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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Detective Comics #140 CGC 6.0

Detective Comics #140
First appearance of The Riddler
Published October, 1948
Writer: Bill Finger
Artist: Dick Sprang



There's a boat load of reasons why this is one of the most sought out Batman key issues out there on the planet. For one, it's a golden age Batman key, and as we all know, important Batman key comics from the golden age are not easy finds, which is why I listed two copies within the eBay widget above.

One is priced a lot lower than the other, and the cheaper one is watched by 27 people so far. There's little to no doubt that the Riddler has become one of the most iconic and identifiable of Batman villains throughout the characters career in DC Comics, and it's no surprise that the first appearance of the Riddler is a hugely sought out key issue comic and has remained so for the past 66 years.

Whether from the comic books, video games, cartoons, or the famous 1960s Batman television series starring Adam West, almost every comic fan has seen or heard of the character. The Riddler has been portrayed by actors Frank Gorshin in the 60s t.v. series and by Jim Carrey in the movie Batman Forever by Joel Schumacher
Created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, the character of Edward Nigma, known as the criminal the Riddler, uses complex riddles and puzzles against the Caped Crusader to solve his various crimes. It's his neurotic compulsion to commit devious crimes using riddles and puzzles that set this character apart from many comic villains and made him a fan-favorite

The character definitely brought out the more detective aspect for many of Batman's adventures, forcing the Dark Knight to use his intellect in order to defeat and apprehend the Riddler.

On a comic collecting and comic investing standpoint, the first appearance of the Riddler keeps rising in value and becomes more sought out as the years progress. Finding unslabbed FN copies is still a notable feat. CGC copies are not easy to hunt down as well.

To add this to your comic vault would be a pure and very solid investment comic. 

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