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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flash Key Issues List Part 10

Nothing better than listening to Pantera and whipping through this key issues list. As we reach further into the late bronze age and copper age key Flash issues, it will be more harder to find CGC slabbed copies. At least, we are winding down to the last few Flash key comics and nearing the end of this list.

I don't know about you but I'm getting burnt out on the Flash. If you missed Part 9, you can click the link to go back. If not, enjoy and thanks for being patient.

The Flash #267
  • Origin of Flash's costume
This bronze age key issue finally explains the origin of the unique Flash costume shortly after Barry Allen gains his powers. Allen seeks the help of Professor Ira West, Iris West's adoptive father and one of the most brilliant minds in the DCU, to help Barry construct the iconic red Flash uniform. This issue was published in November,1978.

mycomicshop - A few unslabbed options here. Highest is a low VF or VF-.

NewKadia - Two unslabbed copies. Highest is a FN+.

eBay - Only a handful of options on the mighty eBay. All unslabbed as of this writing.

The Flash #275
  • Iris Allen Dies
It's true, Barry Allen's wife and long-time sweetheart dies in this issue. Who kills Iris West? None other than Professor Zoom.

Of course she didn't stay dead for long, as we all know comics have a zillion ways to bring dead characters back, but the character doesn't come back for awhile since her death issue.  

mycomicshop - More unslabbed goodness here, but the highest is only a mid-grade FN copy.

NewKadia - Only one copy for this key issue Flash comic. It's a solid FINE. You will need to scroll down once you click the link and are brought to the product pages. 

eBay - Finally, a CGC copy located. A gorgeous 9.6 for under a hundred bucks. Decent selection of unslabbed copies available as well.

The Flash #287
  • First appearance of Alvin Desmond
  • First appearance of Doctor Alchemy II
Jeez, it looks like Albert Desmond, who first made his appearance as Mister Element and the original Doctor Alchemy, has a brother named Alvin Desmond with criminal tendencies as well. Crazy runs in the family, and in this issue we see Alvin Desmond as Doctor Alchemy II make his first appearance in the comic world and begin his career as a comic book villain.

mycomicshop - VF and downward concerning copies for this issue. No CGC and not surprised.

NewKadia - Three copies in stock here. Highest is a VF+ and the lowest is a FN-. 

eBay - CGC 9.2 low NM has been located here. No problem finding unslabbed copies on eBay.

The Flash #289
  • 1st George Perez DC art
It should be known to many DC Comic fans just how important George Perez is to the comic world, especially the DCU. Still a living legend in the industry, Flash #289 marks his very first DC Comics artwork! Even though this issue came out in September 1980, it's still a pretty sought after key issue. Probably one of the more important Flash key issues from the 80s.

mycomicshop - Three unslabbed options to contemplate. Highest is a solid FN. 

eBay - Surprised there's no CGC copies for this issue, but there are a handful of raw, unslabbed copies. Not too many, though.  

NewKadia - Five unslabbed copies. Highest is a solid NM in stock.

The Flash #324
  • Death of Professor Zoom

When Professor Zoom threatens to kill Barry Allen's new squeeze, Fiona Webb, the Flash chases Professor Zoom around the world to stop this from happening. Only one can survive this all-out war between the speedsters, and Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash, loses his life.

The death of Professor Zoom came out in the late bronze age of comics -  August, 1983. It's a must-have for any fan of the Reverse Flash character.

mycomicshop - Only one copy in stock. It's a FN copy.

eBay - Wow, only one unslabbed copy and in FN condition. Probably best to scour the back issue bins of your local comic shop for this one.

The Flash #350
  • Last issue
  • Reunion with Iris West
The Flash travels to the 30th century to defeat Professor Zoom and set the time line back on course. After defeating Professor Zoom, who is really Abra Kadabra, the Flash is reunited with Iris West. 

How is this possible? It seems Iris West was actually born in the 30th century and sent to Barry Allen's present time as an infant. Professor Ira West adopted her, but never told her she was adopted. However, she always suspected it...woman's intuition, right?

Well, after her death, her real parents - Eric and Fran Russel - were able to use some 30th century technology to draw her life force back to the 2900s, in which they pulled out some even more awesome futuristic technology to give her a new body that looked like her old one.

Only in the comic book world, right? Well, it could happen one day. So, as you probably guessed, Barry Allen decides to stay in the 30th century with his beloved, and this is the last issue of Barry Allen's career as the Flash in his own self-titled series.

This is a copper age goodie and came out in October, 1985. It's story, according to DC's canonical history, precedes the Crisis on Infinite Earths series, even though it came out after.

mycomicshop - Three copies to choose from, and there is a NM copy. All are unslabbed. Second highest is a VF. 

eBay - One CGC 9.8 here and under a hundred bucks. A few unslabbed copies available, but not that many. 

NewKadia - Two copies in stock at NewKadia. Highest is a low NM 9.2 and the other is a very fine.

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