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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flash T.V. Show Gains Steam!

Alright, so this is a little intermission to break up my Flash key issues list. While many fans were hoping for a Flash movie, it seems that a Flash television show starring one of the most iconic DC Comics characters ever will have to suffice for now. News of the Arrow spin-off series leaked last July, but with recent casting confirmations, it seems this is definitely happening.

Grant Gustin will be playing the iconic lead role, as he appeared on two episodes of the television series Arrow as the character of Barry Allen. This means that the world of Arrow and Flash will be a shared universe.

To add even more excitement, DC and CW released photos of Gustin in the famous Flash costume that will be used for the t.v. series. Like all Flash costumes linked to Barry Allen, this Flash costume is based off the silver age design created by the late but still legendary comic book artist Carmine Infantino. Based off the golden age Flash, Jay Garrick, DC Comics revived superhero comics during the silver age of comics by completely revamping many of their heroes. The Flash character was the first to get a major revamp, and Barry Allen as the silver age Flash debuted in Showcase #4, along with the new revamped look. 

So what major characters can we expect from this Flash television series? Well, it wouldn't be much of a Flash universe without his longtime and well-known comic book sweetheart, Iris West. The amazingly gorgeous Candice Patton has been confirmed to play Iris West, Barry Allen's love interest, in the series. Jesse L. Martin of Law & Order fame, has been confirmed to play Detective West, apparently Iris's father in the t.v. series.

Since Iris is an important supporting character of the Flash comics, I have no doubt that her nephew Wally West will be making an appearance on the show, but will Wally West suit up as Kid Flash somewhere down the line? I sure hope so!

And what would the television series be without one of Flash's most iconic and popular foes? Yep, I'm talking about Eddie Thawne, also known as Professor Zoom and Reverse Flash. The actor attached to play this fan-loved super villain is Rick Cosnett. It seems they are going to pull a bit away from the comics, as the character in the pilot will be a Detective Eddie Thawne. 

When he actually zooms-out is unknown as of yet, but we pretty much know he'll do it sometime during the series. I, for one, am pretty excited to see the two speedsters go at it

Seems like a lot of exciting things are heating up for this Flash television spin off series. The pilot is planned to air later this year. 

As for important Flash comics that may be affected by the excitement of new DC/CW Flash series in production, be sure to check of my list of Flash key issues.

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  1. Without the DVD releases of the older shows, the newer generations would have little knowledge about the early time in television history.