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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flash Key Issues List Part 7

Lots of key issue goodness for Flash comics during the silver age, yeah? Well, here's Part 7 and there's definitely more to consider or stamp onto your want lists. If you missed Part 6, you can click the link to go back and re-read that one. If you already did, zoom on ahead!

The Flash #135
  • First Kid Flash yellow costume
Kid Flash wants to distinguish himself, and in this Flash key issue we finally see the first appearance of his iconic and more well-known yellow and red costume. Another one of the more important key Flash comics during the silver age. Carmine Infantino also designed Wally West's Kid Flash distinctive costume, adding even more  contributions to the Flash mythos that made the comic artist a legend. 

This isn't one of the key Flash issues to consider, it's definitely a key Flash comic investment! This won't be an easy find for CGC high grade.

eBay - Only four unslabbed copies here. All seem to be mid to lower grade, with most being on the lower side.

NewKadia - Only one copy left here. It's an unslabbed low VG. If you want it just to have it, this copy may be the one for you. 

ComicConnect - Only one unslabbed copy in stock. It's a VF 8.0. Still could not locate any CGC copies for this key issue.

 The Flash #137
  • First S.A. appearance of Justice Society of America
Seems like Flash is bringing back all the hit oldies. This is the first appearance of the golden age Justice Society of America in the silver age of comics. This issue came out in June, 1963 and precedes the famous storyline "Crisis on Earth One" in Justice League of America #21.  

One of the key Flash comics to consider? Yep, you bet!

mycomicshop - One CGC 6.5 waiting to get snagged here. Also an unslabbed FR copy.

NewKadia - Only one copy left in stock. It's low FN. This is definitely no sleeper comic. 

ComicConnect - A CGC 8.0 is for sale here. There's also a 7.0 for a hundred dollars less. A few unslabbed comics are in stock as well.

The Flash #139
  • First appearance of Professor Zoom
  • Origin of Professor Zoom
There are quite a few who are considered Reverse Flashes. The golden age Rival is considered the first Reverse Flash, but Professor Zoom, real name Eobard Thawne, is the first to call himself so.

One of the most popular villains of the silver age Flash, the first appearance of Professor Zoom is absolutely a must-have investment comic concerning Flash key comics. His origin is also told in this issue as well. 

Speaking of the Cosmic Treadmill, it's this issue where the Flash uses the device to travel to the future and first meets and battles Professor Zoom in the 25th Century.  Since then the character would constantly travel through time to do battle with the Flash.

The character's origin would be further explained in detail in later Flash comics, and the Cosmic Treadmill once again plays a part in that as well. Professor Zoom was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino and debuted in September, 1963, and this is definitely one of the silver age Flash key comics to get. The new Flash television series will have this character in it! Won't be an easy find.

eBay - Well, at least there is one CGC copy on the might eBay for this issue, and it's a high grade one. A CGC 8.5 is waiting to get snagged. There's only a handful of unslabbed copies here. Very limited selection so far. 

ComicLink - Wow, ComicLink brings the high grade goodness with a whopping CGC 9.4! Expensive too!

The Flash #140
  • First appearance of Heatwave
  • Origin of Heatwave
Fire! Fire! Fire! Okay, Flash has a villain who uses cold weapons against him, it makes sense to have a villain who uses heat against the Scarlet Speedster. Heatwave doesn't have any super powers, and basically uses a flamethrower as his main damage-causing weapon.

The first appearance of Heatwave debuted in November, 1963. 

mycomicshop - Lower grade unslabbed copies for those on a real tight budget. Highest is a 3.0 GD/VG. These are just to have it copies.

NewKadia - One low FN copy here. You will need to scroll down some after clicking the blue link.

eBay - No problem finding loads of unslabbed copies here. Lots of lower grade, and a few mid grade. CGC copies are non-existent at the moment.

The Flash #151
  • Barry Allen and Iris West get engaged
For a super speedster, Barry Allen sure waited awhile to propose to Iris West, who has supported her man and his world-saving lifestyle. Well, Barry Allen finally does it in this issue. 

mycomicshop - Unslabbed lower grade copies. Highest is a 4.5+, which is fairly still collectible, and there are two copies in stock. The last copy is a reader copy.

NewKadia - One low VG copy in stock at NewKadia.

eBay - No problem finding high grade CGC options for this key issue on eBay. Two CGC 9.6s, one 9.4, a 9.2 and 8.5 located so far. Plenty of unslabbed options as well, but not too many high grade ones.

ComicConnect - A few more CGC options for this silver age key issue here. One 9.6 and a 9.0 copy in stock. A 6.5 FN+ is up for auction at the the time of this writing.

 The Flash #154
  • First appearance of the Flash Museum
Okay, I debated about putting this key issue in, but apparently the Flash Museum is an important aspect to the Flash mythos. Yes, it is a Flash Museum that is dedicated to all those who have taken up the mantle of the Flash, but it mostly exhibits the Barry Allen Flash and his Rogues gallery of foes and the weaponry that the Flash encountered during his battles. 

The museum contains the Cosmic Treadmill, one of the most famous items in the museum. The Speed Force, an extra-dimensional energy force that the Flash and many DC Comics speedsters draw their super powers from, is studied at the Flash Museum, and Eobard Thawne (Professor Zoom) was first declined admission to study at the Flash Museum. His character would travel through time to change certain events that prohibited him from his goals, one of them being the prevention of his brother Robern from being born.

The original Flash Museum was located in Central City. It's been destroyed several times, the first time being destroyed by Zoom.

mycomicshop - The folks at mycomicshop are lacking on the CGC goodness, but they do have unslabbed, lower grade copies in stock. If you don't care for high grade or CGC copies, there may be a copy over there perfect for your collection.

NewKadia - Reader copy here for those who just want to have this key issue.

eBay - Only one CGC copy, and it's a 7.5, low VF, or VF-, whatever you prefer. Seriously cheap and affordable for a mid-grade CGC silver age Flash comic. Under a hundred bucks. Don't see that too often. 


  1. Wow, I didn't know Flash had so many key issues. Cool! Flash 139 is one that I managed to get. Found it online at a good price a while ago. I love the cover on that one!


    1. I was pretty surprised as well. Amazing how Carmine Infantino contributed so much to this particular character as well. Flash 139 is one of the best Flash key issues to get for sure. Wish I had it. Awesome snag!