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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flash Key Issues Part 4

Here we are with Part 4 to the Flash Key Issues List, and we have definitely crossed over into the silver age realm of the Flash. Barry Allen and his important Flash key comics will dominate this part as well as the upcoming parts to this series.

You can click on this Part 3 link if you missed it, but if not, strap yourself in cause here's more key silver age Flash comics.

Showcase #8 image
Showcase #8
  • 2nd appearance of silver age Flash
  • First appearance of Captain Cold
Superhero comics are making a comeback and the Barry Allen version is leading the way. This is the characters second appearance ever in comics. DC was still unsure about a superhero revival at the time, which is why his appearances are sporadic within this title and not consecutive.

Nevertheless, this issue features the first appearance of a well-known DC Comics super villain called Captain Cold. He is the 2nd villain to face the silver age Flash, and may remember him from the Super Friends cartoon. Captain Cold is the leader of the Rogues, a team of Flash's enemies. This issue came out in June, 1957.

A major key issue for the character and for DC Comics. Won't be an easy nor cheap find.

ComicConnect - Quite a few copies here. No CGC, however, but the highest unslabbed copy is a VF 8.0. 

eBay - A few copies available for sale here. Mostly unslabbed, but there are lower grade CGC copies. Highest is an unslabbed copy at a VF 8.0. Highest unrestored graded copy is PGX 5.5.  

ComicLink - High grade CGC 8.0 copy here. CGC 8.0s are the 2nd highest graded copies for this key issue so far. Also lower graded CGC and unslabbed copies at ComicLink as well.

Showcase #13 comic book image
Showcase #13
  • 3rd appearance of Silver Age Flash
  • First appearance of Mister Element (Albert Desmond) 
Before he was Doctor Alchemy, Albert Desmond started his criminal career as Mister Element. Like Thorn and Batman's Two Face, Albert Desmond suffers from a split personality. Using his superior knowledge of chemistry, Mister Element creates elemental weapons to commit his acts of villainy.

He is the third villain to face Barry Allen as The Flash. This issue debuted in April, 1958.

ComicConnect - Four copies here, and two high grade copies for this silver age Flash key comic. Highest is a VF+ and second highest an 8.0. All are unslabbed so far. 

eBay - Two CGC copies located, but are in the lower grade range. Highest is a low VG 3.5. There are some unslabbed options as well. A VF+ and VF is on the mighty eBay to get snagged as well.

The Flash #105 comic image
The Flash #105
  • First appearance of Mirror Master
  • 1st silver age self-titled issue
Continuing from the 1st Flash series, the Flash stars in his own series once again, this time featuring Barry Allen. Aside from that key issue aspect, this comic also features the first appearance of Mirror Master.

Others have taken up the name of Mirror Master over the years, but this is the original Sam Scudder version. Mirror Master was able to create and use mirror reflections to achieve different effects. He quickly used them for criminal purpose and later discovered that the various angles and reflections produced a portal into another dimension called Mirror World. The character was a recurring foe of the silver age Flash and debuted in March, 1959. The character was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino.

ComicConnect - A CGC highgrade 8.0 VF goes up for auction soon (at the time of this writing). There's also a PGX 6.0 solid FN available, as well as some unslabbed copy of this key issue comic. Not one of the more cheaper Flash key comics to gun for. 

eBay - A CGC 8.5 VF+ has been located on eBay at the time of this writing. Only three copies CGC graded at 8.5! Also a 7.5 CGC graded copy and two 6.5s. There are also a few 4.0 CGC copies as well. Decent selection for CGC, as well as unslabbed copies. Lots to choose from for this first appearance of Mirror Master on the mighty eBay. 

ComicLink - Two CGC 7.5 copies located here. Also a lower grade low Very Good 3.5, in which that grade is nearing the thousand dollar mark.

The Flash #106 cover pic
The Flash #106
  • First appearance of Pied Piper
  • First appearance of Grodd
The original Pied Piper of the golden age was Hartley Rathaway, who was born deaf. From a surgery performed by Dr. Will Magnus, he was able hear and developed an obsession with sound. Experimenting with sonic technology he invented a technique that could hypnotize others through music. Pied Piper would frequently clash with the silver age Flash. John Broome and Carmine Infantino created the character.

On a less lame note, the first appearance of Gorilla Grodd is in this issue as well and was also created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. He is the super intelligent, telepathic and telekinetic ape of Gorilla City. Grodd has become a recurring enemy of Barry Allen, as well as his successor Wally West.

eBay - Limited selection here. Two CGC copies, however. Highest is a 6.5 graded copy. Other is a CGC 4.5 and a lot more affordable. Unslabbed options available as well.

ComicLink - The fine folks at ComicLink bring the goodness on this issue. If CGC copies are more your taste, then there are three here that might appeal to you. Highest is an 8.5 VF+ copy, 2nd highest a solid 8.0 VF copy, and the last is a VG+ CGC copy. 

The Flash #109 image
The Flash #109
  • 2nd appearance of Mirror Master
2nd appearance of Mirror Master here, who is one of the Flash's more well-known foes. This is still Sam Scudder as the character and he actually ranked 79th as IGN's Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. 

ComicConnect - The fine folks at ComicConnect bring the high grade goodness with two CGC copies. The first is a 9.0 and the second a VF 8.0. There are two lower grade unslabbed options there as well. 

mycomicshop - One unslabbed VG/FN 5.0 copy in stock worth getting. The other is an unslabbed 1.5 FR/GD. 

eBay - Decent selection on the mighty eBay. A few CGC copies including a 9.0, an 8.0 VF, as well as a 7.0, and solid 6.0 FN. Some high grade to low grade unslabbed copies as well. Definitely worth a look for this Flash key issue comic.

The Flash #110 comic book cover
The Flash #110
  • First appearance of Wally West
  • First appearance of Kid Flash
  • Origin of Kid Flash
  • First appearance of Weather Wizard
Definitely one of the more sought out Flash key issues in the silver age, this issue marks the first appearance and origin of Wally West, better known at the time as Kid Flash. Yes, for those who don't know, Wally West is the nephew of Barry Allen's sweetheart, Iris West.

The same freak accident that happened to Barry Allen happened to Wally West while he was hanging out with Barry Allen as the Flash in his laboratory. Wally West and Kid Flash were created, of course, by John Broome and Carmine Infantino. 

This issue also has the first appearance of Mark Mardon, who is the super villain Weather Wizard. He has become a well known Flash foe, adding even more key issue value to this comic.

eBay - A few copies here, mostly unslabbed. There is a CGC 7.0 copy available, as well as an unslabbed VF copy just to point out a few. The rest seem to be lower grade copies.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.0 goes up for auction in May. There are also two unslabbed copies. Highest is a VF 8.0. 

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