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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Captain America Key Issues Part 10

Finally, we wind down to the last of key issue comics for this list and get into some copper age Captain America key issues! Some of these are comics I did grow up reading. They may not be investment comics, but copper age key issues are on the rise. 

Most will be important events of the particular era concerning Cap's over all mythos, even if they're not investment worthy. They still are Captain America key comics nonetheless.

Captain America #285
  • Death of Patriot (Jeff Mace)
In this issue Jeff Mace the Patriot loses his battle with cancer. As I've been writing all through these Captain America key comics list, Jeff Mace was retconned to be the 2nd Captain America after Steve Rodgers is frozen in suspended animation in 1945.

Jeff Mace ended up marrying Steve Rodger's first World War 2 girlfriend Betty Ross, whom became his side kick, Golden Girl, after Fred Davis was shot and put out of commission.

NewKadia - Three unslabbed copies here. Highest is low near mint 9.2. 

mycomicshop - More unslabbed copies. VF is the highest.

eBay - Three CGC 9.8s. One's a CGC Signature Series signed by guess who? Of course, Stan Lee! The other two are regular Universals and around $50. A bit of an unslabbed selection for this key issue comic.

Captain America #332
  • Steve Rodgers resigns as Cap
  • First appearance of The Commission
This is the very first Cap comic I bought, and it's the story arc that got me first reading Captain America comics. Yes, it was the awesome cover that made me decide to pick this issue up.

When the "Commission" makes a set of demands on Captain America to become an official entity of the U.S. Government, Steve Rodgers decides once again quit being Cap.

eBay - CGC 9.8 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee, Zeck, Joe Simon and Mcleod. A whopper of legendary comic signatures. Also a CGC 9.6 for around $50. A few unslabbed options as well. 

Newkadia - Three copies. All high grade. One is a solid near mint, the second a low near mint, and the last a very fine plus. Super affordable. 

mycomicshop - Five unslabbed copies. Highest is a solid VF. Quite affordable.

Captain America #333
  • First John Walker as Cap
  • Origin of new Cap
John Walker takes up the mantle as the new U.S. Government owned Captain America. This details the origin of how John Walker accepts the role and dons one of the most iconic costumes in America. 

This issue also holds the first time an African American takes the mantle of Bucky as well. Lemar Hoskins ends up being 5th character to assume the role of Bucky. He would later change his name to Battlestar due to racial connotations used towards him involving the name Bucky. A "Buck" was a term used for a male slave back in the days of American slavery.

NewKadia - Three copies here: A low near mint, a very fine, and a fine plus. 

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8, still below a hundred dollars. There's also two unslabbed copies with the highest a VF. 

eBay - Only one CGC copy. It's a beautiful 9.8. The rest, of course, are raw copies. Not too bad of a selection.

Captain America #337
  • Steve Rodgers becomes The Captain
  • First appearance of the Captain
God, I remember when Steve Rodgers becomes The Captain. I think I still have this issue somewhere. Nomad (Jack Monroe) and The Falcon get Steve Rodgers to suit up and fight again.

The Captain would be the precursor to the character U.S. Agent (the costume is modeled off The Captain's outfit). John Walker becomes U.S. Agent after Steve Rodgers once again takes the mantle of Captain America in issue #350.

NewKadia - Five high grade copies here. Highest is a NM+. Lowest is a VF+. Very affordable key issue comic.

mycomicshop - Unslabbed copies. VF is the highest. 

eBay - Only one CGC copy found. It's a 9.2, and a bit overpriced for such a low grade near mint in my opinion. Especially when you can snag an unslabbed copy for a fraction of that price.

Captain America Vol 5 #6
  • First appearance of Winter Soldier
Okay, since the new Captain America movie will feature The Winter Soldier as the main villain, this is the only modern age comic key issue that gets put on this list. The Winter Soldier prior to the movie became a popular character, since it was the return of James Barnes, the original Bucky, since 1945.

No doubt the first appearance of The Winter Soldier has hit a slight peak in demand in the last few years because of the movie. How long that really lasts, I really can't say. However, people have been asking in what issue is this character's first appearance, so I decided to throw it on here.

eBay - Only a few select unslabbed and CGC copies on eBay. Two CGC 9.8s and a 9.6. A bit pricy concerning this series was only published back in 2005. However, demand seems to have this comic selling better. 9.8s aren't dropping at the requested $200 mark, though.

Best place to look for this book is either eBay, your local comic shop, or a comic convention if you're on the hunt for it. Most places online are out of copies.

Okay, this concludes this Captain America key issue list. I've listed a lot of good key comics with some detailed back ground on the Cap mythos and retcons. 

You can read Part 9 if you missed it by clicking the PREVIOUS link below, or you can continue and read the Thor key issues series if you missed it. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more comic goodness coming soon and happy hunting!



  1. You're missing captain america #362 1st appearance of Crossbones

  2. 360 is Crossbones first full appearance,and does so briefly in 359