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Friday, March 21, 2014

Flash Key Issues Part 8

Racing along here and we've finally hit Part 8 to this list of Flash key issues. We are winding down with the last few silver age key issues before we hit the limited bronze age Flash key comics.

If you missed Part 7, you can always zip right on over to check it out and navigate your way back to Part 8. We're almost done with a few more Parts to this series left, so enjoy and thanks for reading.


The Flash #165 image
 The Flash #165
  • Barry Allen weds Iris West
Iris West finally catches the fastest man alive.  Barry Allen ties the knot with his longtime sweetheart in typical dramatic comic book fashion. Not exactly a super high demand book, nor technically a sleeper either. Higher graded copies of this Flash key issue will be more expensive.

eBay - All unslabbed copies. Most in the lower grade. One is advertised as a VF/NM 9.0. No CGC copies, however, if that is your taste. 

NewKadia - Two copies in stock at NewKadia. Highest is a low FN.

The Flash #167 comic cover
The Flash #167
  • New facts about Flash's origin  
New facts about the origin of the Flash are revealed here. Issue totes this comic as "The Real Origin of the Flash". This issue debuted in February, 1967. Pretty much a sleeper comic for a silver age issue. Not exactly in high demand just yet.

eBay - A gorgeous 9.6 copy is available to get snagged here. Other than that, mostly unslabbed copies at various grades. There are quite a few high grade, raw copies, but lower than 9.2. 

NewKadia - Two copies here in stock. Highest is a VF. 

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies. Both are solid FNs. Definitely a more affordable option, but not necessarily a great investment comic option at those grades.

The Flash 169 comic pic
The Flash #169
  • New origin facts
More new origin facts concerning the Flash and Barry Allen. Minor key issue and not well-known, but not exactly cheap either. However, this minor silver age Flash key comic is reasonably cheaper than more in-demand issues within the era. 

eBay - One high grade CGC 9.4! No problem finding unslabbed copies for those who prefer raw comics.

NewKadia - If unslabbed copies is more your thing and you don't mind mid-grade copies, then NewKadia has three that may just be for you. Highest is a FN+ here.

mycomicshop - Four lower grade unslabbed copies for those on a tight budget and just want this key issue to just have it.

ComicConnect - Gorgeous CGC 9.6 and a CGC 9.0 have been located here for the taking, if you prefer only high grade comics that is. ComicConnect does not disappoint on that aspect.  

Superman #199 comic cover image
Superman #199
  • First Superman and Flash race
Who is the fastest man alive? Well, since Superman is technically an alien, the title is kinda misleading, but this is the very first Superman and Flash race in DC Comics. I know I said I wouldn't diverge too much from the actual Flash comics, but this key issue just had to be mentioned.

In this race the duo find themselves racing for a good cause, but once they discover that mobsters would benefit from illegal wagers, both superheroes decide to end the race in a draw.

This is one of the more highly sought out Flash key comics in the silver age, and will not be a cheap investment comic for sure. It is the first of three races between the Man of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster. 

eBay - One of the more sought out late silver age key issues, there's two high graded CGC copies. One's a 9.4 and the other a 9.2. Already pretty pricey. There's a PGX 5.0 option as well if PGX comics don't bother you. As for unslabbed copies? Take your pic, plenty of lower priced raw comics to choose from.

mycomicshop - More unslabbed copies here at mycomicshop. Highest is a solid FN copy.

ComicConnect - A CGC 9.2 goes up for auction in May at ComicConnect. Also a handful of unslabbed copies for this Superman key issue.

The Flash #175 image
The Flash #175
  • 2nd Superman and Flash race
On to race two to see who is the fastest DC superhero! This rematch debuted in December, 1967, while their first race was in August, 1967. 

Once again, the readers were stiffed in finding out who actually is faster, as both found out the race was a plot concocted by Abra kadabra and Professor Zoom to kill both heroes. However, the verdict would be settled in their third race that's coming up soon on this Flash key issues list. 

Still, this issue is one of the more sought out Flash key comics in the market.

eBay - One CGC 9.6 already above the thousand dollar mark, plus four 9.4 CGC copies. Got some 7.0 CGC copies that are more affordable for those on a budget. However, if you're on a tight budget, you may want to save up. There are quite a few unslabbed copies in various grades, but they're not exactly cheap. 

ComicConnect - Quite a few options for this key issue Flash comic. Two 9.4s and a 9.0 CGC copies ready to go. Also, a CGC 7.0 is currently up for auction at the time of this writing.

The Flash #179 pic
The Flash #179
  • 1st unnamed appearance of Earth-Prime
Earth-Prime is just one of the many multiverse Earths in the DCU Pre-Crisis. In the original stories, Earth-Prime is considered the real Earth, where you, me, and readers actually lived. It's the really-real world where all superheroes are works of fiction. 

In this issue, though, Flash first discovers Earth-Prime and travels there, finding out that in this alternate reality, he is but a creative work of fiction. Contacting DC editor, Julius Schwartz, the Flash is aided by the legendary editor to construct a Cosmic Treadmill to send the hero back to Earth One. This issue debuted in May, 1968. 

eBay - A beautiful CGC 9.6 for under $600. Not too bad. Two 7.0 CGC copies, with one being infinitely cheaper. Plenty of unslabbed copies to choose from.

NewKadia - Two copies here. Highest is a VF. If you've never bought from NewKadia before you can use the code new4 to get an extra discount.

mycomicshop - Seems like mycomicshop is finding it hard to get CGC graded comics for silver age Flash. More unslabbed, raw copies in the lower grade range in stock here. Super affordable, though.

ComicConnect - For those who love CGC comics. The fine folks at ComicConnect have two more CGC options available. A beautiful 9.6 is in stock, as well as VF+8.0! For those into lower grade unslabbed comics, there's one solid VG raw comic for sale here also.

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