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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flash Key Issues Part 6

Trying to zip along with this Flash key issue list as quick and thoroughly as possible, so thanks for your patience. Well, here are zooming into Part 6, and we are still on silver age Flash key comics.

If you missed Part 5, it's the same drill. You can click the blue link to go back and re-read it, but if you're all good to go, I hope you enjoy Part 6. 

The Flash #122 comic cover pic
The Flash #122
  • First appearance of The Top
  • Origin of The Top
Another creation of John Broome and Carmine Infantino, The Top was another well-known and recurring villain for the silver age Flash Barry Allen. Also known as Roscoe Dillian, the Top was a petty criminal before he realized he needed a new motif and learned how to spin himself like a top at unusual speeds. 

This spinning also somehow increased his intelligence so he was able to devise a wide array of weaponry based on tops. The Top often teamed up with the normal Flash rogues gallery and developed a romantic relationship with Captain Cold's sister, Lisa Snart.  

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Flash #123 comic image
The Flash #123
  • First G.A. Flash in silver age
  • First comic to suggest multiverse
  • First appearance of Earth Two
 As mentioned in the Superman key issues list, DC Comics silver age revival had a major continuity problem. While characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman were not revamped, characters like the Flash and Green Lantern were. So where did they all fall into canon? How is it that the silver age Flash knew Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, whom are all from the golden age?

This is the first issue that began to resolve this problem for the entire DCU, and although it doesn't mention the name of Earth Two nor Earth One, it suggests that there is a DC multiverse and is technically the first published appearance of Earth One and Earth Two, but not canonical first appearance. Justice League of America #21 and #22 are the comics that actually first mentions the names Earth One and Earth Two.

It's also the first appearance of the golden age Flash in the silver age, and establishes that the golden age DC heroes are from different Earths than there silver age counterparts.

Extremely important Flash key issue, as well as silver age DC Comics key issue. This issue came out in September, 1961, and the story was titled, "Flash of Two Worlds". 

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Flash #125 pic
The Flash #125
  • First appearance Cosmic Treadmill
The Cosmic Treadmill ends up being an important aspect for one super villain's origin that will soon be named in Part 7 of this key Flash issues list. It's in this issue where we first see Barry Allen introduce the Cosmic Treadmill for the very first time. Allen created the treadmill in order to travel through time. 

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Flash #126 image
 The Flash #126
  •  First appearance of Mirror World
  • First appearance of Henry Allen
  • First appearance of Nora Allen
Back to Mirror World. It's this issue that Mirror Master discovers that one could be transported there by being reflected through several mirrors positioned at particular angles from one another. He discovers this to escape prison. 

We also see the first appearance of Barry Allen's parents - Henry and Nora Allen. Both are later written to be the parents of Malcom Thawne, known as the Blue Colbalt, as well.

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Flash #128 comic cover
The Flash #128
  • First appearance of Abrakadabra
  • Origin of Abrakadabra
Another of foe of the Flash created by none other than John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino, Abrakadabra is another villain from the future - The 64th Century. In the first versions, Abrakadabra's magic was just utilized by 64th Century technology that would appear magical in the Flash's present time. However, it was later written to be that the character is a powerful sorcerer and is knowledgeable in real sorcery.

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Flash #129 comic image
The Flash #129
  • 2nd G.A. silver age appearance
  • 1st silver age appearance of G.A. Green Lantern
The golden age Flash once again teams up with the silver age Flash in this issue against the Trickster and Captain Cold. It's the second appearance of the original golden age Flash in the silver age of comics.

During a flashback, we also see the golden age Green Lantern, Allan Scott. This issue marks the first appearance of Allan Scott as the Green Lantern during the silver age. 

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