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Monday, March 10, 2014

Wizard World Sacramento Sunday 2014

Wizard World, Sacramento, California, 2014. Yep, that is the state capitol. Never been, to Wizard World, that is. First time, so what did I think about it?

It was fun, and it was friggin' crowded. Me and Gerry went Sunday. I would've hated to see how crammed it was on Saturday. I'm not a big crowd kinda person, believe it or not. The line wrapped around the building to get in, and we had to walk around the building just to get in the line.

Of course, the first booth I hit up was the CGC booth, and it didn't take us an hour to find like it did at Big Wow. I submitted my four copper age comics that I've been curious about for quite a while: Amazing Spider-Man #300, New Mutants #98, G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #1, and Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8. Okay, G.I. Joe is technically still a bronze age comic, but it still fits in the Modern service for CGC.

I seriously doubt that any of them will be super high grade. The ASM #300 was $50 and advertised as a VF/NM. I think it's slightly above that grade, but I could be wrong. We'll have to see. The New Mutants #98 I got was $40 at a VF, so we'll see if it comes back higher or right on par.

As for G.I. Joe #1, I got that in a comic lot that had issues 1-4 for $40 bucks. So I basically got it for $10 bucks. It would've been a sweet snag if #2 wasn't a 2nd print. The auction did advertise the lot as being all 1st prints.  Can we say, "got hit," on that one?

We'll just have to see in 30 business days (which is more like three months in CGC speak), if I get hit twice by that eBay find. All the comics in that G.I. Joe lot were advertised as NM 9.4. 

Anywho, the CGC booth took only a few minutes. Gerry didn't submit anything this time. He got the Premium Collector's Society Membership a week or so back, but the packet and coupons hadn't arrived yet. 

After CGC, we were off on the hunt. Actually, Gerry was on the hunt. I'm tapped out due to my most recent investment comic purchase.

Talk about key issue heaven! If there's one thing I love about comic conventions, it's all the key issue comics there under one roof.

A-1 Comics is pretty much a staple at the bay area comic conventions. I've seen them at every convention I've been to around the area. They've got loads of key issue comics. Gerry snagged an X-Men #14, first Sentinels, from these guys at the East Bay Comic Con. I think he got a great deal on that one. I wasn't surprised that a copy of Fantastic Four #67, first brief appearance of Adam Warlock as HIM, that I saw they had at East Bay Comic Con had been snagged. They did have a copy of Fantastic Four #66, Adam Warlock as HIM in cocoon form.

Finding key comics you want at a comic con is pretty easy. Affording the ones you want is a different story.

Like sharks circling their prey, we'd take a look at all the comic vendors, taking mental notes of certain issues that seem like a good deal and then hitting another comic booth to see if they have the same keys at a better deal. We must've circled that place at least 5 times throughout the day. I bet we drive the dealers crazy asking to look at certain comics, sizing them up on the spot, and then handing them back.

One vendor that I'd never seen before had two copies of Avengers #1, and three copies of Daredevil #1 right below it. I couldn't help but gawk for quite awhile. Not that I haven't seen copies of those comics at a convention before. It's that I've never seen one vendor having so many of those issues at one time. Must admit that it did make me drool.

Of course, when you're at comic conventions, they all mostly have the same look and feel. Appearance wise they can be pretty redundant, but I feel it's the cosplayers and the costumes that give it a different element each time.

Okay, I'm pretty jaded when it comes to that. Star Wars cosplay, although the costumes are usually exceptionally cool, has become a staple at virtually every con.  I do have to admit that I've become a bit desensitized to it.

It's rare when I see something different concerning Star Wars cosplay. However, I did spot a Lady Darth Maul, and that was different and awesome enough for me to take a photo.  

Her make up and costume was spectacular, really detailed, and not too many female cosplayers do Darth Maul. It's the first time I've seen one, at least around the stomping grounds of the comic cons in this general area.

I've seen a few Kitty Prydes before, but never one with a Lockheed. I thought that was pretty cool, as I am a fan of the character, but when this cosplayer was standing around chatting with Wondergirl, Jubilee, and Rogue, I had to be a rude fan and ask to take a picture. The classic 80s Rogue costume has always been my favorite, and the cosplayer Raven Roth is one of the few to dress up in that particular outfit. I've heard of her from Stockton Con, but it was the first time I've ever seen her. The cosplayer dressed as Kitty Pryde was nice enough to chat with me for a few ticks about the Lockheed accessory to the costume. I did geek out on that like a good X-Men fan.

Aliens Xenomorph? I've seen that plenty of times, but Predators? Hell freaking yeah! 

Gerry took this pic. The ones I took came out lousy. There was a huge crowd around these guys, which literally blocked the entire aisle. And for good reason. This particular Predator costume was just awesome. The Snake Eyes and Halo costume were badass as well, but for me, it was all about the Predator. Not a character I usually see a lot of in these parts.

