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Monday, March 17, 2014

Flash Key Issues List Part 2

We are speeding right along with this Flash Key Issues List. This is Part 2, and we're still on the golden age Flash, Jay Garrick. If you missed Part 1, you can click the blue link to go back and read it. 

All-Flash Quarterly #2 comic
All-Flash Quarterly #2
  • 2nd issue to solo Flash title
2nd issue to the very first solo golden age Flash series is definitely worth mentioning, although nobody of major importance is really introduced.

eBay - A few unslabbed copies available for this Flash key comic. One CGC 7.0 Universal label. 

mycomicshop - Two CGC copies available at the time of this writing. First is a CGC 7.0 and the other a 3.0.

ComicConnect - Six copies in stock at ComicConnect. All are unslabbed, but one is toted as a VF+ 8.5. The other is a 7.0 CGC graded copy. 

All-Flash Quarterly #5 image
All-Flash Quarterly #5
  • Last All-Flash with Quarterly in title
  • First appearance of the Three Dimwits
Issue #5 is the last issue to be called All-Flash Quarterly, in which it was simply called All-Flash. This isn't the only reason why this issue is a key Flash comic.

This issue also has the first appearances of the Dimwits. The trio Winky, Blinky and Noddy were Three Stooges lookalikes and used as comic relief for the Flash comics. They started out as small-time crooks but later became recurring allies of Jay Garrick, the original Flash.

eBay - One CGC VG+ copy available. There is an unslabbed comic lot of All-Flash Quarterly 1-5 complete, as well as issues 9, 11, and 12.

ComicConnect - A CGC VG+ is for sale here. Another very low grade, unslabbed copy is in stock as well, but it's a coverless copy.

Flash Comics #33 comic image
Flash Comics #33
  • First appearance of Shade
One of the oldest, if not the oldest enemies of the Flash. Shade fought both the golden age Flash and silver age Flash.  This golden age villain is still in the DC mainstream and is a pretty important character in many important events concerning DC Comics history. You'll later read why when we hit the silver age of comics. This is definitely own of the Flash key comics to consider.

Before the character was revamped after the golden age, Shade was a common thief who could manipulate the shadows with a magical cane. His real name is Richard Swift. His first appearance debuted in September, 1942.

All-Flash #6 image
All-Flash #6 
  • Title becomes All-Flash
Finally, the "Quarterly" is dropped, and the series just simply becomes All-Flash from this issue on in the golden age. No major DC Comics first appearances for this key comic, just the title change. This comic came out in September, 1942.

eBay - Two unslabbed copies of All-Flash #6 on the mighty eBay for now. No CGC copies.

ComicConnect - Once again ComicConnect brings the goodness for one of the best Flash key issues to invest in. A CGC 5.0 is just waiting to get snagged, as well as unslabbed 3.5. 

Flash Comics #36 comic pic
Flash Comics #36
  • First appearance of Ragdoll
Another golden age Flash villain that would be a recurring foe and is still around today, Ragdoll is another of the golden age Flash's recurring super villains.

Born with a condition called Triple-jointedness, which made him extremely flexible and able to contort his body to extreme measures, Peter Merkel found himself out of work and destitute and got the idea to dress up like a ragdoll, hide himself in large boxes of toys that were being loaded into department stores, and then rob the stores when it was closed.  

All-Flash #12 image
All-Flash #12
  • First appearance of the Thinker
This is the first appearance of the original Thinker. There have been a few to take up the identity of this super villain, but this is the Clifford DeVoe version. The Thinker would become the Flash's most recurrent foe in the golden age era.

A failed lawyer, Clifford DeVoe soon realized that many criminals had the skills but not the brains to rule an underworld, DeVoe dived into his criminal career as the brains behind small-time crooks. His telepathic and telekinesis powers came from a "Thinking Cap" that he invented. The Thinker made his first appearance in September, 1943.

eBay - Three unslabbed copies on eBay. One is in the comic lot I mentioned before, which may or may not still be available. No CGC found yet at the time of this writing, but that may change.  

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