made his on-screen debut in the movie The Punisher War Zone. Do I think the character will be in another movie? Not really, and pretty unlikely. You never know, though. 

The Punisher War Zone movie didn't really place this first appearance key issue on the burner either, but it was a comic that was lingering on my want list for awhile now.

Oh, yes, I did use the Double Dip strategy in getting this comic. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you should read my recent post about Investing in Comics Buying Strategies. Part 1 to the series explains what Double Dipping is. You can click the blue link above to read about it if you missed it.

So by using the Double Dip strategy and the money I got back with the Incredible Hulk #181 purchase, I was able to get this Amazing Spider-Man #162 CGC 9.6 for $75.21. It was originally priced at $105.56, with $10 shipping.

The cheapest CGC 9.4s were going for like $90 to $95 dollars for this key issue, not including shipping, so if it boils down to $10 or so more for a 9.6, I'd snag the 9.6 over a 9.4. I think most of us would. That's just common sense.

To be honest, though, I also decided to get this higher grade bronze age comic because my last two recent bronze age key issue comic purchases were both CGC 8.0 VFs. I wanted something higher this time.

I also must admit that I'm a Punisher fan and a Spider-Man fan, and I'm trying to beef up my Amazing Spider-Man comic comic investments. I noticed it's a bit thin.

I could've gotten a high demand CGC 9.8 Copper or Modern Age comic instead, but I opted not to this time around. I've always said that if it came down to the choice between a high grade Bronze Age key issue or high grade Copper or Modern Age key issues, I'd choose the much older Bronze Age key issue.

Or, at least, a key issue I've never had before. All the viable Copper Age and Modern Age key issues that were within my particular budget I already have or have had or have had multiple times. X-Men #4 from the 2nd series is an example of a Modern Age key issue I've had a few times in my collection.

Well, from here on out, it may be a pretty boring year for my vault in terms of new snags. I will be getting back some CGC submissions, however, and I'm planning to submit even more at the Big Wow Comic Fest coming up in May. Hopefully, those will be worth mentioning.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more comic goodness coming soon.


  1. I was thinking of getting a 9.8. i ended up getting batman #180 9.2 cgc just because it was snag at $ 95 under guide. I think asm 162 is a smart investment. What do you think are good copper age investments under $250?

  2. New Mutants #86 and #87 CGC 9.8. Some fixed prices for #87 are still under $250 on eBay. Amazing Spider-Man #299 9.8 are just a few. Uncanny X-Men #282 CGC 9.8 is also a good one.

    Off the question but Avengers Annual #10, first appearance of Rogue, is a bronze age comic still going for under $250.