There's no doubt that at some point you gotta take a break and get some fresh air. Comic conventions can get stuffy. This is 13th Street just outside the convention entrance, and it was a good thing I did not park in the parking garage on this street as originally planned. It was packed outside, and as typical of most California pedestrians, they had little concern for the cars that were unfortunate to drive down this street.

But when I see a Wonder Woman done well, meaning the costume and cosplayer resembles the classic look of the comics, I've gotta take a pic of that. The Flash was pretty friggin' cool also, but the Cobra Commander costume was just badass. It was definitely one of my favorites from the show.

Outside or just outside the Exhibit entrance is probably the best place to get pics of cosplayers. When you do it inside the Exhibit, you're most likely to cause a jam in the entire aisle, and that's not all that cool. If you do ask to take a photo of a cosplayer inside the Exhibit Hall, do it at the side of an aisle. Seasoned cosplayers know if they're asked to pose for a photo inside, they usually move to the side of an aisle. It's a general comic convention courtesy that's been ignored way too much lately. 

Who doesn't love bad girls? This Lady Magneto, the only one at the convention on this day, was awesome enough to pose for a quick photo.

Kevin Smith's booth. Just kidding, but look what Kevin Smith started with all his jersey wearin'. Pun intended on that one. 

I was seriously eyeing the Decepticon jersey. Earlier, I figured if I couldn't buy a comic, I may as well search for the classic Punisher skull t-shirt. I somehow lost mine. Well, I did find one here at this booth, but for $30 bucks? I had a very short debate on that one...very short. I decided I would try to find my old one.

All in all, the Wizard World Sacramento comic con reminded me of Wonder Con when it was in the bay area. Lot's to see. Lots of different vendors and lots of great costumes and cosplayers.

Since I'm not a huge fan of anyone enough to pay $200 dollars and above for a meet n' greet with a photo and a John Handcock and neither is Gerry, we did go to the signing area just to see some celebrities with our very own eyes.

We saw James Hong and saw Stan Lee and were even joking around about going around the back of the booth, pulling the black curtain to the side and say, "What's up?" to Stan. Then ask him who would win in a fight: Thor or Hulk?

We passed by the Boondock Saints booth and saw Sean Patrick Flannery and David Della Rocco (We can kill everybody). Norman Reedus was already gone. We passed by Julie Benz of Boondock Saints II. Her booth was not all that busy at the time, but she did look amazingly good. Gerry waved at Billy Dee Williams, and he waved back. That was the highlight of the con for Gerry. So I decided I'd try to wave at Ralph Macchio and Lou Ferrigno, but that was an epic failure. They were both busy with fans, so weren't even looking in my general direction. Ralph Macchio looks like he's barely aged.

Even though Gerry nor I didn't snag a thing, Wizard World was still a fun event. I highly recommend going to one in your area at least once.


  1. Glad you guys had a good time! Looked like a lot of fun. And how cool was it that Billy Dee Williams waved back at your friend! That would definitely have been a highlight for me too. There's a comic show in my area next month I'm thinking of going to. Last year I found a lot of great deals. That's what's fun about these cons, lots of deals to be found.


    1. It was pretty fun, just going around being dorks and not taking things much seriously, except when we look for comics. Then the game faces are on.

      You should definitely go if you can, Jeff. Comic cons are just fun in general for me, unless I go with someone who isn't really into it. I do have to admit, I am out of shape and get tired easily at cons. I'll need to work on that.

      What show is coming up for ya?

    2. It's a small show actually, held in the ballroom of a hotel. Last time there were so many people, it was literally shoulder to shoulder. There's usually three shows a year. I hit all three last year and got pretty good deals on Tomb of Dracula 10 (first Blade) and Amazing Spider-Man 50 (first Kingpin), and an X-Men 100. I live in the state of NY and it's been cold, so I don't know if anyone will be dressing up. In your pictures, there are people wearing short sleeves and shorts. Lovely California weather. Here, it's a heat wave if the temps are in the low forties. And just the other day we had a blizzard, with over a foot of snow. I do hope it doesn't snow if I manage to go to the con. Anyway, are you planning to go to any other cons in your area this year?


    3. Small shows are fun also. East Bay Comic Con was also held in hotel as well, but it was a good time regardless. Yah, we have a serious drought going on now in Cali, although the weather is nice, water prices are going up so that's not cool.

      Hopefully you are able to go and it doesn't snow. You got some great snags at that con. I know that when summer hits, there will be more on the east coast cosplaying as the New York area has some really big cons there.

      Yeah, I'm gearing up Big Wow Comic Fest in May, and Stockton Con in August. Still waiting to hear from Toy Havoc and Comic Chaos dates. I'm thinking of cosplaying at all three, but we'll see.

      Stay warm and always good to hear from ya, Jeff!

  2. I had to read this again and remember how much fun we had at this Con. I'm still excited that Billy waved to me. That's what I call him since we are obviously close friends now. Ahhhh good times. I'm really looking forward to next years Wizard World.


    1. Is Billy D coming over to your casa for Thanksgiving? If so let me know, I'll bring my action figure of Lando! Next year should be a good show!