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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flash Key Issues List Part 3

Welcome to the Flash Key Issues List Part 3. Still on the golden age Flash key comics and zipping right along. We will hit the silver age in this part, which I know everyone is more interested in.

I won't list every Dick and Jane key issue, but I'll list some really good ones. Hopefully some ones you may not have heard of.

Like always, if you missed Part 2 of this series, just click the magical blue link and it'll teleport you there in a flash. You can always navigate your way back here later.

 All-Flash #21
  • First appearance of the Turtle
Okay, before you say lame, the Turtle is an important villain in one aspect. He is the predecessor of Turtle Man, the first super villain the silver age Flash fights against. 

He used slow, methodical planning to commit his crimes and combat against the Flash's super speed. 

eBay - Only one unslabbed copy on eBay at the moment. You can click the blue eBay link to see if the search results have changed.

ComicConnect - More unslabbed goodness in the lower grades. Two copies available here. Highest is a VG/F 5.0.

Flash Comics #89
  • First appearance of The Thorn
The golden age Thorn was named Rose Canton and was a villain of the Flash on Earth Two. She is the basis of the Rose/Thorn bronze age version of the character.

Suffering from a split personality, Rose was a mild-mannered botanist, but her evil side Thorn was a psychotic villain who could control plants, much like Poison Ivy. Golden age Thorn debuted in November, 1947, and this issue is super scarce.

ComicLink - A whopping CGC 9.0 copy is at ComicLink for one of the most scarce of Flash key comics from the golden age. It is unrestored as well.

All-Flash #31
  • First Flash story drawn by Carmine Infantino
Extremely important key issue, because it has the first Flash artwork done by an extremely important artist for the Flash character, as well as DC Comics in general. Yes, that is the legendary Carmine Infantino, and you will hear more about him and his contribution to the Flash on this list quite soon.

ComicLink - One copy located. It's an unslabbed 5.0 VG/F.

All-Flash #32
  • First appearance of the Fiddler 
  • First appearance of Star Sapphire 
  • Last golden age issue for titled series
The Fiddler is still around, and yes, his superpower is playing a fiddle that can hypnotize you. We also see the first appearance of Star Sapphire in this issue as well, a character that would have many taking up the name after the golden age.

This is the last golden age issue for All-Flash comics due to the series being cancelled. It was published in February, 1949.

Flash Comics #104
  • First appearance of The Rival 
  • Last golden age issue for title
The first reverse Flash ever was introduced as The Rival during the golden age. Dr. Edward Clariss was a professor at the same university Jay Garrick did and got hold of the formula that gave Garrick his powers. Wearing a darker version of the Flash costume, The Rival's super speed proved to only be temporary, and, of course, he was defeated.

This series was cancelled after this issue due to superhero comic's popularity waning during this time. Comic companies started focusing more on Sci-Fi, horror, and even romance comics, which is why you see the early silver age comic titles like Tales of Suspense, Showcase, etc more of a creature-feature until a popular superhero debuted and was tested out.

eBay - Three copies found here. One is a CGC 5.0 Universal label. One of the unslabbed copies is toting a VF grade. I'd be extra cautious about that one, even if it is incredibly cheaper than the 5.0 CGC copy. 

ComicConnect - Four copies here. Two are CGC and two unslabbed. Highest unslabbed copy so far is an 8.0 VF. Highest CGC graded copy is also an 8.0 VF. 

ComicLink - If you prefer CGC copies, a 5.0 VG/F copy is available at ComicLink.

Showcase #4
  • First silver age Flash (Barry Allen)
  • Issue marks the silver age of comics
  • First appearance of Iris West
  • Origin of silver age Flash
Perhaps one of the most important silver age comic books out there. It is this issue that sparked the revival of superhero comics after the post World War 2 decline that I spoke of earlier. This character was the first of DC's characters to get completely revamped, and this issue is the first appearance of the silver age Flash.

Instead of trying to revive Jay Garrick, creators introduced Barry Allen, the silver age Flash, and Carmine Infantino would be the one to design the famous and iconic scarlet costume, as well as be the first artist to draw the Barry Allen Flash for publication. 

In the revamped silver age Flash, Barry Allen is a Police scientist in Central City who attained his powers in a freak accident after a lightening bolt streaked through a window, shattered a chemical cabinet and covered Barry in the electrified chemicals. A fan of the golden age Flash, Barry Allen took up the mantle.

Also, we see the first appearance of Iris West, Barry Allen's sweetheart, as well as Turtle Man, the Flash's first silver age super villain. The character is a golden age villain, but for the silver age, they revamped him as well.    

This issue came out in October, 1956, and is considered the comic that marks the silver age era. If those reasons aren't important, I don't know what is.

A Holy Grail of silver age comics, this will definitely be an expensive investment comic. The Barry Allen Flash was created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino.

eBay - Four available options here. Three are CGC. Highest is a solid FN 6.0. There is one unslabbed copy for the holy grail of silver age Flash key issues.

ComicConnect - One available copy. CGC graded 5.5 low Fine for this mega silver age key comic to invest in. 

ComicLink - Four copies here, all are CGC. HIghest is a high grade 8.0 VF! Wow! 

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