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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flash Key Issues Part 5

Welcome to Part 5 of this Flash Key Issues List, and thanks for your patience. This series will have a couple parts to it as the Flash is a golden age character and has quite a few key issue comics to detail. If you missed Part 4, click the link to read it. If you'd like to start from the beginning of the series with golden age Flash key issues just click this blue Part 1 link.

If you're ready for Part 5, read on and enjoy!

The Flash #111 comic
The Flash #111
  • 2nd appearance of Kid Flash
Kicking off Part 5 is Flash #111, which holds the 2nd appearance of Kid Flash and Wally West, who later becomes the 3rd Flash. Definitely one of the more silver age Flash key issues to consider investing in.

eBay  - A decent selection of unslabbed copies for this Flash key comic book. Only one high grade CGC copy at an 8.0 so far. May change when you read this, so if you're on the hunt for Flash key comics, and this one takes your fancy, just click the blue eBay link above to see the search results for this issue.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed copy at a lower GD+ for those on a super tight budget. 

ComicConnect - One CGC 4.0 VG copy up for auction. Rest are lower grade unslabbed copies as well. 

Brave and the Bold #28
  • First appearance of The JLA
Like his Earth Two counterpart, the silver age Flash also joins Earth One's version of the Justice Society of America, this time called the Justice League of America. This is not the issue where Barry Allen joins the team. This issue only marks the first appearance of the Justice League of America, but Barry Allen as the Flash has been a staple and popular member since. Earth One Flash would develop a close friendship with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, just as Jay Garrick and the golden age Green Lantern, Allan Scott, became close friends on Earth Two.

A huge silver age key issue comic investment to own. With Warner and DC Comics seemingly speeding towards a shared universe concerning their movies and the fact that the Man of Steel sequel will introduce Wonder Woman, this issue is starting to heat up as many are anticipating that a Justice League movie may finally hit theaters in the near future. This momentous key comic came out in March, 1960.

eBay - Won't be a problem finding a copy of this hot key issue, unslabbed or graded. A handful of CGC copies. Highest is an 8.0 so far. There are a few 2.0 GD CGC copies as well for those more on tighter budget. This comics is no cheap investment for sure.

ComicConnect - Two CGC low VF 7.5 copies. On goes up for auction in May. The other is available for immediate sale and is expensive. Well, expensive to me, that is. No unslabbed copies here yet.

The Flash #112 pic
The Flash #112
  • First appearance of the Elongated Man
  • Origin of the Elongated Man
Elongated Man is a pretty popular character in the DCU, and his appearance is in this issue. Editor Julius Schwartz wanted a new supporting character for the Flash comic books, and the result was this character. 

Another creation of John Broome and Carmine Infantino, Ralph Dibny held a fascination with contortionists and discovered that all the ones he spoke with drank a soda called Gingold. Learning chemistry, Ralph Dibny developed a super-concentrated extract of the Yucatan gingo fruit, and this gave him his elastic powers.

eBay - Only a few unslabbed copies on the mighty eBay as of this writing. All are mostly in the lower grade range of VG and below. No CGC copies yet.

ComicLink - And the folks at ComicLink bring the CGC awesomeness! One CGC 9.0, as well as a 7.0 marks the highest grades at ComicLink. There are lower grade CGC options as well.

The Flash #113 comic book cover
The Flash #113
  • First appearance of The Trickster
  • Origin of the Trickster
This original silver age version of the Trickster is basically a practical joker and conman. His name is Giovanni Giuseppe but goes under the stage name James Jesse. 

A circus acrobat, The Trickster created shoes that allowed him to walk on air for up to 10 hours. Other than that, he uses trick items including but not limited to itching powder, exploding rubber chickens, potato head bombs, exploding yo-yos, etc. They are mostly joke-themed gadgets he uses for his various crimes, and he has gone up against the Flash various times.

Others would also take up the name and the mantle of the Trickster in later years, but James Jesse is the original. The first appearance of the Trickster debuted in July, 1960.

eBay - High grade CGC 8.0 VF is available here, as well as a CGC 5.0 if you want it just to have it. Decent selection of unslabbed copies as well if you want to take the risk.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.2 copy available here at the time of this writing! Also a CGC 8.0 and 5.0! Three lower grade unslabbed copies waiting to get snagged as well.

The Flash #117 image
The Flash #117
  • First appearance of Captain Boomerang
  • Origin of Captain  Boomerang
Another well-known silver age enemy of the Flash is Captain Boomerang, real name Digger Harkness. A shunned and ridiculed mascot and promoter of boomerangs for a toy company, Harkness used his boomerang throwing skills and bitterness towards a life of crime.

Captain Boomerang lacked any superhuman powers, but he did develop different kinds of boomerangs that had different effects, such as exploding and razor boomerangs. He is a staple member of the Rogues.

He is not the only one to take up the name and identity of Captain Boomerang, though I have no idea why anybody would want to take up the mantle for that character. Still, this is an early silver age Flash key issue, and Captain Boomerang is a well-known DC Comics Flash villain. The first appearance of Captain Boomerang debuted in December, 1960.

eBay - CGC 9.2 available. It's above the $1000 mark.  There also a mid-grade 7.0 CGC copy that's pretty affordable as far as silver age Flash key issues goes. Quite a few unslabbed copies to choose from as well.

mycomicshop - Two unslabbed copies here. One is a solid VG and the other a 1.5 FR/GD.

ComicConnect - A CGC 9.2 available here as well, surrounded by a few unslabbed copies.

The Flash #120 image picture
The Flash #120
  • First Flash and Kid Flash team up
It finally had to happen sooner or later. Of course, most DC characters get a boy or girl, mini-me version of a character to team up with later on, so why not Wally West and The Flash?
It would be quite soon when the Flash gets his other famous costume, but for now, he just has the same costume as the adult Flash. This issue is highly sought out, and one of the more valuable Flash key comics in the silver age out there. 

eBay - No CGC copies, but when it comes to unslabbed copies, there's no shortage of those on the mighty eBay for this key comic book. 

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