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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

HIGH GRADE ALERT: X-Factor #24 CGC 9.8

X-Factor #24
Volume #1
First appearance of Archangel
Origin of Apocalypse 
Published January 1988
Writer: Louise Simonson 
Artist: Walter Simonson
Inker: Bob Wiacek

High Grade Key Issue Located


In the past, this issue was sought out because it was the first appearance of Archangel, who is pretty cool character. Nowadays, it's highly sought out because it's the origin of Apocalypse. 

As we all know, Apocalypse will be making his onscreen debut in the next X-Men movie after Days of Future Past, and his first appearance in X-Factor #6 and this key issue are hot right now. There's no denying that X-Factor #24 is getting a lot of love in the market now.

For a copper age issue, CGC 9.8s are falling on eBay near $200, selling slightly under it by a few bucks. Of course, unslabbed 9.8s (if they really are 9.8s) are selling way under their CGC counterparts by almost a hundred bucks.

CGC 9.6s for this copper age key issue are also selling under a hundred bucks. However, X-Factor #24 is most definitely selling way above Overstreet Guide for slabbed and unslabbed copies.

I decided to put more of a selection of 9.8s this time on the eBay widget above so you can compare prices. There's two Signature Series copies signed by artist and writer Walter Simonson and Louise Simonson.

I remember buying this comic when it first hit the comic racks. It's definitely no where near a 9.8 now. I did read the crap out of it, more because I liked Archangel than Apocalypse, and because I was an X-Men fan in general. 

I did get an extra copy of this comic a few years back when I purchased a 300 X-Men comic lot for $600. It came with a few silver age, but a lot of bronze age X-Men goodies. It came with a bit of copper age keys but not much. The copy of X-Factor #24 I got in that lot is around VF or low NM. Not worth tooting my horn about nor getting CGC'd.

The character of Apocalypse was created by Louise Simonson and designed by Jackson Guice. Lousie Simonson and her husband Walter Simonson are responsible for revamping Angel into Archangel.

She made an enormous amount of contributions to the X-Men comics, also co-creating the immensely popular character Cable with Rob Liefeld for the X-Men franchise.

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